Chapter 147: The Princess of Phili / Probably Frustrating


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 Hera continued steadily rising straight up into the starry sky. The speed she was going at was enough to potentially break through the atmosphere and ride along a satellite’s orbit.

「Wow, he totally did it, as expected of Taiyou-chan, it’s amazing that he kissed even with an actual princess」

 Still soaring from Taiyou’s throw, she sensed what was happening from afar: that the amount of girls who could see her――those who had kissed Taiyou一had increased by one.

 Kotone, Suzune, Kazane.

 Kohaku and Youran.

 Aoba, and then Pochi.

 Following them, the girls who could see her had increased by one.

 It went without saying that she was excited about the girls able to hold a conversation with her had increased by one, as she enjoyed chit-chatting, but she also felt a more pure joy differing from that.

 Natsuno Taiyou. The boy who was raising his level in real life, wielding a shovel and assembling seven brides.

 Hera boasted him as her master. She was in adoration of his growth/achievements, which were directly connected to her joy. She felt like thanking the unknown god who had birthed her next to him.

 So she was now extremely delighted.

 Purified joy filled her small chest.

 She felt like announcing her feelings to all the humans of the world.

「That’s right, I need to notify Kohaku-tan and the others too」

 Hera remembered the ones who she most wanted to share the news with. To better deliver that joy, she finally put the emergency brakes on her powerful rising speed, rearranging her stance midair. Once she had suddenly arrived at the stratosphere, she took in Kohaku and company’s location again, flying off in that direction.

 Changing course with the orbit of an acute angle, she rapidly descended for the Japanese archipelago.

 She descended with even more power than when she had ascended. Not long afterward, she began to see her destination.

 It was a trailer with the size of a bus connected to a towing bus, parked in open land at a normal pier.

 ”The Running One-Room”, possessing a rustic exterior while hiding extraordinary livability within.

 Hera powerfully flew into the motor home that Kohaku and the others were doubtlessly riding.

 Beyond the walls she had slipped through was a living area, and Kohaku was there by herself.

 A youthful-looking elderly woman. She was in a camisole of high exposure, revealing her undeveloped limbs of one hundred thirty centimeters, leaning by herself toward a glass illuminated by the warm-colored lighting. Her lightly flushed cherry blossom-colored skin was emitting a glamorous sort of smell, and if Taiyou were here this appearance probably would have been enough to instantly kill his reasoning.


「So it’s ye. What are ye doing at this time?」

「Is it just you Kohaku-tan, what happened to everyone」

「The date is different here, they’re already asleep」

「Ohhh nooo」

 Screaming in a joking manner, Hera flew to the bedroom area, confirming that Kotone, the other two sisters, and Pochi were sleeping, breathing peacefully. Afterward, returning with slight dejection, she landed softly on top of the table in front of Kohaku.

「What has ailed ye, coming here at this time. Is Husband well」

「Yes indeed, I actually have a report concerning Taiyou-chan」


 Kohaku’s eyes glinted. She looked at Hera with an immensely curious face.

「Has something happened? Did he meet with some sort of lass」

「Yes indeed. As expected of Kohaku-tan, understanding so quickly」


「Actually, there is now one more person who can see me」

「Hohh, yet another quick turn of events. So what type of lass is she?」

「Umm……Phili? She’s the princess of that country」

「Princess Leticia eh」

 Kohaku replied almost immediately, slightly startling Hera.

「That person. Kohaku-tan knows that person?」

「I have not actually met her. But someone as prominent as that I have learned about one-sidedly from the other side of the cathode-ray tube」

「What is a cathode-ray tube?」

「Yer lacking in the strangest ways. I saw her on television, in the news and whatnot」

「I see, she is a princess after all」

「That she is. One of the princesses in the Phili kingdom, perpendicular to the equator and the most pro-Japan country. I have heard that she is able ter speak Japanese like a native, but be it true?」

 She said, looking to Hera for confirmation.

