Chapter 108: Girls in Distress / Advancing with Him


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「So why do you think that?」

「After all, Master Master is here.」

「Mm? Oh, you must be talking about Kohaku-san.」

Thinking about that briefly, Taiyou asked a question in return.

「Do you know what polygamy is?」

「Yes! The act of one man taking many women as his wives, or otherwise, the legal system of the aforementioned process. Some of the patterns seen in this system can take the form of sister polygamy as well as non-sister polygamy.」


Taiyou said, deeply interested. He originally had asked her the question, but much to his surprise, he had just heard something new. Marveling at her usual unique way of answering, he asked another question.

「I understand what sisters and non-sisters mean, but you’re saying that they each have their own unique categories?」

「Yes; it seems to have been very common for nobles and the upper class to indulge in the sister polygamy model. Among the emperors of Japan throughout history, around twenty-one of them apparently had harems comprised of sisters.」

「I sure didn’t know that. Incidentally, do you know which emperors did that?」

「Yes! Uhh…Emperor Kourei, Emperor Suinin, Emperor Keikou――」

In one go, Pochi read off some dozen emperors’ names without hesitation.

「Wow, there were quite a few people like that, eh?」

Taiyou was impressed. He was familiar with some of those names, so although he wasn’t sure whether this was true or not, it gave him the impression of sounding quite credible.

「Which means that since we have sisters in our group…oh wait, never mind; there‘s also Kohaku and Aoba, so it’s also a non-sister model in a sense.」

Mumbling, he then looked at Pochi.

「You really know your stuff.」

「That’s because I studied together with Master! You see, Master was very knowledgeable and taught me a variety of things.」

「And now I guess you’re referring to Karina-san.」

He could understand from the context that she was talking about her actual mother. And with that general flow, he asked Pochi various things. Pochi answered them one by one in a prompt manner. Taiyou soon discovered that her knowledge far surpassed that of his own. Almost as if there were an encyclopedia within her head, if you metaphorically hit it, it would reverberate――if you inquired something, it would soon・・・・come up with a diligent answer.

(She’s got to be at least more knowledgeable than Kohaku.)

Pochi knew enough of a variety of things to convince him of that. On the other hand, there were a lot of things that she didn’t know. Despite the fact that she had knowledge of just about everything found in things like dictionaries and encyclopedias, when it came to things like slang, her knowledge was poor. And although she had the knowledge, she had apparently almost never actually experienced, saw, or interacted with most of these things. Taiyou thought that had to be a given, considering how long she had been locked up in that mansion along with Karina.

Once Taiyou’s questions had settled down, this time it was Pochi’s turn to speak.

「So I also kiss Aoba due to our unique situation.」

「Okay, I understand!」

「You’re satisfied now, are you…」

「Umm, Master?」


「Could you tell me…about the new Master?」

While saying that, she glanced in the direction of the shop. It would seem that she wanted to know about Kohaku.

「Kohaku-san, huh…Where do I even begin?」

「Master is Master’s Master, right?」

「I’m still not used to that way of speaking…but yeah, that’s right.」

Taiyou answered Kohaku’s question, reminiscing about life after meeting Kohaku.

「I think that Kohaku…is an incredible person.」

「Incredible person?」

「Yeah; you know about the Eternal Littles, right?」

「Yes! They are women with genetic irregularities who have grown without gaining any secondary sex characteristics. Right?」

「I see; so that’s how you describe them in dictionary terms. Well, that’s right. It’s not good to talk about a woman’s age, but Kohaku is actually old enough to be our grandmother…possibly even great-grandmother. But nevertheless, she’s young. She’s young, she’s smart, and her personality…can be quite sadistic but is overall good, and above all――she’s a beautiful woman.」

「You say she’s a beautiful woman?」

「Yeah; you don’t get what I mean?」

「I’m sorry…I can’t really tell if she’s beautiful or not.」

「Nah; it’s cool. I think that Kohaku-san is a tremendously beautiful woman. Her seductiveness…is just staggering. What’s the word…bewitching, I’d say.」

「Bewitching. Refined and captivating; a lovely appearance. Captivating. Her forms and mannerisms are amorous. Coquettish. She’s that sort of person, then.」

After chanting the general definitions like spells, Pochi nodded satisfactorily.

(Usually she isn’t content with explanations though…)

 Taiyou thought with a bittersweet smile.

「To tell the truth, I wonder why she chose someone like me. She’s lovely to the point of being sexy, she’s smart, and she somehow has a lot of personal connections and assets. Frankly, she must have seen loads of men greater than I am in her life.」


Pochi didn’t answer; she just fixed her eyes straight at Taiyou.

「However, no matter how much I think about it I don’t understand, so I stopped thinking about it.」

「You stopped?」

「Yeah; Kohaku-san is still by my side. So rather than think about things like that and trouble myself, I decided to better myself. Kohaku is a great woman. Even among all of the women I know, she’s the very best and is unmistakably the best woman in the world. Just to be a good match with that very Kohaku-san…no, to become someone she can be proud of. I believe that’s the kind of man that I need to become.」

Thinking even now about Kohaku, he continued talking.

「That phrase she always says――I offer everything to you――I believe that I’ve gotta become the kind of man who’s worthy of that phrase. No matter what.」

「No matter what?」

「Yes, no matter what.」

Taiyou nodded as if reconfirming his determination.

「You’ll go to any lengths, huh…」

「It’s because I’ve fallen in love with her.」


Pochi’s eyes sparkled in admiration. Looking at her, he reflected on the words that had just come out of his mouth.

Taiyou let out an unconscious sigh of relief. Pochi was rich in knowledge and vocabulary, but the other clause was that she didn’t have those things linked to actual life. So even if she knew about things that she hadn’t experienced, she wouldn’t realize when something was actually happening in front of her.

As evidence, she clearly hadn’t realized・・・・・・・what he had just done. If this had been seen by…someone else who was accompanying them, they probably would have quickly poked their nose into it.

――Having the nerve to speak fondly of her.

From his experience speaking with Pochi, she undoubtedly had the meaning of「speaking fondly」recorded in her head. If he were to ask her, she’d undoubtedly respond with「Speaking proudly in front of others about one’s spouse or lover」. But that wouldn’t connect with what Taiyou did. Taiyou was saved by the girl Pochi. Taiyou sighed in relief. Relieved, he repressed his unintentional desire to go on about Kohaku deep in his chest and stared intently at Pochi. Seeing him suddenly become quiet, she once again hid half of her face beyond the car door. She had suddenly become rather adorable in his eyes.

No; ever since yesterday, every time he had seen her he had always thought that she was adorable. Getting to speak closely with her and coming to an understanding of what kind of girls she was, his thoughts only became stronger.

(Maybe if…I had known it would be like this yesterday…)

The image of Pochi, taken along to his bedroom and left there, floated in the back of Taiyou’s mind. The thing that was sought from him.

When he thought about that…

「You’ve got to kissー」

The fairy (devil) whispered into his ears.



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