Chapter 151: The Princess of Phili / The Kiss Princess


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「What do you mean by――ngh」

Grabbing ahold of Leticia’s shoulders, who was trying to say something, he pulled her to him and covered her mouth with a kiss.

Opening her eyes wide, she squirmed with a mumbling voice, but as expected, she could not win against Taiyou’s power.

She desperately resisted, struggling as if to say “I won’t let you do as you please with my heart or even my body”.

However, she could not get away. Taiyou would not let go of her.

At length――she switched.

He could feel the touch of her chest. This was a strength unlike earlier. Sensing that she had finally changed, he relaxed his power, letting her push him down as she saw fit.

Pushed down onto the soft rug, he was now being straddled.


Leticia’s breathing intensified.

Taiyou’s eyes clearly saw it. The girl’s beautiful sapphire eyes were bloodshot.

Her eyes that had become filled with that reminded him of the red light emitted by a demonic moon.

Taiyou thought she was like a devilish girl.

Fleshy lips were pressed onto his, and his tongue invaded through her mouth.

With just a kiss……Just by mouth and tongue connecting he felt like he’d lose consciousness.

(It’s definitely……different)

Moreso than any kiss he’d done thus far――pleasure greater than connecting with her body attacked him.

This was the same earlier. He was suddenly overcome by her transforming resistance.

A rough and alluring kiss.

But he thought it was different, very different.

And at this rate it would be the same outcome as earlier.

To prevent that, Taiyou bolstered himself――pushing down Leticia’s tongue.


A slight expression of astonishment appeared in her intoxicated eyes.

Not heeding that, he gently pecked at her lips.

He could hear a voice of entreaty. A voice without words that was full of suffocation and seduction.

A voice telling him to do more, much more.

He anticipated that if he were to respond, he would doubtlessly gain a pleasure that elevated even the times he had made love with the three sisters or Kohaku or the others.

His heart moved fretfully in response to that.

(That’s, no good)

But he did not answer, he must not answer.

He had gone so far as to kiss her going with the flow of the moment……Preparing himself for what came afterward would lose its meaning.

Overcoming the allure of entwining their tongues, he ended it with a simple, sweet kiss.

Releasing his tongue, he continued pecking.

Occasionally he would stick his tongue in between their lips, pecking her lips.


Carnal breathing escaped her mouth, and when he was wondering what that breathing meant――


A voice evaporated from Taiyou’s mouth. Leticia, who had been trying to entwine their tongues, had switched to pecking their lips just like Taiyou.

Leticia responded to Taiyou’s lure.

A slow kiss.

If he were to put it in words it would probably be called that. It was a loose, sweet, suffocating kiss.

They each began sharing their hot starch syrup. It was that kind of kiss.

Smooch, smooch……

A reserved liquidy sound reverberated between the two. With the room enveloped in silence, it was a sound heard from deep within the body.

After a moment, Leticia slowly deattached herself.

「I dunno……」


Surprised by such a clear-willed voice, he looked up at the straddling girl.

The eyes beyond the blonde, dragonlike hair spilling from her shoulders……blue eyes that reminded him of the quiet ocean were staring his way.

「I dunno……this kinda kiss」

「That’s、probably to be expected」


Leticia denied in a decisive, unmoving voice.

「Ah dun mean dat. It’s true dat yer mah first partner, but I dun mean dat. Ahm Philian royalty. Ah always been lookin’ at mah dad, mum, ‘n big sistas kissin’. Dey did nun’ but dat kinda kiss, all o’ dem」

He didn’t have to ask her what kind of kiss she meant.

Taiyou wordlessly stared back at her.

「Dis kinda kiss……Ah knew ’bout it but Ah din’ know. Ah thought Ah musn’ do such a thing」

「Everyone does that kind of kiss?」

「Right, Ah din know dat……dat was summat bad」

「It’s not bad」

This time Taiyou was the one who firmly spoke.

He spoke in the kind of tone that a teacher would to a child when instructing them.


