Chapter 156 “A Strange Power / Breaking through with a Stolen Motorcycle”


Translator: Ranzan

「So, what now?」

Leticia paused in answering the question, and just looked out the window.
A small force of only five people.
Chan Su battling above the boat.
The ninja Chiyo and archer Chie who fought when they saved Youran from the building.
A young girl over 6 feet tall he had never seen before, and a woman in a kimono that couldn’t hide two bulging, shapely breasts.
If you added Chan Sha, who Taiyou’s group captured, it would be the complete three parties of the women. Anyway, all the chiefs were together, was the thought that entered Taiyou’s mind.
Taiyou wondered about it. It was cloudy and unimaginable.
He looked at Leticia as he felt his consciousness burn.

「Let me do it.」

「…really? No, wait.」

「Why? Huh?」

There was no time for surprise. Leticia’s face suddenly drew close, and kissed Taiyou.
It was an instant kiss that didn’t last a second.


「Go do it and come back. I’ll be waitin’ for ya.」

There were no other words said, as Leticia turned her eyes to the five outside.
The cloudiness seemed to clear a bit.

「When I get back, we’ll kiss again.」

「You’re gonna die.」

「I’ll break their battle flag for them.」

Leticia simply smiled and glanced at him, and Taiyou got out of the car. Right after, Leticia’s soldiers dashed out of cars closeby and surrounded her and Juurokuya’s car to protect it.
Leticia lowered the power window behind her protection, and watched her opponent from there.
The girl in the kimono approached to speak with Taiyou. Her graceful figure was that of an ageless Japanese beauty.

「This is the first time I’ve met you, Taiyou Natsuno. My name is Miyako Hagiwara. Nice to meet you.」

Taiyou somehow found her being politie with a rude intention, and frowned at her.
She paid no attention to his reaction, and simply continued.

「This is my daughter Honoka」

「Nice to meet youuuu.」

The long-bodied girl had a sluggish way of speaking. He felt that she, unlike her mother, was the type that thought of nothing and simply said whatever.

「Over here is Chan Su, there is Chiyo and Chie. You’ve met them before though.」

The three girls who knew Taiyou silently glared at him. Chan Su, who had captured the mother especially gave of the feeling of being an enemy.

「I didn’t know your name though.」

He had heard Saegusa Tsukumo called her once, but Taiyou didn’t remember so he asked.

「So, what business do you have with me?」

「Would you exchange holes with us?」


Taiyou looked at them in puzzlement.
He doubted what he had heard.

「What did you just say?」

「I humbly apologize, maybe meat pit is a better expression. If you’re the type with a plug this might cause problems so why don’t we just quit the pleasantries and make the exchange.」

「It’s not that I don’t want to, and yes I do have a plug.」

「And since I used the word hole, I usually say the word folds, after all, it isn’t just kissing that makes us men and women, but the way we fold into one another.」

「I don’t think I’m going to get along with you.」

He didn’t have much strength to answer. The reason why was Taiyou was carefully taking one, two…three steps backwards. The extremely candid way that Miyako was speaking to him and the beautiful Japanese woman standing before him scared him into believing he would be ambushed.

「What do you think, a hole and a plug can’t work together to get this exchange done?」

「What are you talking about?」

「Chan Sha can be the plug, and put two holes in you if you like, in several different meanings.」

「What are you talking about? And what different meanings?」

「My ears!」

Bam! A dry sound reverberated. The quietly joking Miyako was slapped upside the head simultaneously by Chan Su and Chie. Miyako tried to hold back tears, but it was impossible for her to do so.

「So let’s get to the exchange.」

「Aoba Miki for my mother.」


Chie, Chan Su, and Chiyo all stood and said this.
Unlike Miyoko, who runs her mouth speaking unintelligible things, this was a clear and straight order.
Taiyou turned around and made eye contact with Leticia.

—–A bluff.

From the information they got before their joker card Hera disappeared, they knew that Youran, Aoba, and the group of Tsukumo’s were separated from them. They didn’t know where they were, but they weren’t in the hands of Tsukumo
Taiyou knew this, and at the same time, the Tsukumo didn’t know that he knew it.

「Really, the joker…」

He ignored Leticia’s whispered words, and instead asked the girls in front of him.

「You’re saying that you captured Aoba?」


「Your proof?」



Honoka took out her smartphone, and showed a picture on the display.
There was a picture of Aoba…easy to distinguish, with her hands bound.
There was no doubt that if one saw Aoba like that without any other information, they would be shocked, but he already knew they had captured her, but they didn’t have her now, so Taiyou didn’t think much of it.
Chie didn’t know this and simply continued.

