Chapter 142: The Girl Known As Juunishima Youran / Revenge


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 With a cool-headed expression, Tsukumo called his sister’s name.

「New Moon-sama is a guest now, guide her with the utmost care」

「Big Brother? Do you seriously intend to change the plan」

「Yeah, that’s right」

「But if you do that――」

「I’ve already decided it. Until New Moon-sama’s sweetheart――Natsuno Taiyou comes do not lay a finger on her, got it」

 Emphasizing the word「sweetheart」, Tsukumo spoke full of cynicism.


 Haku didn’t answer, and Tsukumo looked her puzzled.

「Where’s your answer?」

「Big Brother, if we do that then that hag will not accept it. After all, we were entrusted with this mission with Big Brother’s・・thing included」

「Just nonchalantly gloss over that part」

「I cannot fool her! That hag――」

「This isn’t like you, Saekusa Momo」

「Do not call me by that name!」

 The intensity that she had directed toward Tsukumo was now directed toward Youran.

 Haku had reacted more strongly toward Youran’s name for her than countering her older brother. It seemed that name held quite a bit of meaning.

 The face glaring at Youran was dreadful, but Youran was not fazed in the slightest.

 She spoke to Haku in a composed manner.

「Is your brother not absolute to you? If it were for the sake of your big brother you could die――I thought that that conversation had entered my ears at one point but……it seems that I was wrong」

「Speaking like you know me! Even I do not want to say such a thing, however! If I don’t say it then Big Brother’s position! His personal security!」

「I see, so you are one of those who oppose orders if it benefits their master. A faithful dog indeed」

「Please do not make a fool of me!」

「I meant to compliment you, you realize? It is quite commendable to have a loyal retainer who does not mind admonition. As long as you are by his side Saekusa Tsukumo will undoubtedly be able to expect greater progress. It is enough to make even an enemy such as I jealous」

 Youran side, smiling in a sarcastic manner.

「May you continue to support him in that manner――your whole life, as a devoted subordinate」

 That moment, she felt she could hear the sound of something snapping.

「New Moonnn!」

 Haku was enraged. Losing her temper, she took out a revolver from under her clothing, unsuitable for her small frame, pressing it to Youran’s forehead.


 Without hesitation, the trigger was pulled.

 Smoke was billowing out of the muzzle――the bullet had skimmed past Youran’s side.

 She had not missed on purpose, nor had Youran dodged.

 The moment that Haku had moved, almost as if predicting the outcome, Tsukumo had suddenly cut between the two, brushing away Haku’s slender hand.

 With that the aim had missed, and the bullet flew into the day after tomorrow.

「Big Brother!」


 In contrast to the enraged Haku, Tsukumo was calm to the max.

「I told you, that, New Moon-sama is a guest」

「But Big Brother! This girl called me――」

「You’re playing into her hands too much, Haku. Look, New Moon-sama is snickering」


  Haku looked blankly at Youran.

 Tsukumo had said that, but Youran hadn’t broken her poker face.

 Although she did seem like she may have had a slight elated expression, she was straight expressionless.

「What do you mean?」

「Heey Haku, why are you calling yourself Haku」


「From 百 hyaku to 白 haku 、why did you take off the『一』”one” from the head? To have the same name as me・・・・・・・・・・、was that the only objective?」

「You are incorrect! That is not the case. I――」

「Heey Haku, we don’t have that kind of fragile relationship right? We don’t have to be defeated by this kind of provocation, yeah?」

 Tsukumo said, and Haku opened her eyes wide, taken aback.

「That we’re siblings, that we’re master and servant……that we’re companions. You can’t define our relationship with terms like that, right? Am I wrong?」

 Tsukumo said, and Haku looked downward, putting a hand to her abdomen.

 At that moment, the fury had dissipated from her face.

「I’m sorry, Big Brother」

「Nah, it’s all good」

 Tsukumo patted her head, then turned to Youran.

「New Moon-sama, please do not tease her too much. Revenge and such is unbecoming of you」

「You think so?」

「Indeed, you should be more aloof. Something like revenge is fitting for――」

 Tsukumo said, twisting the corner of his mouth into a grin.

「――Vulgar people such as I」

 The moment he said that, he put his hands on her collar, lowering it in one go.

 Youran’s clothing let out ripping sounds as it was torn apart. From the front of her neck to above her navel, her bare skin was exposed to the open air.

「Hold on――」

 Aoba to the side got angry, but, she was quickly pressed down by Honoka and Chan Suu.

「Do not move」

「This is the good paaart」


 Aoba groaned, she could not move an inch pressed down by these two. She was indignant at Tsukumo’s sudden riot, but she could do nothing but watch.

 Meanwhile, clothing torn and her undergarments exposed, Youran did not move a single eyebrow, staring back at Tsukumo composedly.

 Tsukumo was astonished at that reaction.

「Impressive as always New Moon-sama, it seems that this is nothing to you」

「What are you trying to accomplish?」

「Did I not say revenge?」

「Something such as this, will not so much as become revenge. I will not feel shame from someone of your level」

「Indeed, indeed, of course that would be the case. Because I am no longer a『man』to New Moon-sama. You were unaware several hours ago, and by this point, no longer, right」


「You are no doubt correct, with me as an opponent. However, what about that boy? Even if he sees you in that・appearance, I wonder if you will be able to remain so comosed, hm」

「You speak of fruitless endeavors」

 Youran slightly scowled.

「Did I not say that this is revenge」

 Tsukumo laughed scornfully.

「Revenge is in itself a fruitless endeavor」


「Although I was half joking. I certainly have some profit from this」

「What do you mean」

「I mean this」

 Tsukumo said, further ripping apart Youran’s clothing. He stripped that which had become cloth scraps from her, tossing them to Haku.

「Here ya go」

「Big Brother? Wh-What is this」

「Deliver that to Tsubaki-sama, tell her that everything’s going according to plan」


 Haku made a surprised expression.

 Tsukumo had thought up in his own way a countermeasure from what she had said earlier.

 Revenge, and countermeasure. Both of those were actions for Haku’s sake.

「I’m so jealouuus」

「Give up」

 The two of them exchanged a brief conversation while holding down Aoba.

「B-But will the hag be satisfied with this? Just with these scraps」

「Very true……」

 Tsukumo held his jaw, a pensive look on his face.

 Just as Haku had said, Juunishima might not be satisfied with just some torn clothing.

 Briefly thinking, he then looked at Youran.

「New Moon-sama, I believe I would like to borrow something」

「What is that」

「The thing that is attached to your thumb」


 Silent, Youran lifted her right hand, looking at the thing attached to her thumb.

 That thing attached to the base of her thumb was a leather belt in the shape of a ring.

「New Moon-sama regularly wears that. In your everyday life, a real ring, and when you are sneaking around, a leather belt. That very thing is constantly attached to New Moon-sama’s right hand thumb. That is correct, yes?」

「It is」

「Tsubasa-sama must also understand the meaning of New Moon-sama’s right hand thumb ring. And it is a given that she would also understand the meaning of said thing being snatched away……normally」


「In other words, if I put that in with the other thing as a set, she should for the time being be satisfied」

「You’re stalling for――」

「Indeed, I would like your cooperation」

「Very well」

 Youran gave a curt response, separating the belt-shaped ring from her thumb and handing it to Tsukumo.

「I thank you for your cooperation」



「Understood, please leave the hag to me」

「In exchange for my cooperating, I would like you to listen to one request of mine as well」

「If I am able」

「I’d like you to leave that girl here by my side until that boy comes」

 Youran had said, pointing to Aoba.



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