Chapter 153: Mysterious Might / The Lost Hand


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 In contrast to the bewildered Taiyou, Leticia’s reaction was truly quick.

 Taking out her cell phone and putting it to her ears in the form of taking a call・・asking Hera.

「What ya want」

「Youran-chan and Aoba-chan have been abducted!」

「Abducted? Ain’t they already been?」

「No, they were abducted. Uhh, they were abducted again from the place they were abducted to」


 Leticia was puzzled, Taiyou included.

 The two of them stared at each other, exchanging gazes.

 What was going on.

 They both read said question from both of their eyes.

 He didn’t get what was happening in the slightest, but, the solution to that came from the other side.

 The air about Chan Shaa had clearly changed. Alertly looking at Leticia, she carefully took her cell out and got into a call.

「It is me」


 Something must be up. Thinking that, Taiyou called out to Hera in a low, whispering voice.

 In response, Hera who had no need to hold back her voice answered normally.

「What is it?」

(Go listen to what they’re talking about)


 Hera abruptly flew off, putting her ears to the receiver that Chan Shaa was holding, almost clinging to it.

 It was a surreal sight. With both sides having some ten people in a strained atmosphere, seeing her clinging to the cell was a very coquettish sight.

 She recited word for word what she had heard.

「It’s me――That’s the voice of that Tsukumo person」

「Yer breakin’ rules ain’t know no limits……」

 Leticia murmured with cold eyes.

 The only ones who could see Hera here were Taiyou and Leticia. Taiyou was used to the small fairy’s existence so he didn’t think much of it, but upon seeing the so-called joker performing for the first time, Leticia’s eyes had a dumbfounded look.

 Taiyou felt the same.

 In his eyes it was like seeing a movie where the viewers could hear everything.

 It was further spurred on by the fact that none of the nearby people, especially Chan Shaa hadn’t noticed.

 Indifferent to those two harboring mixed feelings, Hera began faithfully carrying out her orders.

「Vat is it?」

「『Is New Moon-sama’s body double there?』」

「Ve are currently at var」

「『War, you say?』」

「Ve ver outmanuevered by the maddened kiss girl. Ve are currently taking ‘er back」

「『So you were outmaneuvered after all. But you need no longer worry about that. First off you should withdraw and return to me. We’ll gather and rally our stance for the time being』

「Vhy? If you give me more time I vill be able to properly capture zi body double」

「『The situation has changed. Rather than the double, a higher priority target has been found that we need to pursue』」

 Taken aback, Taiyou and Leticia stared at each other.

 A target with a higher priority than Youran’s body double.

 To the man known as Saekusa Tsukumo, those sorts of targets were decidedly limited this time around.

 In other words, it was regarding Youran.

 From what he had heard from Hera, Youran and Aoba had been abducted by someone. They still didn’t know who had done it, but just one thing was made clear.

 The fact that it was a third force contending with Tsukumo as well.

 As he thought that frowning, his eyes met once again with Leticia’s.

 The foreign princess nodded. He understood from that mannerism that she was thinking the same thing.

 Tsukumo and company’s conversation continued further.

「Vat do you mean by zis?」

「『After you return here I’ll tell ya. First you gotta return, kay』」

「All right」

「『If something happens then I’ll have Chan Suu follow pursuit kay』」

「I understand」

 Quietly nodding, Chan Shaa ended the call.

 Finishing her duty, Hera returned, riding on Leticia’s shoulder.

 Not knowing that the full story had been leaked, Chan Shaa opened her mouth with a cool expression.

「Kept you vaiting」

「Not at all」

 Taiyou was here impersonating one of Leticia’s subordinates, so she spoke in his stead.

「I vill ask again, vill you hand over zat girl」


 Taiyou unintentionally let out a voice.

 He looked at Hera. His eyes expressed his confusion as to why this contradicted the conversation he had just heard.

 That action drew Chan Shaa’s attention.

「You……it can’t be!」

 With a start, Chan Shaa gazed in wonderment.

 Even if she wouldn’t notice when he was in the crowd, if she were to look closely given the opportunity, then that wasn’t the case at all.

 To her, being that the boy named Natsuno Taiyou was the center person of this affair, information beginning with his appearance was hammered into her.

 They had matched.

