Chapter 102: The Two Master’s / The Master of a Master


Translator: Nefarian

「Danna-sama, I think we should keep this girl.」

「You haven’t given an explanation yet.」

Repeating the same retort, Taiyou was still demanding an explanation.

Neither Taiyou, the three sisters and Aoba who had tried to come closer to the conversation between Kohaku and Pochi could have expected this outcome, they all had bewildered expressions. Only Shirokiyami maintained her boundless gaze, but even so there was no doubt that she was still looking with interest at the group.

Everyone’s thoughts became one and the mood indicated that the people demanded an explanation about Pochi’s situation.

「Please explain to me so that I can understand it more.」

「In that case, let’s explain in order. Danna-sama is my Master jya」

「Rather than Master, isn’t it closer to head of the household….?」

Aoba was pointing out the difference between the two meanings as if explaining something to a foreign person.  However, Kohaku didn’t mind the words and continued to talk in her own pace.

「And I will become this girl’s Master. In such a case, it is only natural that I obtain permission from Danna-sama in order to keep her jya.」

「Hang on a second, if you’re trying to explain things in order, I feel like there is something very important being left out.」

「It’s a normal thing to skip past the boring process and just go straight to the result jya.」

「What type of end game boss are you?!」

「You shouldn’t worry about it, I don’t really worry about the small things.」

「I’m telling you to explain so that I can understand what happened before.」

「Umm excuse me……. The Master of my Master?」

Taiyou was about to give a vehement retort to Kohaku when Pochi addresses him from the side.  Her eyes were wet and moist, it was really reminiscent of the famous “puppy eyes” gesture.

「Is it really impossible, to keep me?」

「No no, to begin with, do you really understand the word “keep” in this particular context?」

「Yes, doesn’t it have the meaning of “Providing food for a pet and fostering them”?」

「You actually understood?! Eh, why are you answering in such a joyful way then?!」

「Hey, Suzu-chan, Kaza-chan, even back when we were in the room a while ago, I have a feeling that this is…..」

「Yeah, there’s no doubt about it, I’m looking it up in my smart phone right now.」

「But, it might be just a coincidence so, let’s just wait a little while longer.」

The three sisters were whispering something amongst themselves from the side, but right now Taiyou’s mind was filled with Pochi’s situation so he couldn’t really concentrate on what they were talking about.

To such a Taiyou, Pochi attempts to give the finishing blow.

「I would really love it if, the Master of my Master could keep me!」

「For the time being, just wait.」


Pochi immediately listen’s to the command “Wait”. Voices of admiration comes out from the surrounding women.

「That’s not the kind of meaning I was intending! You girl’s also are having really weird responses!」

「It wasn’t a “Wait” command?」

「It wasn’t! So for the time being, please just stand over there on standby!」

Raising his voice to a shout, he talked in a manner that wasn’t normally used in everyday conversations. Even so Pochi’s response was “I understand!” with great joy in her voice.

「For now, Kohaku-san, please don’t try to rush off and give us a proper explanation, is that alright?」

「Hmm let’s see, well, you’ve probably realized it long ago but, I plan on taking care of this girl.」


「…. Yes.」

After seeing that Kohaku was finally speaking in a serious tone of voice, Taiyou answers slowly with a nod.

「First is that this girl is the daughter of an Eternally Little jya. I spoke a little with this girl when she jumped over and apparently she is able to smell a different scent when comparing normal human beings and the Eternally little. It seems that there is a smell that is peculiar to the Eternally Little jya. In other words, both Karina and I have the same kind of smell.」

「You are both part of the Eternally Little after all.」

Aoba who accompanied her to Karina’s mansion, was murmuring in acknowledgement.

「That’s right jya. In addition to that, this girl has become emotionally attached to me. As you can tell her disposition is like so, perhaps she sees me as her mother and is seeking protection from me.」

「I see.」

「And one other thing. Would it be alright if you didn’t laugh after hearing this?」

「What is it?」

He looked towards Kohaku in a manner that implied that he wasn’t going to laugh. She had a serious look on her face.

「Since a long time ago, it’s been a dream of mine to become a mother. Although she has been using the words “Master” to address us, for her this word is equivalent to the word mother.」

「Ahh, Iwashiro-san also mentioned the same thing.」

「I feel like this has been all according to fate. I will take this girl to the government office and make a proper family register for her and officially make her my daughter. If I do this, I feel like I can enjoy the feeling of being a mother that I’ve always wished for.」

「You mean like a daughter-in-law? Wasn’t Iwashiro-san also in the same relationship?」

「That’s a little different jya, she may think of me in that way, but I was merely acting as her supporter jya. I wasn’t her mother.」

「I see.」

Taiyou nods. She didn’t say the precise circumstances of the story but hearing the words “acting as her supporter” he could conjure up an image of what might have happened between the two. Certainly, in that sense she couldn’t really be called a mother, at the very least, she couldn’t claim to have felt “motherly feelings” from such a thing.

