Chapter 15: Three girl’s makes a Harem

At Night: Taiyou dashes through the shopping district. He ran so fast that he would almost crash into the surrounding pedestrians, or sometimes he would stumble over the maintenance holes/manholes, but he ignored all this and continued to follow Hera as fast as he could.

「Hey Hera, are the girls are safe?」

「Yes, They are safe〜」

Hera answers me in a very carefree manner. Taiyou responded to Hera’s comment with an “is that so?”, and as expected he was worried for the girls wellbeing. Hearing it from Hera was one thing, but unless he actually confirmed it with his own eyes, it was not possible for Taiyou to feel relieved.

Whilst keeping such feelings inside him, Hera was guiding him towards a place that he was deeply familiar with.

「Isn’t this………The apartment I live in? 」

「Yes desu〜. ummm…….」

Hera was floating in the air and looking around for the three sisters. Before she was able to find them, the girls themselves appeared.


Although he only heard one voice, it was their speciality of being able to speak all at the same time. Immediately after, the figures of the girls could be seen dashing from the shadow of the building.

It was the peculiar identical triplets.

The three people with the same face: Kotone, Suzune and Kazane simultaneously appeared and rushed over towards Taiyou.


They came up really close to him and all at once they pounced/jumped on him. Pressed by the sudden weight of all three girls combined, Taiyou’s lower body was slightly strained.

Due to the abrupt action of the girls he lost his balance, he was in a position where the three girls were laying on top of him like he was some sort of table. Crash, Boom, bang! Sounds like this were heard as he fell over.

「Uwaaaannn, Taiyou-san…….Taiyou-san! 」

Kotone repeatedly called out his name with a loud voice. She was holding to his right hand firmly like a childish young girl.

The other girls were also in a similar position. The second tallest girl Suzune was wrapped around his waist like a toddler and Kazane who was the smallest of the trio was holding on to his left arm. Being tightly gripped in a snake like hold by the three, Taiyou could barely move a muscle let alone try to get up.

No, If he really wanted to try and get up he could easily do it, this is because, due to leveling up, his strength level’s as quoted by the white girl is “beyond the laws of nature, a strange power” If he was motivated enough to get up, he could stand with all three girls still stuck to his body.

However, he did no such thing. Previously when they were escaping, Taiyou said to the girls “Leave this to me, you guys should head off first”, these kind of words were usually a precursor to the death of a character in many films, and without a doubt this caused the girls to become really worried about him.

Therefore, he let the girls do as they pleased for a little while.


Suddenly, Kotone let out a scream. Checking to see what had happened Taiyou gazed in her direction, Kotone had a surprised expression on her face as she looked at Taiyou’s hand and her own clothes.

After looking at the situation he understood what she was so shocked about.

The wound he received in the palm of his hands from the white girl, was not yet completely healed. Due to her being glued to his body so closely, there was a sticky patch of red blood that was attached to her clothes.

The amount of blood that was flowing from his hands were almost like a horror scene where the characters would smear blood all over the glass windows. She released another scream.

「Koto-chan! What’s wrong?!」

「Taiyou-san’s hands, is this…..Perhaps a cut wound? 」

「The wound seems quite deep……..Wo, wont it become infected? 」

「I think it looks alright……The cut was clean. Suzu-chan, Handkerchief」

「Here you go」

Kotone received a white handkerchief from Suzune, she folded it into layers and wrapped it around Taiyou’s palms. She proceeded to wrap it around his arms in more layers and pressed tightly to stop the bleeding.

「Itatatata, wha, what are you doing?」(Note: itatata= ouch, ouch ouch)

「Please endure it, I’m stopping the bleeding. Suzu-chan, Kaza-chan, you guys hold his wrist」


「I understand!」

The two listened to their older sister and grabbed unto Taiyou’s wrist. Their grip was as strong as a vice.

「You guys….What on earth…..」

「Because the wound is not dirty, we can put off disinfecting it for a while longer」

「Yeah, First we need to stop the bleeding」

「If we don’t it may get dangerous due to blood loss」

「Ahh…..You guys want to stop my bleeding by applying pressure? 」

Taiyou finally understood their actions. Although disinfecting the wound was also an important process, to normal people when they lose as much blood as him, it is likely that they will go into cardiac arrest and die. The analogy of disinfection is like, if you don’t eat food for 1 week the most that will happen is you will starve, however, if a human doesn’t drink water for a mere 3 days they will die, it was similar to that.

The concept behind their actions was precisely to stop the bleeding first before later disinfecting the wound,

「You guys, are really good at this. Where did you learn such a thing? 」

Even though he asked, the girls didn’t respond to him.

It wasn’t like they were ignoring him, on the contrary it was the opposite.

They were so focused on their job in tending to him that they couldn’t respond. They were so worried for him when they saw the wound that they couldn’t hear his voice when he spoke.

It was almost as if they were tending to their own wounds……..No it was even more dedication than that, they were desperately trying to stop the bleeding of his palms.

