Chapter 157 “A Strange Power / The Broken Motorcycle”


Translator: Ranzan


「Looks like ya woke up.」


Juurokuya heard Leticia’s words and awoke with a jolt to look at her, but she couldn’t quite see the blond princess well. Her face seemed like a copy drawn by a close friend, like the air around her had withered in a way.

「I’m s,s,s,s, sorry! To faint in f,f,f,f,f, front of my princess…」

「Don’t worry ‘bout it.」

「B,b,b,b,b, but…」

「Instead, start actin’ like that idiot out there.」

「Ah…yes…seems like he’s causing problems.」

Juurokuya was lost at first, but changed her tone after hearing Leticia’s request. It was a very respectful tone, but her manner didn’t change as she silently sighed to herself.

「Well, it ain’t exactly a problem.」

「That’s fine then…」


「What are you looking at…hm.」

「He really is a funny kinda guy.」

「He picked up a motorcycle and is swinging it around?!」

Juurokuya followed Leticia’s line of vision. The scene she saw was enough to shock, and her composed manner suddenly crumbled.
Outside the opened power window, he could see the scene through the line of Leticia’s black-garbed soldiers.
There Taiyou had lifted a motorcycle and was easily swinging it around.
His strength and mass far exceeded a normal youth as he swing and confronted them effortlessly.
He attacked the women directly.

「Nooooooo way.」


「…is this some kind of trick?」

「What is? …someone parked the thing there.」

「I mean, it’s hard to suddenly believe this is happening.」

「I’m used to him doin’ stuff like this.」

「Used to it?」

Leticia nodded with a 「Yeah」and watched Taiyou continue his battle.

Taihyo had grabbed the seat and handlebars firmly, and now was swinging the motorcycle level with the ground. Four of the five women had backed off considerably, while the ninja Chie simply bounded over the swing, while the ninja prepared to strike with her kunai.
A flash of cold light.
The end of a sharp kunai scratched the end of Taiyou’s nose.


Taiyou was taken aback, but swung the motorbike at Chiyo vertically. Thwomp! The sound of a large weapon slapping against flesh echoed, and Chiyo was blown into the sky like a firework.

「Too slow!」

One of the four that had stepped back, Miyako spun and attempted to attack Taiyou’s back. She used the special weapon she always had prepared as she attacked his side with the end of a dull-shining fan.
Splisssh! Red blood danced in the air.

「How about this then?!」

Clunk! With power enough to shake the earth he slammed the motorbike into the earth, and several pieces broke off. As the motion of the motorbike stopped, he again swung it level at her and threw it.


Just before it hit Miyako, it seemed that she parried to the side fast enough, but the huge weapon instead slammed into her left lower side.
In addition to her attempt at springing away, the motorcycle’s force blew her to the side.

「Miyako! Ugh!」

Chie groaned loudly.
Chiyo recovered from the hit with three flips fit for a gymnast and landed, but then was hit by Miyako bouncing from the hit and both rolled to a stop.
They both somehow stood and came to their senses, and saw Taiyou glaring at them.

「This is a scene unthinkable! For him to be hiding such power!」

「Even though he’s talented, I think Shirokiyami is stronger.」

「The Snow-white Death-Goddess?」


「Perhaps so, but I haven’t had the chance to see her yet. What you can’t see, you can’t experience.」

「I see.」

Satisfied by that remark, Leticia stuck her chin out a bit.
A human that has more speed than humans, a human that can swing a weapon with more power than human. If it was enough to shock others, then it was evident that he had more power than her.
Taiyou was burning with strength before their eyes. He stopped the attacks of the jumping girls, and beat them with the motorcycle before they could run away.
He style was taking damage and then beating them up when he was attacked.

