Chapter 122: The Bond of Parent and Child / Astonishing Power


Translator: Reflet

 Taiyou glared at Hera. Around the time they had barely met, they had exchanged a promise for her not to call out to him in front of other people. It was because if other humans were to see him talking to an unseen Hera, they would think he was crazy.
 Hera had broken that.
 He momentarily felt unpleasant, but soon reconsidered. Because that was how cornered her expression was.
 Shooting a glance at Tsukumo in front of him, he took out his smartphone and put it next to his ears.

「Umm hello, what’s up?」

 Even if the person in front of him was a weirdo, he was still in the presence of an outsider so Taiyou put on an act.

「Aoba-chan’s in trouble!」

 That composure was quickly blown away.
 Anyone who was able to see Hera’s form――that is, the girls who had kissed with Taiyou, Hera was able to sense their safety or lack of safety regardless of physical distance. Taiyou who had been saved by that ability on numerous occasions held no doubts toward its effectiveness.

「Where is she!」
「Over here!」

 Taiyou dashed forward to where Hera was initiating.

「Uh-oh, you realize we’re still in the middle of our conversation.」

 Tsukumo went around and blocked him, making this the third time.
 Up until now he hadn’t been pressed the other two times, so he had mentally endured it, and it wasn’t anything harmful, so he hadn’t gotten serious or escaped.
 But right now was different, and if Aoba’s safety was in question then he didn’t have the time to be so easygoing.

「Can you move?」
「No no, from here on out we’re gonna get into the nitty-gritty of the mother-daughter bowl. First off――」

 Tsukumo, still trying to talk about his interests without reading the air caused Taiyou’s boiling point to reach its threshold, turning his personality to below freezing.
 Letting out the kind of low cold voice that was enough to make one’s hair stand on end, he flung out a backfist to brush him off.
 He had let out thirty percent of his power, so from experience that was sufficient to blast anyone away.

「Whoa there.」

 As if playing dumb, Tsukumo flung Taiyou’s hand away, or rather, warded it off. It felt like his hand was lightly touched, then all of a sudden it veered off in a different direction.
 In a moment, feelings of antipathy shifted to a guarded posture.
 His hips dropping deeply, he assumed a stance of pitching forward. He then kicked the ground and dashed fiercely.
 He tried to pass through Tsukumo’s side in one go.
 Seeing Taiyou’s movement, Tsukumo once again revolved around him. Stepping in a bizarre manner, he abruptly spun around him.

「Having had this happen four times, I could have guessed as much!」

 Quietly howling, he charged through with force. If he would stand in his way then he would blast him away!
 That was what he thought, but the next instant his field of vision spun around. He should have charged straight forward, and yet all of a sudden he had been spun around ninety degrees.
 About to dive through the deck railway, Taiyou frantically stepped on the brakes. Just in time he stopped himself from falling into the ocean.
 Turning around, he looked at Tsukumo.
 He no longer saw him as a mere weirdo.

「You…Who are you?」
「I’m just a guy with petty interests named Saekusa Tsukumo.」
「I’m not asking about that.」
「Age 26, Virgo with blood type O.」
「I’m not talking about that either.」
「From about a year ago I set myself up as a man who loves mother-daughter bowls and up till yesterday I’ve eaten 49 groups of mothers and daughters.」
「And I really could care less about that.」

 He cut him down with a cold voice.

「Then what are you trying to ask? If I hear really unpolished questions then I might not be able to answer properly, man?」
「Your objective.」
「I’d say that it’s to spread the love of the amazing mother-daughter bowl in the meantime?」
「Tell me your real objective!」

 Taiyou had ultimately grown tired of Tsukumo’s talk about “eating” people.

「To live out my life in an interesting yet odd fashion, maybe?」
「You bastard!」

 Still being made fun of, Taiyou leaped forward, unleashing his fist with all his might. He possessed enough power currently to blast through steel plating, but not caring, he thrust it at a human in the flesh.
 But that nevertheless did not hit.

「Uwah! Hyah! Oof!」

 Like a clown, Tsukumo let out strange voices and continued to dodge Taiyou’s punches with weird movements. The punch that hadn’t so much as grazed him ripped through the sky, and then Taiyou’s breathing began to grow rapid.