「Yes indeed, she spoke normally. She said things like “ain’t” and “now look here”」

「Closely reminds me of a certain singer」

 Kohaku giggled.

「Be as it may, ta get a princess ta capitulate on the first day o’ parting, I must say that much is ta be expected o’ Husband」

「Yes indeed! As expected of my Taiyou-chan 」

「So ye came ter let me know that, eh」

「Not quite. He said that he did not want me to watch him kissing Her Majesty, and then Taiyou-chan chased me out」

「Hoh? That is a waste」

「Why is that?」

 Hera tilted her small head in puzzlement. While Kohaku’s face was amused, it also seemed to show actual disappointment.

「The kiss of the Phili royal family is amazing, though it be but a rumor」

「It’s amazing?」

「I know not about Princess Leticia, but her father, the current Phili king’s kiss is really something else」

「Just how amazing is it?」

「He was a virgin till he had kissed a thousand people」

「Wooow, that is amazing」

「I see that ye do not hide yer admiration, well whatever」

 Tilting the glass, Kohaku poured an amber-colored liquid into her stomach.

「So it’s the princess of Phili, is it」

 Kohaku mumbled, deep in thought. Hera looked at her quizzically.

「What is the matter?」

「Ahh, it be not very important but……I was just thinking that the lasses he be making his own be gradually increasing, ye see」

「That does seem to be the case」

「I was wondering just how far we could go. While that’s happening」

「While that is happening?」

「In the end we may very well be forced ter fight fer the seats of the seven people, that’s just wot I was thinking」

 Kohaku said, although her face was quite amused.

「Well I will be returning to where Taiyou is」

「Wait a sec」

 Kohaku stopped Hera, who was about to make a teleport over to where Taiyou was.

「What is the matter?」

「Right now, we be purposefully avoiding contact with Taiyou, aye?」

「Yes, that is the case」

 Puzzled, she leaned her whole body toward Kohaku.

「We are avoiding contact between Kohaku-tan as well as Taiyou-chan so that Pochi-chan does not get captured」

「Aye, fearing the danger o’ the possibility o’ some sort o’ information leaking out via telepathic contact, that was what we decided」

「What about it?」

「That decision, I be liking it if ye change it a mite」

「In what way?」

「We be avoiding contact ordinarily, and in exchange can ye show yer face ‘ere every 12 hours or 24 hours? Should be fine if yer the one ta travel ‘ere to contact us, eh?」

「That would certainly be impossible for normal humans to detect……」

 Slightly thinking, Hera asked back.

「But then would you not be considered “in contact”? I cannot be captured by any enemy nor discovered, but is it not a bit bad to be communicating in the first place?」

「It very well possibly be bad, but our first decision might very well be meaningless」

「You still wish to proceed?」

「I think it be good. I not be forcing ye……Hmm, how about on the condition ‘o Husband giving his permission?」

「I understand, I will inquire from Taiyou-chan」

「Please do」

 Kohaku said, lightly bowing.

 In this unusual situation, Hera decided to first convey this to Taiyou and look to his decision.

 She could only sense the whereabouts of the women he had kissed, but she could teleport as well to where Taiyou was.

 Parting ways with Kohaku, Hera teleported to where Taiyou was with the ease of respirating.

「Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan I have something to discuss with you――wait what has happened Taiyou-chan!」

 Returning instantly to the ferry’s cabin where Taiyou was, Hera was perplexed at the sight in front of her completely out of the blue.

 Taiyou was pushed down by Leticia, and like a beast, as if she had gone insane, she was kissing him all over.

「What has happened Taiyou-chan, why are you being reverse-raped?」

 If Taiyou had any remaining power he likely would have retorted. For once Hera had actually said something that wasn’t wrong, but he would have probably retorted.

 But he did not, as he could not.

 Pushed down by Leticia, Taiyou was convulsing.



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