「Damn it」

 Taiyou cursed, and Chan Shaa took out her cell and redialed.

「Stop her, don’t let ‘er git in contact!」

 In response to Leticia’s orders, her subordinates headed for Chan Shaa all at once. They intended to attack her, but of course, their opponent’s subordinates would not allow that.

 With offense and defense switched out, the two sides clashed.


 Smacking his lips once, Taiyou brought into his hand a specialized weapon he had brought hiding with him.

 The shovel let out a roar, charging toward the enemy group.

「A shovel!」

「Natsuno Taiyou!」

「Fortify the center, he’ll try breaking through by himself!」

 Chan Shaa’s subordinates spoke all at once, standing in Taiyou’s way.

 He did not feel too bad as a man about his strength being so…clearly identified, but this was the worst timing.

 Taiyou swung the shovel with all his strength and mowed down the enemy black uniforms.

「Tsukumo? It is me, that youth we discussed is her――」

 Opening up a hole in the enemy wall and reaching Chan Shaa in a straight line, he swung the shovel and blew her away. The slender middle-aged woman crashed into the wall with her shoulders, losing consciousness and falling limp on the floor.

 He could hear a voice coming from the cell slipping out of her hand. He couldn’t hear it well without Hera translating.

 Leticia approached that cell, abruptly raising her foot――and going on to smash it.

 Snap. The sound of plastic and glass breaking was heard, and the voice via electromagnetic waves could no longer be heard.

 With Taiyou joining the fight the power balance was broken, and Chan Shaa’s subordinates had all been knocked down.

 Confirming that the last one had been defeated, Leticia gave orders to her subordinates.

「We’re gittin’ outta here, just take that gurl and go」

「Yes ma’am」

 Her subordinates panickedly began moving.

 Taiyou spoke to Leticia with a grave face.

「We’ve been found out by……the other side eh」

「Yup. The only savin’ grace’s that the other side ain’t got no cards. That there Aoba girl’s also been seized right」」

「Yes indeed」

「Next time we make contact they’ll be able ta use their card」

「Huh? But right now Aoba isn’t over there right?」

「They ain’t know that we dunno nothin’ innit」

 Saying that, she glanced briefly at Chan.

「Ahl try interrogatin’’ her lata’, but ah dun think this woman’s gonna talk anyhoo, plus the otha’ side must be countin’ on that」

「In other words, we’ll come at them with a bluff, you’re saying」


「Then, no prob――」

「During that time we’ll be contrivin’ a plan ta take ‘er back innit, and once we git ‘er back, and this time she’ll be brought before ya as a hostage. Cuz the other side’s registered their contact wit Natsuno Taiyou」

「……I see」

「……We’ll take along this gurl fer now. Ah pray that she has as much a value as yer own gurl」


 Taiyou closed his mouth.

 In an unthinkable manner, he had unintentionally allowed the unexpected event of his presence being discovered by Tsukumo; that he had made contact.

 That had made Youran’s life-risking action of helping him escape completely lose its meaning.

 Taiyou cursed his own carelessness. If it hadn’t been for him reacting there…


 To the side as he was self-examining himself, Leticia called out to Hera.

「What is it?」

「Can ya fly ta where that fool is right now?」

「I can go, yes」

「Then please pursue ‘em. Find out where they’re headed to ‘n let us know please」

「I indeed understand」

 Not bothering to check with Taiyou, Hera nodded instantly.

「And we can move as we please on this end o’ things innit」

「Yes indeed, I can return in an instant no matter where Taiyou-chan is」

「Gotcha. Then I leave it to ya」

「Yes indeed!」

 Hera said, leaving the place.

「Then I guess we betta’ go」

「Yeah, seems so」

 Taiyou was thoroughly relaxed. He had calmed down after doing a round.

 Natsuno Taiyou was the type of youth who would calm down further than necessary every time something went down.

 He understood what was to be done ahead, all with abnormally cooled-down thinking.

 First there was the need to find Aoba and company……secure her more quickly than Tsukumo.

 Thankfully, they had on their side a joker.

 If Hera found them, they should be able to take hold of the situation before Tsukumo.

 Leticia was to take along Youran’s body double, exit the hotel, and begin migration.

 In order to be ready whenever, she moved while waiting for Hera.


 No matter how long it took, Hera did not return.



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