Chapter 146: The Princess of Phili / Cursed Blood


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 Taiyou didn’t understand Leticia’s words. The way she said it was weird, plus the phrase “fatal” was rather exaggerated, he thought.

 However, it would be incorrect to say that he understood nothing.

 Leticia had asked what she could do to see Hera. “What can I do” was a phrase that could also imply actually taking action after learning the answer.

 Taiyou had answered saying a kiss with him.

 She was a blooming lady, not to mention a princess of a kingdom.

 He wanted to convince himself that the term “fatal” was an exaggeration, but he could understand why she’d sigh about that.

「Any other methods?」

「I dunno, are there?」

 He threw the question Leticia asked right at Hera.

「Copulation is fineー」

「I’m gonna hit you」

「What, she say summat」

「Nothing of actual substance」

「What’ll that be?」

 Leaning forward, Leticia began staring straight at him. It was like she was implicitly saying to go ahead and tell her anyway.

 He hesitated to give it straight, but he could feel that she wasn’t going to back down until he said it, so Taiyou decided to just tell her.

「That I could make love with you」

「Making love as in having sex?」

「Yeah, although she said copulation or whatever. I get that it’s what lies ahead of a kiss but……it’s still an answer without substance」

 Taiyou was ready for Leticia to get mad, but Leticia answered in an unexpected way.

「I see……if we did that」


 Leticia was looking down, holding her jaw with a pensive expression.

 Taiyou was befuddled by her reaction. This was a reaction that was unexpectedly unexpected, far diagonally up and away from what he had imagined.

 When it came to kissing she disapproved, but when it came to sex she seemed more considerate. This was the stark opposite of how a blooming girl would react.

「……Anything else?」

「……Is there?」


「Seems not」

 Cutting off Hera and her unnecessary response, he answered Leticia. Hera didn’t like that but she silenced herself.

「That right……」

 Leticia said, further in thought.

 From Taiyou’s standpoint there was no need to kiss Leticia as there was no need for her to see Hera.

 Of course, as Youran had said, if he were to use Hera as his joker and have Leticia see her as well to converse then that would be great, but it wasn’t particularly bad even if she couldn’t.

 So initially he had nonchalantly conversed with her to give her enough understanding.

 But Taiyou was intrigued by her peculiar reaction. A reaction full of contradictions that was too unusual for a girl her age.

 He was curious as to what reasoning was attached there.

「What have you been hesitating about?」

「I’m wonderin’ how far I need’a go for her sake」

「? I sort of get that. What I mean is……why is a kiss “fatal”?」

「They say a kiss is no good fer my body cuz of my cursed blood」

「Cursed blood」

 Taiyou parroted in a monotone pronunciation. Hera was saying “That is kind of cool” from the side but it didn’t reach his ears.

「The heck is that, eighth-grader……well it seems like you’re not going that route huh」

 Looking at her earnest face, he understood that she was not・・・suffering anything from puberty.

「Know… ’bout my old man?」


 Taiyou shook his head.

 She was the princess of the Phili kingdom so Taiyou assumed that her father must be the king.

 The king of a kingdom must be a fairly famous person, but for Taiyou who had heard of the country for the first time, he had no knowledge whatsoever.

「Your father……the king did something bad?」

「Da worst of da worst, he’s da perpetrator who passed dis annoying physique along to me」

「Annoying physique」

「……Hahh, it ain’t summat I would say but if it were dat gurl she’d probably say『objective and method』or what have ya」

「Yeah, she’d probably say that」

「How ’bout I check with ya just ‘n case. How much can ya do wit dat trump card」

「She’s essentially the same as the spirits you mentioned. She can go through walls and can become my “eye” in areas that I can’t see. And well, she can also『connect』」

「How ’bout ya show some evidence」

「I will go see how things look outsideー」

 Before Taiyou could answer, Hera spoke and flew out the window. She exited the room momentarily, soon returning.

「Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan, we are above the ocean. It is some sort of amazingly extravagant passenger ship」

「Ocean? Extravagant passenger ship?」

 Surprised by Hera’s report, he looked at Leticia.