「That’s why, I’m planning on taking her in jyaga….. As I’ve said before, I intend to offer my everything to Danna-sama—I will also keep doing it from now. That’s why, I really hope to obtain Danna-sama’s consent in the matter.」

「So that’s how it was. By the way, what’s with her calling me the Master of my Master….?」

「She’s just following along to what I was calling you, probably…」

「So it’s cause of you?! Well, it certainly makes more sense now.」

「After all, she has a submissive personality similar to a dog, so she may have recognized you in this type of way.」

After Aoba mentions this, Taiyou recalls the specific behavioral traits a dog possesses. When a dog follows a ranking hierarchy within a human household, they sometimes recognize multiple members above its own ranking. That’s where this Master of my Master is coming from.

「I suppose it’s similar to having an Alpha?」

「She’s not doing this because she fears you or anything jya.」

「No I wasn’t worried about that.」

Taiyou exhales a small breath of air and faces Kohaku once again. She keeps her smile but also has this longing look in her eyes. That’s the kind of eyes Taiyou thought she had.


On their way back, they also used the trailer driven by Taiyou.

It couldn’t really be called a comfortable ride, the three sisters were barely sitting on the edge of the seats and the newcomer Pochi was clinging on to Kohaku tightly. Just like how he arrived, he didn’t seem to be sweating in the slightest, by his side Shirokiyami’s silent footsteps could be heard as she kept up with him.

From anyone’s perspective, they would seem like a strange line-up. If rumors were to be spread by witnesses, it was a sight that could easily become a ghost story or urban legend.

Even though he was slower than when he arrived, it was still like he was driving a cross bike at full speed.  With the wind blowing against them, the beautiful women had their hairs running wildly against the wind.

Meanwhile, the three sisters were asking Pochi questions.

「An Islamic countries royal family, or perhaps a lady’s room from a noble family. Or a single man with a lot of women attending him. Something like that?」

「What do you think, Suzu-chan?」

「It makes sense, but I feel like a different place also exists.」

「I don’t think so, Suzu-chan, that kind of word is written like this in the dictionary. There is no mid part to what Suzu-chan is looking at.」

「Ah, so that’s how it is.」

「But you guys, seem to notice it quite early jya.」

The women were chattering noisily with each other. Pochi included, they had a happy atmosphere around them.

「It increased…. again.」

Shirokiyami mutters.

「Before I noticed it….. it keeps on multiplying. One moment there is one girl….. now there are three, hmm.」

「You are also a girl, so can’t you stop talking in such a hypothetical manner?」

Taiyou tries to give her a quip, but in the next moment it was like she disappeared from sight.

「Besides, it didn’t really increase in the manner you were hinting, right? After all, Pochi is becoming Kohaku-san’s daughter.」



Shirokiyami was surprised by Taiyou’s words and he was also surprised at her reaction.

「What do you mean when you go “Eh”?」

「Well, it’s cause, I know her secret… plan」

「What did you say?」

While running, he turns around. And met with Kohaku’s gaze.

「As expected of Yami, I can’t hide anything from you.」

「It’s not like… you really hid it.」

「Wait a minute Kohaku-san, are you still hiding something from us?」

「No, I’ve already spoken about it.」

Kohaku speaks indifferently.

「Just like Yami has said, I haven’t really tried to hide it jya. Rather, Danna-sama is the one who hasn’t noticed it jya.」

「I’m the one who hasn’t noticed?」


Clap, clap, clap, sounds of clapping resounded. Leaving Taiyou aside, the three sisters already noticed it first.

「W-What is it?」

「Ahh, it’s natural if Aoba-san hasn’t realized it yet, when we talked about this in the past, you weren’t with us yet. When I declared that I was Danna-sama’s thing, I presented both my body and mind towards Danna-sama jya.」

「Such a thing… Ah?」

After Kohaku gives her a hint, Aoba seems to have understood the situation.

「Hang on a minute, what are you guys…. Oh.」

He was a little behind the girls, but Taiyou finally understood. He finally understood the meaning behind Kohaku’s words.

「Kohaku-san… don’t tell me you…」

While running with the trailer in tow, he looked behind and stared at Kohaku with a cold gaze. Kohaku was looking at him with a big smile on her face.

「What comes after sisters mixed in a rice bowl is of course a mother-daughter bowl jya.」

Taiyou was completely dumbfounded, he did not expect in the slightest that Kohaku would be scheming something like this.

「If she’s your daughter, isn’t it obvious that this will become incest?!!」

This was the loudest quip Taiyou gave in this day. He really did not expect for Kohaku to be planning something like this.



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