Chapter 167: Intermission / Rom-Com is Short for “Romance Comes”


Translator: Reflet

Taiyou was baffled inside of the room.

 He looked in turn at the two who were enticing him.

 Leticia and Aoba. Two people who were completely different despite seeming to resemble each other.

 Leticia was a blonde, long-haired, blue-eyed foreign princess. A touch of elegance was overflowing from her entire body. This was a girl who had naturally succumbed to the desire to serve him.

 Due to her having Western blood flowing in her, Taiyou felt a fresh glamor that he had never felt before from her long, slender limbs.

 Aoba was a lighthearted girl with a trademark straight ponytail with a hair clip she had attached her name to, vitality pouring out from her orderly set of facial features. A childhood friend from his neighborhood, she ranked about fourth place at school out of the attractive girls, and to Taiyou, she was a close, down-to-earth, beautiful girl.

 Both of those two were coming to seduce Taiyou at the same time as if competing.

 Taiyou was befuddled at the sudden turn of events.

「Awawawawah, we had better quickly lay out a futon for this」

「Why are you laying out a futon!」

 Hera unnaturally panicked, and Taiyou quipped in response to that.

「Because because a futon, it is necessary」

「You’re derailed the conversation too much! Something like that isn’t necessary right now!」

「After that we will need a vase and a camellia, since beauty of form is important」

「We don’t need that either!」

 Taiyou flat-topped Hera. With a thrusting strike, Hera floated back up before being struck into the ground.

「That is no good, Taiyou-chan, they say ‘tis good to have a shelter against every storm. It will be too late once it gets to that point」

「And I’ll do my best to ensure it doesn’t get to that point!」


「Are we……not good enough?」

 Hearing Aoba and Leticia’s voices, he turned back.

 Taiyou caught his breath with an “ulp”.

 Because they were looking up at him, not to mention with slightly teary-eyes.

 Taiyou regretted leaving the girls be. Him and Hera had become a two-person comedy act.

「A futon or a camellia or anything’s fine, just get things ready please」

「Hmm, I shall indeed do it later」

「Just hurry up and do it!」

 He grabbed Hera and threw her with all his strength at the door.

「Ahhhhh I am indeed passing the barrier of the speed of soundーーーー」

 Hera clamored.

 He wasn’t sure about the barrier of the speed of sound, but she had slipped through an actual wall and was thrown outside of the room.

 Once the hindrance had gone, Taiyou once again faced the two of them.

 The two were still a bit teary-faced.

 Taiyou softly wiped their eyelids with the ball of his finger.

 Aoba smiled broadly, and Leticia’s cheeks flushed.

 Even their reactions were contrasting. That connected to the difference between the way they began moving.

 Aoba moved first. Indifferent to Leticia letting out a cry of “Ah-”, she leaped into Taiyou’s arms.

「So, Natsuno-kun」

 She whispered to him in a gentle tone, with the voice of when a man and a woman are close together.

「Could you……kiss me?」

 Her eyes moist, a bit moved to tears, Aoba appealed to him.


 Taiyou was startled.

 One of the prominent attractive girls at the school, as well as the girl whom he thought of as his “bride”.

 Pestered by said girl, Taiyou wasn’t so withered or perceptive that his heart couldn’t move.

 He silently gripped Aoba’s shoulders, bringing their faces closer.

 Aoba closed her eyes, waiting for it.

 But as if saying she would not allow it, Leticia got in the way.


 Aoba’s neck had bent backwards with strength fierce enough to where it seemed as if one could hear the sound of her falling back.

 Leticia had grabbed hold of her ponytail and pulled it tight.

「Hey, what are you doing!」

「Sorry, guess ma hands slipped」

「What kind of way of slipping is that!……Uuu、and I didn’t even get to have mine pulled by Natsuno-kun even once」

「Don’t say that as if you were never hit by your dad……」

 Taiyou gave a wry smile.

 During that time, Leticia came in smoothly between Taiyou and Aoba.

 She did come in between them, but said nothing.

 Taiyou was puzzled, anticipating she would say something.



 Wondering what might be up, he peered closer. There he saw her vacant face with unfocused eyes.