「……..It’s really warm」

Suddenly, such an impression leaked from his mouth.

He said those words spontaneously, and from the depths of his heart, he really felt like it was filled with warmth.

Kotone was applying pressure on his palms, whilst Suzune and Kazane was gripping around his wrist to slow the blood flow. Although he was gripped so tightly, their hands felt really warm to Taiyou.

Suddenly, he began to notice something.

The palpitations of a beating heart.

It was different from his own heartbeat. From the three girls, their heart beats was getting conveyed to him from their hands. Surely enough, although they were three separate people the three sisters had the exact same rhythm of heart beats.

「Is this just a coincidence?……no」

At first he didn’t believe their synchronicity but he soon threw such notions of impossibility away. This is because, the three people moved in the same exact pace and rhythm as they tended to him.

It was like watching a wave that piled on top of each other. Nevertheless, the wave would flow at the same pace.

It was not something that could occur merely by coincidence.

(After all they are identical triplets) Taiyou thought to himself.

At the same time he felt slightly uncomfortable. This is because amongst the four of them there was one heart beat that was different.

It was of course his own heartbeat. It was what he was accustomed to hearing, however it was a different rhythm to the girls.

Knowing that he was interrupting the flow of their hearts with his irregular pulse he felt slightly guilty.

Because of this, he tried to get his hands away from them.

「Ahh……You can’t move yet」

Kotone used more strength to grasp his hand in place. Suzune and Kazane also followed suit and they tightly held onto his wrist whilst turning their gaze towards him.

「…..My bad」

Whilst apologizing he once again remembered the pleasant feeling of his hands being held.

Their hands were soft, and they were warm. This was……an experienced he never felt before in his life.

It was no longer the cold hand which lost a lot of blood, it became a hand that was filled with heartfelt emotions.


He silently gripped Kotone’s hand in return and placed the other two’s hand on top of his.


「Thank you」

Although it was embarrassing for him to say it out, he managed to get the words out. Most likely, the three sisters didn’t really need such words to be said.

However, he felt like the foreign substance that…….intruded on their harmonious existence.

If he didn’t say the words of appreciation, he thought that it wouldn’t be conveyed properly, that’s why he said it.

When he gave them his thanks, the three sisters began to get flustered.

「you, you didn’t have to, the people that have to say thank you is us」

「That’s right, you were the one who saved us from those people」

「If we didn’t have you, we would have become guinea pigs right about now」

「Ahh, that’s also true」

He actually didn’t dare to admit that he had been thanking them for a different matter, so he just agreed with them.

He thought if he stated the real reason, he would seem pathetic.

That’s why he just opted to hold their hands with a little more strength.

More so than the amount of strength he put into his grip, his grip was filled with sincerity.

For a little while, all they did was hold into each other’s hands.

It was in the middle of the night at the residential area, right in front of his apartment entrance.

One boy and three girls were sitting on the ground whilst they had their hands overlapped with each other.

If they were sighted by some pedestrians they would probably be seen as weird/strange people, but thankfully at this time of the night, nobody was passing by the road.

The amount of time they were there was unknown but it was enough for the floor to grow cold on their bottoms.

Meanwhile, it would seem that the girl’s emergency treatment had begun to work and the bleeding of his palms had been stopped.

However, even when the bleeding was stopped the four people continued to hold hands without separating.

The girls were finally able to turn their eyes away from his palms as the bleeding had stopped. It was as if they were waiting for the bleeding to stop before they looked away.

Seeing such reactions, he thought the girls were really sweet/precious and way too good for someone like him. Even now, he wanted to embrace them.

He wanted to, but right now he couldn’t do it.

Taiyou was a peculiar young boy that lived by a set of very fastidious rules.

If he wanted to be together with the girls, he would first have to convey his idea’s to the other party, and then only after reaching a resolution on the problem would he dare to make a move on them. Whilst thinking such things, he looked downwards as he talked to the girls.

「What do you guys want to do from now on?」

「「「We want to be together with Taiyou-san!!」」」

The three talked in their usual chorus.

「Thank you.  But that’s not what I was referring to. What I really want to talk about is what we can do in order to realize our objectives. In order for us to be together, we need to work around the “problem” you guys are facing and reach a good solution」

Hearing Taiyou’s words the three girls glanced at each other, and looked down towards the ground whilst thinking in silence.

This question was too difficult for them to answer and they couldn’t figure out a solution.

It couldn’t really be helped. At any rate, their opponent this time around was in fact their real father. No matter how unsympathetic he was, or how outrageous his behaviour was towards them. Naturally these pure girls couldn’t really take action against their own father.

For these three children, their father was an irrational existence.

On one side they revered him like he was a god, yet on the other side, his existence can become akin to the devil.

「Well……What should we do, I wonder」 (note: Taiyou speaking)

「If that’s the case, I can give you a good solution」 (note: Sakura speaking)


Her name was gently called out in quiet voice.

Before he noticed it, Sakura was already in front of him and all the hairs in Taiyou’s body stood up.



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