Chapter 133: Shovelers Unmatched / For Some Reason I Want to Pull Them Tight


Translator: Reflet

「I’ll see you off.」


「I don’t have anything I can do until Hera contacts me, so during that time I’ll see you off to your house.」

「You’re fine with not waiting here? Oh, have you decided on a meeting place or something?」

Youran asked a reasonable question. Taiyou smiled and answered.

「No matter where I am, she catches up to me with teleportation. I’ve confirmed that she can return in an instant from a hundred kilometers distance in a straight line. 」

「Whoa, that’s pretty amazing.」

「I think that your lack of caring is more amazing. Normally I think you’d be a bit shocked or grumble…」

「This is after I saw that unexplainable creature, so there’s no way I’d be surprised about something like that.」

「Makes sense.」

It made sense, but many of times, the creatures known as females didn’t quite make sense, Taiyou thought.

「You’re a fine woman.」


Youran became speechless, making a face that questioned what he suddenly said.

「Ah no, I’m just saying that people like you are my type.」


Taiyou suddenly began thinking. That come to think of it, lately there had been those types of women increasing around him. Discerning logic, these rational women had begun to increase.
Kohaku and Youran had been conspicuous among them, and the Kotone three sisters as well as Aoba were also a similar type. Pochi, who he had met just recently and might enter his family, was close to that as well.
Taiyou himself was that type of person, and he thought that those types of people were easier to hang out with on a regular basis.
So far as women who were completely the opposite, letting their feelings take priority, he could think of no one other than Mio.
Even in that sense, Taiyou truly thought he had been blessed as of late.

「Now then, where should we……Huh, is something wrong?」

「It-It’s nothing.」

Youran for whatever reason reddened her face, averting her eyes.
Taiyou questioned what exactly had happened.

「L-Let’s go. I’ll say this for your benefit, but I’m also in a difficult situation, so prepare yourself if you want to escort me.」

Youran said, breaking into a brisk walk. Taiyou followed after her, and the two of them exited the multi-tenant building that he had forcefully opened.

「Then again……Where exactly should we head to?」


While tagging along with Youran who was muttering to herself, he stared fixedly behind her.
Youran’s taut, straightened spine, and the two wavering ponytails.
Looking at those things, a bizarre emotion rose in Taiyou’s chest.

「Hey, do you have a cell――Hyan!」

Outstretching his hands, he pulled her twintails toward himself.


「Ah, sorry.」

Taiyou hurriedly apologized.
For some reason, when he saw those things of hers he wanted to pull them tight.
It was the same when they met before, and it was the same now from reuniting after coming to this island.
The academy that he was attending had quite a few girls with twintails, and Taiyou had never held those sentiments toward them even once.
For some reason he just wanted to only pull on Youran.


Youran halted, clutching at the base of her twintails while glaring at Taiyou with a sulky face. Taiyou braced himself for getting slapped for his ill-timed prank.


But Youran said nothing further, turning her heels and resuming her walk. The slap he had awaited hadn’t flew at him, and the complaints that he expected to be there were nowhere to be found.
If anything, the moment she had turned around, Youran was making a facial expression as if she hadn’t seen Taiyou before.
What in the world was this――When Taiyou, interested in her expression, came to, he once again pulled――this time, her twintail on the opposite end.
Once again, with a start, Youran averted her neck.

「Come on! Give it a rest! Why do you always always pull on my twintails!」

「Uhh…I felt like it?」

「You say you felt like it?」

「I’m really sorry. For some reason when I look at your twintails I just end up wanting to pull them.」

「What kind of reason is that?」

「I’m truly sorry. I won’t do it anymore, so I’m begging you.」

Taiyou bowed with his hands together. In that position, he shot an upward glance to check, and perhaps because of him meekly lowering his head, Youran’s expression wasn’t all that angry.
Relieved, he raised his head.