「Don’t tell me」

 Taiyou caught his breath.

 It had not taken long for her face to become its battery-deprived version.

 Seeming as if she were awake but not awake, seeming as if she were watching but not actually watching.

 Leticia appeared as if she were a doll or if her soul had escaped her.

 Thinking he had definitely better not leave her like this, he cked upchin to kiss her.


 Leticia suddenly raised a voice. It was almost the first time hearing her scream.

 Surprised, Taiyou removed his hand from her chin and took some distance.

 Once he did, he noticed Aoba rubbing her chest thoroughly.

「Whatcha doin’!」

「Shut up! I can’t believe that you’d try to trick Taiyou with such underhanded means」

「Dun say bad things like trick, ahm just invitin’ him」

「Invite him properly with a frontal attack」

「……Ohh, it was an act」

 He was relieved that Leticia was really and truly not in a flat battery state.

 If she had been woken up now despite him having just given her a replenishing kiss, it was to the point where he was worried about her life from here onward.

「Ahn……Wai……Give the rubbing a res――mm」

 Her chest rubbed thoroughly, Leticia gasped.

 Captivating breathing and a dizzy face. Seeing that, Taiyou felt the pounding flow of blood in the lower half of his body.

 Somewhat bending forward, he hid it with a cough.

「Aoba, please separate from her」

 He said the exact opposite of how he actually felt.

 While a bit disapproving, Aoba moved away from Leticia.

 Taiyou looked at Aoba and Leticia in turn.

「What have you two been doing since earlier? Sort of seems like……like you’re competing to kiss me, but why is that?」

「That is……」


 The two exchanged looks, faltering as if it were difficult to say.

 Taiyou followed up.

「A kiss is fine, really. I want to kiss you guys too after all. If anything, I’d be the one willing to kneel and beg you to let me. Although I only have one set of lips, so it’d have to be in order」

「Me first!」「Ahm first!」

 The two voices overlapped.

 He clearly understood. The girls were fighting over who he would do it with first.

(So they were competing to see who would be first, huh)

 He remembered the duel that Hera had set into action.

 And while using this and that kind of trick, the fact that they didn’t come push Taiyou down seemed to mean that they were fighting over who would first be kissed by Taiyou.

(Which means this is the procedure of the Phili-style duel)

「Geez, it’s because you do weird things that Natsuno-kun became all sullen」

「Just ma fault? Ya were hoggin’ him all ta yerself」

「I did a frontal attack, I even made sure to ask him to kiss me!」

「’N I conquered ‘im. Ah gave ‘im a nonverbal sign to kiss me」

「No tricking!」

「Ya used yer female weapons, cryin’ them fake tears!」

「I really did cry; when I thought that I wouldn’t be chosen here by Taiyou and a strange order would come about between us I got sad!」

 The two of them complained about each other.

「You lie despite the fact that you only wanted to have it done to you midway」

「Th-That’s not true!」

 Aoba was faltering for whatever reason.

「Lies! Your face earlier was that of a female wanting nothing but a kiss」

「Well you’re no different! You pretended to be spacing out but once Natsuno-kun brought his face closer, I didn’t miss that okay!」

「B-Based on what evidence!」


 Aoba thrust out her smartphone, the screen reflecting Leticia’s face.

「When did ya! ‘N hey, ah dun think ah heard that there sound of the shutter」

「It’s on silent mode」

「Sneak photography! It’s a violation of human rights!」

 The two of them made a fuss with each other.


 Taiyou burst into laughter. The situation was just so funny that he couldn’t help it.

 Surprised by his reaction, the two of them looked back.

 Taiyou put his hands on their shoulders at the same time.

 Aoba and Leticia. He thought about which one he should kiss first.



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  2. Every waifu but Aoba has something borderline supernatural about them. The Sisters defy genetics, Kohaku doesn’t age, Leticia has some kind of congenital makeout disease, and Aoba has… a harem family. That’s it. She has a connection to polygamists.

    Though I’m hoping it turns out her parents didn’t want her to do a DNA test because she turned out to be a werewolf or something. That might redeem her utterly grating personality.

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  4. 「Sneak photography! It’s a violation of human rights!」

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