Chapter 116: Mystery of the Girl / GUILTY


Translator: Reflet


 In the hospital room, the sound of huge sneezes resounded. As though they had conspired together, the girls sneezed all at once.

「You too, Miyagi-san?」

 Kotone made a strange face. It wasn’t unusual for the sisters to sneeze at the same time, but now for Aoba to join in, it was a little unusual.

「Yeah, the interior of my nose suddenly started itching. I wonder if someone’s gossiping about us?」
「It’s Taiyou-san, undoubtedly.」
「Natsuno-kun isn’t really like that, I think; besides, he’s probably doing his best to save Pochi.」
「I don’t think that’s the case.」

 Kazane grinned. That was the face of someone who didn’t think in the slightest that Taiyou was having a rough fight, and the sisters・・・・・・made the exact same faces.

「You guys are impressive.」
「Taiyou-san is the one who’s impressive.」
「No, you guys are impressive. To the point where me sneezing with you makes me feel a little apologetic.」
「Miyagi-san, have you begun to dislike Taiyou-san?」
「No, that sort of thing is impossible・・・・・but」
「In that case, I think that’s fine.」

 Suzune said, and the three of them gazed at Aoba.
 The girls were talking about the only definitive guiding principle of justice.


 Aoba said with nostalgic eyes, smiling calmly.

「I wonder if Mom and the others also felt this way.」
「Miyagi-san, your house is like ours, right?」
「Yeah, although it is a little more snug.」
「Ours is going to increase more and more. By four more people.」
「Wasn’t it two more…」

 Kotone, who was in a good mood, was corrected by Aoba’s hoarse voice.

「So they left…」

 After watching from beginning to end the helicopter that Anna was riding on disappear far into the sky, Taiyou finally relaxed his guard. Sighing with a phew, the exhausted Taiyou was filled with a sense of relief that the situation had been managed.
 As a result of acting out a scuffle by mowing down some ten people with one fist, he had somehow gained a temporary state of tranquility.


 That product, Pochi, called his name, making an apologetic face. Her constant downcast eyes were like that of a child fearing getting scolded by their parents.

「I’m sorry; that I could, do such a thing…」
「Are you alright?」

 Taiyou asked that, disregarding her statement.

「Show me real quick…for someone who was continuously tied up, there aren’t any marks. This rope…did they seal it with wax?」

 Taiyou took Pochi’s hand and took the rope that had tied her up until earlier in his hand, taking a long hard look at it.
 He could somehow feel Anna’s consideration there.
 Looking at the rope and Pochi in turn, he asked her.

「Could it be that you wanted to go together with her?」
「If you did, then I’ve done something bad; from my point of view she’s an enemy, but for you she’s a relative after all. If you by any chance have begun to want to go together with her, then――」

 Pochi let out a loud voice; having been despondent until just now, Taiyou was surprised at her doing this.

「I want to be together with Master. I’m Pochi, so if I’m not with Master then it’s no good.」
「Is that so. Sorry for asking you weird things; then let’s return to Master’s place, I guess.」

 Taiyou began to walk forward guiding the vigorously nodding Pochi, but soon remembered something, stopped walking and turned back.

「That’s right; I forgot something important.」
「Something important?」

 Saying that, he stared straight at Pochi. He had softly set his hands on her shoulders…

 When they returned to the hospital room, it was curiously in high spirits.

「No, the veteran beautiful girl’s name ain’t Itachi.」
「Then does it have any relation?」
「Of course it does; if one were to be deceived at this level, they’d die by the roadside before even reaching the veteran stage.」
「More importantly, Kohaku-tan, you should tell us more about your travels. I’m interested in the continuation of your camping car trip.」
「「「More so than that, I’m interested in the car’s interior kitchen.」

 The three sisters, Aoba, and Hera, as well as the recently unconscious Kohaku had formed a circle and were noisily rousing. With six women, the clamor was amplified accordingly, but Taiyou felt healing in that atmosphere.

「I’m back.」

 Aoba was the first to rush over.