「He hits ‘em back with 10, no 100 times…no, more than 1000 times the strength.」

Leticia whispered this in awe. She couldn’t believe her eyes.
He was cut in the side, and then beat her back with a motorcycle weighing over several hundred pounds.
He was stabbed in the back, and then beat her back with a motorcycle weighing over several hundred pounds.
They attempted to choke him, and then beat her back with a motorcycle weighing over several hundred pounds.
Simply put it was a clear-cut fight, and it clearly wasn’t one where you used wits.
Taiyou absorbed attacks, so his clothes were shredded and he was covered in blood.
However, the women had taken far more damage than him.
After he tossed the motorcycle as an attack, its size was broken to about half what it was before. As it was trashed, the women were trashed more and more as well.
Chiyo and Miyako had been the advance fighters that attacked at close quarters, but were now on their knees while the other three were panting and injured as well.
The scene seemed as if Taiyou had gone too far in attacking them.

「Dreadful, when fighting women, you should be a little gentler with them.」

「It’s the opposite, those are mistresses of Saegusa Tsukumo, right? It’s a mistake tryin’ to be nice to women willin’ to risk all for their guy.」

「Do you think that’s true?」

「Don’t ya understand?」

「Hmph, there’s no way to understand it…do you think the soldiers understand that?」

「…I wonder.」

Leticia gave an ambivalent answer, and changed the subject.

「Well, this guy hasn’t thought this far.」

「What does that mean?」

「In order to save the girl he likes, He hasta hurt a bunch of other girls. That’s about it.」

「Girl he likes? Y,y,y,y,you mean Youran?」

She didn’t act this time, but just returned to her normal tone.

「No, not that…well.」


「Nah, nothin’…」

Leticia kept quiet about what she was going to say.

She could feel what Taiyou must have felt holding Youran, but at this time, probably, Leticia had taken a step towards him falling for her as well.
That may happen first, however, it hasn’t happened yet.
That’s fine though. The problem is how Youran will feel.
Leticia had come along out of curiosity, wondering if it was real, but she couldn’t determine.
(That girl’s dumb, after all…)
It may have been that she gave over herself for a guy she didn’t like, Leticia thought that it definitely was possible.

She could see that the women were even more beaten up now. Honoka was spread out on the ground, while Chie, who wasn’t used to the close-quarters battle, let her powerless arms hang by her side. Miyako had blood flowing from her forehead, and even under her black ninja clothes you could see Chiyo’s knees shaking.
On the other side, Taiyou’s bike continued to break down, and now all that was left was a third of it…just handlebars and a front wheel.
The damage the motorcycle took was the same at the women around him.
Even though they were continually beaten up, not one of them had lost the will to fight.
On the other hand, Taiyou was the same. It seemed he was even more willing to fight than when he started.
From looking at his face, especially his eyes and mouth, one might think Taiyou looked like a reasonable and well-mannered youth, but now he looked overwhelmed with violence.

「Not good.」

「What do you mean?」

Juurokuya heard Leticia’s whisper and asked what she meant, but there was no answer.
Leticia began to feel that she misjudged Taiyou for what he really was.
She didn’t know much about him, but when talking about Youran, she thought that their agreement on what their purpose was and methods to do it made them seem close.
Also, the fact that she thought it would be okay to send him out to fight, it turned out not to be okay at all.
(He could have killed me with his strength. He could have fooled me, cuz they say 「A guy with warm lips has a warm heart.」)
Leticia curse her father in her heart.
Why she was thinking about this, the battle was continuing to its conclusion.
The five women were being knocked down and slumping, until all of them couldn’t stand…there was no way for them to fight.
Even so, the fighting spirit never left their eyes.
Taiyou and Leticia met eyes. Eyes with blood flowing around them – Leticia felt a chill.

「How many of ya can fight?」

She asked her soldiers, and the leader replied.

「Around 20 men.」

「I’m gonna be fine, just stop that man.」

「As you wish.」
As Leticia ordered, everyone but the smallest guard remained, as the soldiers went out to face Taiyou.
His blood-stained eyes turned to her. They were eyes that made Leticia shudder.


The person calling out for everyone to stop appeared.
White hair and skin with a black dress, a slim girl…but with professional wrestling mask over her face.

「…need me to call an ambulance?」

Taiyou changed suddenly to a look of amazement at this girl.



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