「Now, you understand we have the girl.」

「Just relax, we weren’t able to get the girl and her mother together so for them to be the holes…」
As soon as Miyako said that, this time Chiyo responded.


「Yes, I see. I’ll be quiet then.」

Taiyou was puzzled by the unintelligible conversation, but the threatened Miyako changed from her fast talking ways to shutting her mouth tight like a clam.

「What about exchanging her and Chan Sha? She’s just as valuable to us as Chan Sha is to Tsukumo, so it’s not a bad exchange.」

「The exchange wouldn’t be bad, if it could actually happen.」

「What does that mean?」

「Do all of you really have Aoba hostage?」

「The picture.」

Chiyo said this in a low voice, and instantly took out her smartphone again.

「When was that taken, exactly?」

「What are you trying to say?」

「Let me hear Aoba’s voice.」

「Why, do you want that?」

「I want to make sure that Aoba is safe. I just heard a case where criminals murdered a hostage a month ago, but hid it and still got the ransom money. There’s no proof that the same thing hasn’t happened to Aoba.」

「The hole is still alive so it has value.」

「Killing a hostage before we use it in an exchange, there’s no way we’d do something stupid like that.」

「Even if I believe you, it’s only a picture. Since you’re showing me that tiny pic on a smartphone I can’t even tell if you plastered her face on someone else’s body.」
Taiyou strongly said this since he knew more than they did.

「We’re the ones with the hostage!」

「If you can do anything to her, go ahead!」

While Taiyou was arguing with these girls, he was beginning to get angry. He could feel the rage that he was repressing inside of him begin to flare up again.
They had not only captured Aoba, but now they hid that they didn’t have her and were trying to exchange nothing for something – he was furious.
In fact, he had been bottling this anger up over and over since he reached this island.
Miho was injured.
Aoba was captured.
Youran was exchanged.
Hera disappeared.

There were too many things that went wrong, and the frustration had been building. There was a battle from time to time, but even then he had to repress himself and wasn’t able to fight with all of his power.
Now, Taiyou felt his stress completely filled to the brim.
He looked over his shoulder.
Leticia was protected by her soldiers.
He looked ahead of him.
On the side of the Saegusa Tsukumo, there were the women that acted like they had Aoba hostage.
There was no anxiety except for the tiger at the gate before him.
In other words, from the time that Taiyou arrived at this island, in this instant he was going to release all the power he had without reserve.
The anger percolating inside of him was about to transform into violence.

Looking around silently he found a place separated from everything and slowing going there waited.
He found a white motorcycle, a piece of steel weighing several hundred pounds and lifted it in preparation.

「W…wait a second!」

「Counter it!」




The five girls reacted to Taiyou’s sudden movements.
Chan Su, whose mother he had captured, and the two mothers reacted quickly, while the two daughters went from looking lost to getting prepared for battle.


Taiyou lowly growled out all the rage he had for the women.



  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. I thought he’s the type that becomes eerily calm and quiet when truly mad… Are we dropping that characteristics of his now?

    • Author just pull that whenever it suits his writing. Same with his superhuman strength. He can easily crush anyone he touch but somehow wherever he hits them they just fainted. I don’t think he has the finess to control the amount of strength he unleash on daily basis much even in fights.
      Remember he can easily crush doorknob but still can get KO’ed with a girl chop?

      • dude he had the ” strength ” stats not the “defense” that’s why shirokami can beat him or kill him with her sword .

  3. The kidnapping arc is too loooong.

  4. Thank you very much for the chapter!

  5. Would be interesting if he kill them all to spite that annoying guy and all that they did to him and his harem. If this fight just ends with them fainted, worse yet they got an upperhand on him I’ll seriously considering dropping this. The harem part is nice but the retarded battle scene is not worth it and boring when you give op powers to mc but then he still struggling. Whats the point then.

    • well taiyou is just a highschool student and the author didn’t want him to become a killing machine that can’t hold back that’s why author make him a man that can create strategy despite having a great strength and think for a proper measure but use for desperate times .

    • DeMinion is not pleased-kun

      Despite my past rage, I can still let it go because even with these rage inducing things happening in the past chaps.
      But if these guys are not gonna end dead, specially the bowl guy, then that will be another story with bowl guy. And. I. Don’t. FKNG. Like. It.
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  6. well taiyou is just a highschool student and the author didn’t want him to become a killing machine that can’t hold back that’s why author make him a man that can create strategy despite having a great strength and think for a proper measure but use for desperate times .

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