「There’s no way that kind of kiss is bad. Even I do that sort of kiss with Kotone and Suzune and Kazane, as well as Kohaku-san. We do the kind of kiss that makes your face go pale and logic flies out the window」


「Yeah, we do」

He nodded clearly as if affirming her.

「T-Then why ya do such a thing? Ya din do it ta tell me dat it’s bad?」

「It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that it wasn’t good enough leaving it as is. I wasn’t kissing you to prove that it was a bad thing」

Leticia inclined her head. She stared at him with forlorn eyes.

「It’s a problem of timing, order」


「Yes. Maybe it’d be best to illustrate your kiss as the main dish of a full course」

「Seems like yer prejudiced ta me」

「If so then I apologize」

「But Ah git what yer sayin’. In order……not leanin’ toward any one kiss and givin’ everythin’ a fair chance right」

「I think so. Actually――」


He pulled her face and put his lips to hers. Going between the surprised girl’s lips, he thrust in his tongue and initiated a thick kiss: the main dish.

Leticia was shocked in amazement, but soon accepted Taiyou’s kiss, closing her eyes.

They kissed violently and roughly.

After a bit, their lips separated, leaving behind a trail of silver.

「What ya……doin’」

「Don’t you think we should start in order・・・・・・」

「Ya speak like a yakuza……」

The blonde-haired blue-eyed princess resentfully spoke in her Kansai dialect.

But that tone still seemed like it was agreeing with his opinion on all counts.

「So ya wanted ta show me dat」

「Plus I wanted to know」

「Know what?」

「The kiss with you was spectacular. That kiss earlier was sweet like rising to heaven as I was one-sidedly overwhelmed.……On the other hand, I know that if I make the proper preparations before reaching there then it becomes so much better. I wanted to know……how much better it would feel if we did it properly」

「Yer selfish……」

「Also, one more thing」


「I wanted to say that I want to protect you」

「Say what?」

「You intend to be quite reckless right?」

「……Why ya think dat」

The color on Leticia’s face changed. The sweet air that had been there earlier had blown off without a trace, replacing it with the kind of air reminiscent of a cat’s hair standing rigidly on end.

「I get it, it should have been fine to pick any old location, yet taking me all the way out to sea and taking shelter, you’re trying to go back. I understand it requires a lot of resolve without having to think about it」


「I heard that you’re the princess of a whole country, a state guest. Said princess took her subordinates along entering Japanese territory with the resolve to have a fight depending on the situation. That’s fine, cause your relationship with Youran is well-known. But you’re even ready to take all the responsibility on yourself if something occurs, aren’t you」

「Dat’s ma duty」

「When a boy sees a girl taking all the responsibility on herself, he does tend to get more and more stubborn」

「Troublesome, boys are」

「Lay the blame on me if things get bad……although you probably won’t listen even if I say that」

「Yup, not happenin’」

Leticia firmly nodded.

「Responsibility’s only ta be taken by da one in da position ta take it. If ya push responsibility on someone who can’t take it then ya ain’t gonna be thought as nun’ but a lizard’s cut-off tail. Ain’t no meanin’ in dat」

「Basically, no matter how hard I try, I can’t take on your responsibility, you’re saying」

「Ahm da third princess of da Phili kingdom, Leticia H Keraaz. Mah responsibility is mahn alone」

Saying that, Leticia was radiating a solemnity reminiscent of Youran.

This was the strength and solemnity unique to humand who are well aware of their position and duty.

This was something he had half expected, which was why Taiyou had kissed her and had the conversation progress this far.

He spoke to Leticia.

「Then, what can be done to ensure that you never have to undertake such responsibility?」

「……Ya sane?」

「I understand that it’s enough of a major undertaking for you to use the word “sane”」

The two of them stared at each other briefly.

Taiyou sprawled on the floor and Leticia on top of him as she stared at him.

The two of them briefly stared at each other.

Eye and eye gazing into one another, this exchange was enough to equal many words.

「Got it, den――guess we should check da victory conditions」

Said girl’s tone was joking, but her eyes were serious.

Above all, she very much so resembled the girl named Youran.



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