「Scary scary, if that had hit then it wouldn’t have just taken out a bone or two; it might very well have gouged through the flesh, yo. You have even greater power than the rumors might suggest, man.」
「Shut up, make way already.」
「By the way, do ya like the mother-daughter bowl?」

 A question that he had been asked numerous times was thrown at him in its entirety this time.
 Taiyou went into a frenzy, leaping even further up.


 He could hear the fairy’s voice. Like after an encouraging shout at a golf field, a small body aimed at Taiyou flying in.
 Of course, that impacted his groin area.


 A sudden quick attack; an unexpected attack from an ally. Fainting in agony, Taiyou held his hands to his groin and cowered.


 Tsukumo, unable to see Hera, made a questioning expression, and not paying that any heed, Taiyou glared at Hera whilst dribbling cold sweat.
 But, unlike usual, Hera also returned Taiyou’s glare in full.

「What are you doing Taiyou-chan! You must remain calm!」
「That’s right, you need to calm down! It’s clear that your opponent is acting out a weird performance and making fun of you; falling prey to his provocation is the kind of thing that bird-brains would do!」

 He caught his breath while crawling on the ground like a caterpillar.

「You must be more composed! もっと冷静になるのです! You must become cool like the spelling of KOOL!」

 A laugh slipped out. Though she was fuming and lecturing him, Hera was still the girl who spoke in the same fashion.
 Compared to that, he felt like an idiot for falling prey to that cheap provocation.
 Taiyou sucked in air, standing up while enduring the pain in his crotch.

「How’s Aoba look?」
「She’s still in danger, but only in danger.」
「So I’m not, too late.」

 With Tusukumo looking at him, he conversed as usual with Hera. His opponent gave him a dubious face, but he didn’t pay it any heed.
 Objective and method.
 Regaining his composure, Taiyou did not mistake those for something else; what he should prioritize the most was his objective…to dash to Aoba.

「Do you know the place?」
「She should be where she was previously.」
「Got it.」
「What’s up what’s up, suddenly talking to yourself; are you maybe one of those people who――」

 Tsukumo tried to persistently say something, but it no longer entered Taiyou’s ears.
 He sliently walked over to Tsukumo.
 Step step, step step.
 Like taking a stroll, slowly, he stepped each time in stride.

「Oh, so you really were interested in what I have to say? Alright, sit down there; this is usually where you should adopt a seiza posture but I don’t mind letting you specially sit at ease, my dude.」

 Completely ignoring his practical jokes, he walked toward Tsukumo. Even upon entering the range where he could move his arms to hit him, he did not do so and just kept walking onward.


 The color of Tsukumo’s face slightly changed. He leaped back as if taking his distance from the approaching Taiyou.
 Taiyou still kept closing in their distance.
 Slowly, and without using any of this momentum.

「Whoa whoa, you’re not taking this lightly enough, mate.」

 He silently continued to close in on him.
 If he were to dodge then that was fine, and even if he didn’t dodge, Taiyou had confidence that he could push one or two people out of the way just by walking normally.
 So he walked; continued to walk.

「Your judgement on the spur of the moment is amazing, pal. But that’s still pretty shallow, don’t you think?」
「It can’t be helped, although I didn’t really want to use my pinning techniques on anyone other than beautiful mother and daughters.」

 Tsukumo said, this time not backing down and instead taking Taiyou’s arm.
 All of a sudden, heaven and earth flipped, and not understanding what had been done to him, he was thrown in an instant, his joints arm-barred.
 His joints squeezed by Tsukumo let out screams. He had completely been settled in a position where he couldn’t move.

「Got you.」

 Taiyou muttered alongside a surprised Tsukumo.


 The next moment, Taiyou let out a fierce cry, pumping power into his arms.

「It’s useless; you’ve been completely pinned――」

 Tsukumo lost his words mid-sentence. Taiyou had forcibly lifted up his opponent along with his pin.
 Taiyou rised standing upright as if nothing had happened. Tsukumo, still clinging to his joints, looked from the sidelines like a monkey hanging from a tree.
 He was dumfounded, and Taiyou did not overlook that.

「Fly away!」

 He brandished Tsukumo and threw him. The adult man’s body flew off like a cannon ball.
 He flew off not like a parabola, but drawing a straight line. In the twinkle of an eye, his body left the ferry and soared faraway yonder.

「As expected, Taiyou-chan is amazing.」
「Let’s go.」

 He didn’t a single glance in Tsukumo’s direction, nor did he respond to Hera’s flattery. Taiyou simply muttered and dashed into the cabin expressionless.



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