「Do you do this to other girls too or what?」

「Eh, no I don’t, but……」

「So you haven’t? …Just to me?」


It was a tough question to answer.
The only one he did that too was Youran, but there was no way he could say something to her like「I’m only doing this prank to you」.
It was the sort of answer that if done clumsily would give him a “I hate you”.
He didn’t want to get that, so he had hesitated on how to answer.



Taiyou faltered in response to the interrogating Youran.
She was making the kind of face that said “You’d better answer, and I won’t allow any dodging the question”.
Taiyou thought it was reasonable for the girl who he had fooled around with time and time again to press him for answers.
While he was wavering about how to answer that…

「……What’re y’all flirtin’ about?」

A Kansai dialect could be heard from the side. Turning around, there was a blonde hair blue eyed beauty standing there who was the epitome of a foreigner.

Inside the black-coated limousine, though it was spacious, on the other hand, Taiyou felt uncomfortable. Knees joined and his hands resting on them, it was the kind of reaction that a fan would have meeting a big-time celebrity.
The reason was the two girls sitting in the opposite seats. Moreso it was the fault of the blonde beauty sitting beside Youran.

「Uhh…so I didn’t really get that just now.」

「I said m’name’s Leticia H Keraaz. The third princess o’ the Phili Kingdom.」

「Kingdom? Princess?」

「By the way, this person’s a state guest here, so if you screw up then it’ll be that much of an international affair.」


「Well it’s probably already too late. This guy bringing that thing in here is already an out.」
Youran was talking about the shovel left on the car mat next to Taiyou. The blade was split in the middle and had lost most of its function as a shovel, but Taiyou had brought that in.
It was an important shovel that had helped him to recognize shovels anew; something that he couldn’t quite bring himself to discard.
But, he thought it was just as Youran had said.
It was nothing but rude to drag in an old, destroyed shovel into the state guest, Princess Leticia’s car.

「S’cool, it’s important innit?」

「Uh, uhh, well…」

「Sure it is, I could tell by looking at yer hand movements. The manner ya used yer hands in carrying it was the manner of treating a naked girl delicately.

「Why are you acting like you’d know, despite being a true virgin?」

「True, I’m still a virgin. This still remains ‘n all.」

Leticia said, brushing her golden shining long hair up and revealing the nape of her neck.
Taiyou felt his heart beat as he looked at the white nape, and shortly after, he had found the thing that she doubtless wanted to show him.
The back of her neck had a small, rainbow-colored mark. It was a birthmark that was clearly an unnatural color.
Seeing that, thirst for knowledge exceeded sexual excitement.

「What exactly is that?」

Taiyou inquired politely, being that the person he was speaking to was a princess.

「Maiden Pearl, one o’ the secrets transmitted amongst the royal family. They put a sorta rough chemical here and attach it. With this a clean body and rainbow color remain, but if it was a male’s thing, then that moment it would disappear in a flash.」

「There’s really something like that?」

「I dunno much either. But the royal family has a custom of entering this into them from the time they were born. Big Sis ‘s disappeared on the day after her first night.」


「Well, normally ye’d needa show ‘em since it’s the proof of being a maiden.The color’s gross so I just hide it likeso.」

Leticia said, letting her hair down again and hiding the rainbow mark.

「You…really are a princess, eh.」

「That’s not really what ya see, is it? Well, me and ‘em are the same race.」
Leticia said, putting her arms around Youran’s shoulders. Youran made a slight disgusted face but did not display any signs of rejection.

「Even this girl doesn’t look like New Moon Director in moments like these.」

「Ahh, that’s right.」

Taiyou nodded, looking between Youran and Leticia. He agreed with Leticia’s words, though only with・・・・the first half.
Youran and Leticia. He could smell the same scent from both of them.

「You also have a good posture.」


「I mean your spine. This person’s a maniac behind the scenes anyhow.」

「Whoa, that’s another queer hobby ya got there.」

「No no, please don’t believe that. It’s not that, it’s your――」

「Come to think of it」

Youran cut in as Taiyou began speaking.

「So why did you come here?」

Going so far as to slice the flow of events with her voice, Leticia stared grinningly at Youran with a know-it-all look.



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