「I see, ain’t no lie……seems dat way」

「Why at the ocean?」

「Cuz we need’a. If it were Japanese territory we wouldn’t even be able to properly defend ourselves, plus if we screw up it’ll be a diplomatic issue. I am a state guest after all, gotta have a decent amount o’ forethought. So we got on a ship and came out to public waters」

「By the way, I did not see land anywhere」

「She says she couldn’t see land. We really are in the middle of the ocean huh」


 After sighing, Leticia made a resolute expression.

「Can’t be helped. Hey」

 With only her neck aimed at the two waiting wearing black clothing, she spoke to them in a commanding tone.

「Ya guys can go out. Don’t enter even if ya hear screamin’ or whatnot」

「「Yes ma’am」」

 Briefly responding, the black-clothed guards undid their “relax” postures and went on leaving the room.

 He understood the purpose of removing people from the vicinity, but Taiyou didn’t quite get what she meant by “screaming”.

「What are you going to do?」

「We’re gonna kiss, not like dere’s any other way to see da fairy」

「That’s true but……It’s not like we absolutely have to do it」

「We’d best do it to make double sure」

「That’s……true. But is it really fine?」

「……Can ya promise just one thing?」



 Nodding, Leticia therafter averted her eyes.

「What happens here……dun tell anyone. What I’ve done……what state I’m in」

「What state you’re in……」

 He thought it was over-the-top, but he shut his mouth upon seeing her appearance.

 She was making such a deep expression that Taiyou could no longer think it to be exaggerated.

 He was forced to understand that there must be something, some reason for her to hesitate to perform a kiss.



「Thank ye much」

「Then, wait a moment」

 As Leticia puzzedly said “Eh?”, Taiyou looked back at Hera.

「What is wrong Taiyou-chan」

 The small fairy tilted her head asking back, and Taiyou firmly gripped her body in a falcon grip, beginning to walk briskly toward the window.

「What what what is wrong Taiyou-chan, what do you plan to do with me?」

「……Stay out for a bit」

「Whaat, but that’s bor――」

 Hera tried to say something, but Taiyou ignored her and opened the window.

 Everything outside the window was ocean as far as the eye could see. As there was no light in the deep at night, there were stars that completely outmatched what could be seen from the city overhead.

 There Taiyou swung――


 He threw Hera with all his strength. Becoming not a parabola but a straight line orbit, Hera became a star and flew off afar in the sky.

 Shutting the window, he returned to Leticia.

「Now it’s fine」

「She gonna return?」

「……Even she knows how to read the air. Although she’s normally a pain in the ass」


 Taiyou and Leticia stared at each other through the silence.

(Looking closely……)

 She was a breathtakingly beautiful girl.

 Whether it was because of her blonde hair and blue eyes making her look precisely like a princess, she reflected more dazzlingly in his eyes than any girl he’d met before.

 He would now be kissing said girl――Registering that anew, his chest suddenly began pounding.

「Then……let’s do it」

 Putting hands on his shoulders, Leticia silently nodded, lifting up her face, and softly closed her eyes.

 Taiyou felt drawn by these charming, bewitching lips as he drew closer.


 Lip and lip overlapped.

 Soft like a marshmallow, hot like magma.

(These are……her lips)

 He developed a type of excitement toward the direct entwining of chest and groin.

 He had no intention of making a comparison――it would be rude to compare this to any of his brides.

 But although he felt that way, he still ended up comparing them.

 And he thought about it.

 An amazing, sugary kiss.

 That it was the best kiss he had ever experienced in his life.


 With emotions emerging in his chest, he powerfully grasped her shoulders.

 Just like this――。


 Thinking that――。


 Suddenly, Taiyou opened his eyes wide, face painted with bewilderment.

 Amazingly enough, they had done a surface-level kiss, but Leticia was the one who had stuck her tongue through their lips.

 Their tongues were being aggressively――no, offensively intertwined.

 Taiyou was shocked, but he would become even more shocked.

 When he saw Leticia’s face in front of him.

 The face of someone caught in a fever, of someone whose reasoning had flown away. The face of a female who had nothing in her head but seeking males……a primal face.

 Was this what she meant by “state”? Was this the source of her indecision?

 Thinking those thoughts, the next moment.


 Taiyou fell pushed down to the floor.



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