「Was everything alright? Are you hurt anywhere?」
「Sorry for making you worry. As far as I can tell, I’m not hurt anywhere.」
「I’m glad…」
「See, I even told you, that Mii-chan worries too much.」

 He tilted his head to Kotone’s words. He could imagine that it was “Mii” taken from “Miki”, but he searched his memories, wondering if he had ever heard that way of referring to her.

「Yeah…Earlier we were discussing how we’ve come this far together, so rather than us calling each other by our surnames or attaching “san”, we should choose a different method.」
「Ohhh, and you became Mii-chan.」
「Is it weird?」

 Aoba asked uneasily, looking up at him.

「No, I think it’s nice and cute. It fits you.」
「By the way, I’m Kohaku-tan.」

 Kohaku, wearing patient clothing, puffed up her non-existent chest.

「Yours doesn’t fit you. Don’t tell me that everyone started calling her that…」
「I call her thatー」
「Well you always did.」
「Umm…I’d like――」
「「「Pochi-chan is Pochi-chan, okay?」」」
「Yeah, you’re Pochi.」
「You’d best be fine with Pochi.」

 The girls shut down Pochi as soon as she had begun talking. If someone who was unfamiliar with them were watching, this scenery would probably look like bullying.

「Ah, yes. I’m Pochi, please call me Pochi. That’s not what I was talking about though, umm…」
「Hmm, what is it?」

 The second master, Kohaku asked in a loving voice. Pochi then made a somewhat more relieved face and once again, began talking.

「Thought that I’d give a greeting.」
「A greeting? We all know each other; it ain’t necessary, right?」
「No, that’s not it.」

 Saying that, Pochi stared straight at Hera.

「Nice to meet you; my name is Pochi.」
「Nice to meet you as well; I’m Hera Kr――wait whaaat?」

 Surprised, Hera’s eyes darted between Taiyou and Pochi.

「Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan, Pochi-chan can see me, you know? What happened?」
「If anything, I’m more concerned about what happened with your introduction.」

 Taiyou said, smiling.

「Well, it’s exactly what you think it is.」
「Ooo! It’s exactly what I think it is?」
「With this, she’s now also able to see your form. Get along, folks.」
「I look forward to being with you!」

 Pochi bowed in a flash.

「Yes indeed! If anything, I look forward to being with you. Although I am a fairy, I’d rather you not pay it any heed.」
「Fairy. A spirit in the form of a human. Possesses superhuman power, and as a being that delights in playing pranks, it largely makes appearances in Western tales and legends. Is that right?」
「Likes playing pranks, eh? That definitely fits her description.」
「Not pranks; and even if they were, they’re of the sexual kind!」
「Quit it with the two-fold plagiarized lines!」

 Taiyou hit Hera with his palm.
 He suddenly noticed that the three sisters, Kohaku, and Aoba were silent. Looking at them wondering what was wrong, each of the girls had dissatisfied looks on their faces.

「All of you, what’s wrong?」
「Natsuno-kun…you did・・it, didn’t you?」
「Eh? Yeah, I did it.」
「Why’d you do it?」
「Eh? Wait, but you all told me do that, and besides――」
「That sort of thing is a no-no.」
「That’s right; doing it in secret is a no-no!」
「If I’m――If this girl isn’t here then it’s no good!」

 Stopping what she was about to say, Kazane seized the tottering Hera as she returned like a stuffed animal, thrusting her out in front of Taiyou’s eyes.

「Eh, no, there’s not really any need for that, yeah? It’s true that I did it when she wasn’t there, but look, she can see her and everything.」
「No, umm…

 The girls stared at Taiyou. The power of their stares was like a tsunami surging forward at him.

「Umm…Master’s Master.」

 Pochi said with a flushed face, tugging at his sleeve.

「I’ll be fine, okay?」

 That became the finishing blow. She was just so cute with her blushing face and upward-looking eyes, and Taiyou’s senses were lightly blown away.
 Pulling her small hands toward him, he sealed her lips with the likes of a beast.

 The second kiss amidst everyone gazing. With that, Pochi had officially become a member of the Natsuno House.



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