CHAPTER 105: Girls in Distress / The Females Sneak in at Night


Translator: Reflet

「Hey, so are we really going to do it?」

Aoba, the person with the most common sense, asked in a low voice through the darkness. Surrounding her were the sister trio, Kohaku, Pochi, and even Hera. For some reason, everyone there except for Aoba had excited expressions on their faces.

「Of course.」
「If we didn’t then things would be inconvenient, you know?」
「We’re going to be family from now on after all.」
「I get that, but…」

Hesitating to talk, she looked in Kohaku’s direction. Aoba’s intuition was that she was the eldest of them all, so if there was any way to stop what they were about to do, it would be a word from her. But, as if they were broken, or perhaps they had never existed from the start…Aoba could not feel the slightest intent from Kohaku to stomp on the brakes.

「If yeh lost your nerve, then you can stay here. We’ll just go.」
「I haven’t lost my nerve. I was just wondering if this is a good idea or not.」
「’Course it is, right everyone?」
「I don’t mean for everyone; I’m talking about Pochi-chan.」

Pochi tilted her head in puzzlement. Even a small movement like that caused her voluptuous breasts to sway from side to side, but Aoba chose to ignore that.

「Yeah, are you really okay with this?」
「Yes; it is Master’s order after all. And besides…」
「I don’t understand why…we’re doing something like this, but I can tell that Master is thinking of me. So I’m completely fine.」
「Huhu, ya know me well.」
「Hey, don’t say things in such an amorous manner…」

Aoba sighed lightly, pushing back her bangs. This was because the three sisters’ speech sounded like that of close friends.

「But but it’ll be inconvenient unless we do itー, you get that too right Aoba-chan? You’ve experienced it after all.」

This time Hera spoke. With the exception of Pochi, the females’ gazes focused on the floating fairy.

「That’s…right. Pochi-chan seems to be fine, so…I understand, I won’t say anything anymore.」

When Aoba said that, the girls exchanged glances and nodded once more, soon leaving the room in a swarm. There was a banquet hall beyond the sliding door, and another sliding door of the same making on the opposite side. When they opened that, there was a small room that was one-third the size of where the girls were. It was lit up by the faintest moonlight. There was a one-person futon, and Taiyou was there making quiet sleeping noises. Upon his insistence, males and females slept in different rooms at night. It seemed like the three sisters and others wanted to…sleep with him, but there was also Pochi and Shirokiyami, so Taiyou insisted that this was for the best. This was how the females ended up sneaking into Taiyou’s solo room at night.

「I’ll beh going in first.」

Kohaku said with a muffled voice, stepping into the room first. Her careful movements were reminiscent of infiltrating an enemy base.


Taiyou turned over, letting out a voice. Kohaku stiffened up, taken aback by the sudden event.


Still stiff, she stared at Taiyou, and he once again started letting out quiet sleeping breaths. Realizing that he hadn’t actually noticed them, Kohaku took a relieved breath with a “phew”. Resuming the infiltration, time passed by slowly as she approached Taiyou’s side. Signaling to them with her eyes, this time the three sisters began sneaking into the room. Normally one would expect the sound of three people sneaking into somewhere would be three times louder, but this was not the case at all. With stealthy feet in perfect synchronization, even carelessness wouldn’t make them any louder than Kohaku’s infiltration. When they reached the area of Taiyou’s feet…

「You there!」

The three of them let out adorable screams, stiffening up in response to the sudden loud voice. Wondering if they had been found out, they timidly looked at Taiyou, but he was still sprawled on the futon with no signs of getting up.

「I can see you…there…」

He continued in a mumbling voice.

「He must beh talking in his sleep.」

Kohaku said, and the three of them were relieved. At length they resumed their synchronized stealth feet and made it to Kohaku’s side. Next was Aoba. She made it to Taiyou’s side without any trouble, arriving on the opposite side of Kohaku and the others. When she tried to give a signal to Pochi outside…Taiyou sprang up. Pushing aside the light-fabric futon, he rose up. The females standing there gave small jumps all at once. He must have found them out this time――that thought raced through each of their minds. But Taiyou, who was standing up, did not aim his eyes at them but instead wandered his unfocused eyes from left to right. The females were beginning to feel relieved that he was only half-asleep, but…Taiyou suddenly gripped Aoba’s hand, squeezing it and pulling it towards himself.


Aoba lost her balance and fell onto the futon. Meanwhile, Taiyou skillfully placed his body over Aoba, leaning on her. That position was just like pinning someone down.

「I love…」

The sister trio and Kohaku held their breath watching the sight of Taiyou whispering into the ears of an immediately red-faced Aoba.


 Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. The wall-mounted clock’s sounds drifted through the room. Shortly afterward, Taiyou’s sleeping sounds could be heard once again.

「So you’re not going to finish speaking?」

Aoba lifted her voice loudly to the point of quavering, pushing Taiyou aside and getting up. Since Taiyou didn’t seem to wake up as a result, Pochi was able to normally enter the room.


Muttering discontentedly, Aoba looked at Taiyou. Suffering a disappointment and being forced to have something postponed made her state of mind very complicated.

「Well that’s a shame.」

The senior wives encouraged Aoba. There were both happy and mixed feelings.

「He was going…to say, me.」

Shirokiyami, who was nowhere to be seen earlier, was suddenly next to Aoba.

「Wha, why are you here?」
「What…are you, doing?」

Shirokiyami did not answer her question, instead hurling a question at them. The females exchanged glances, unsure of quite how to answer. Without hesitation, Pochi broke the ice.

「It’s to make me kiss Master.」

Hearing that, Shirokiyami looked at Taiyou, Kohaku, and Pochi who had answered in order.


She asked nonchalantly.

「That’s indeed correct.」
「That’s wrong, right? We didn’t have those intentions, right?」
「I didn’t think that Yami-chan would comeー, what now?」

Hera said as she flew through the air, starkly contrasting from the stealth feet of the sisters. Using that question as their opportunity, the females (with the exception of Shirokiyami) made a circular formation and began a strategy meeting.

「So maybe something like explaining the situation to her?」
「Even if we did, I don’t think that she’d understand.」
「Yeah, I don’t think she’d accept our explanation unless we show her.」
「Wasn’t Aoba-chan good enough of an example?」
「Very true…」
「At this point it would probably be best tah ignore Yami and progress.」
「I think that’s goodー」
「Are you sure…」

 As Aoba said that, everyone shot a glance at Shirokiyami. They were immediately startled. Shirokiyami had taken a katana out that hadn’t been there earlier. In the silence, Shirokiyami gradually and gently composed a fighting stance. Somewhere between silence and movement. The next moment, Shirokiyami performed an “iai”, drawing and sheathing her katana. The cutting edge glimmered in the moonlight, slipping right in front of the females. It did not cut anything up, since it attempted to slice Hera to no avail. Shirokiyami inclined her head, unsure of why nothing happened.

「…H, mm.」
「W-What’s wrong?」

Aoba asked. Could Shirokiyami have sensed it…?

「Everyone’s gaze was focused…there, so I tried, cutting it.」

The females gave sighs of relief. It seemed that she had not recognized it. Hera puffed out her chest.

「If she doesn’t kiss Taiyou-chan, she won’t be able to see me nor feel me, you seeー」
「This just reconfirms it; as I thought, continuing like this will be bad fer evra’day life.」
「Why is that so?」
「If we don’t do it that way――Huh, Master-Husband!」

Kohaku fell back. It was unusual for her to get this surprised. Taiyou was up all of a sudden, staring at everyone.

「「「Y-You’re awake?」」」
「Yes I’m awake. Anyone would wake up when people are talking all around and performing iais and the like.」

 Taiyou looked at them with reproachful eyes. Receiving that glare, the females once again formed an encirclement.

「What now? Natsuno-kun woke up!」
「Umu, this’s bad. If we were tah currently face off against Master-Husband as a group, we wouldn’t be able tah take him down.」
「「「Should we start over?」」」
「We ‘ave no better plans, so yeah.」

Kohaku said, and the females nodded. As the conversation inclined toward retreat, Shirokiyami silently cut in.

「Shall I…do, it?」
「You’re going to actually do it?」

She nodded, got up, and moved toward Taiyou. In the darkness, the silently moving goth loli’s form was reminiscent of a death god to the females’ eyes. Taiyou was also the same way, a perplexed expression on his face having barely gotten up.

「Don’t…think badly of me.」
「Is it…not, fine?」
「Can you at least repeat that line twice!」
「A little bit.」

It seemed like she tried, but it was a bit of a letdown for what was supposed to be an “enthusiastic” voice. Right after, she struck one of Taiyou’s vital points with the katana scabbard. The afflicted Taiyou fell on top of the futon right away, unable to move.

「W-What happened? My body won’t move.」
「I struck the…secret, opening.」

Shirokiyami said, giving the females a glance and then leaving the room, as if telling them to take their time. The females looked at one another, silently nodded, then also left the room with Pochi and Hera remaining inside. After shutting the sliding screen door, Taiyou‘s screaming voice could be heard, but…

「This was indeed a good idea.」

The girls decided not to pay it any heed.



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