Chapter 170 – Aoba / Future Plans


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「Woooow, it was so much fun! Thanks, Natsuno-kun.」

Aoba’s face shone in satisfaction.

「It’s my pleasure. But, it’s just the same thing we did before though.」

He remembered their time in the trailer car when they went to the hot springs.

The rickshaw was a pulled car as well, so in a sense they were the same.

For Taiyou the same thing happened, but it was completely different for Aoba.

「It’s totally different, hee hee hee.」

She laughed happily, as she passed by him with a smiling face.

He didn’t think she’d be so happy about a little thing like that.

If that makes you this happy we’ll do it again…is the word he let stay in his mouth when they finished with the rickshaw.

While she was so happy, she put her arm around his and held it close.

As she was clenching her arm around his, he could feel shapely breast push into him through his clothes.

It was such a strong sensation it made him huff quickly through his nose.

Taiyou had a lecherous look on his face, and Aoba stuck to him whether she sensed it or not.

They walked and mixed in with the other tourists staying just like that.

「Hey, Natsuno-kun, this is kind of like a date. No, it is a date.」

「Yeah, it is.」

Taiyou nodded, and suddenly remembered something.

「That reminds me, we’ve never been on a date until now.」


As Aoba clasped onto his arm, she looked up at Taiyou with a surprised face.

「Yeah, a long time ago…we did, but since we met Kotone, Kohaku and the rest we really haven’t had a date. Just everything keeps happening to us, and we never had a time to.」

「But, Akiha said that she went on a date with you, right?」

「Your friend’s lovely magician, huh?」

He remembered her while wearing a strained smile.

Aoba’s best friend Akiha Aoyama, that strange girl that every chance she got would call everything “Awesome!”

Of course he never dated her, but he did remember that she often demanded that she did.

「That was more of a chance affair…a coincidence. It wasn’t even close to a date.」

「Is that so? Ah, didn’t you play a game though? Natsuno-kun, you’ve always been a real video game lover.」

「A game? Oh, thaaaaat.」

He remembered playing the first widespread love-match cellphone game.

It’s true that some people saw that as kind of a date, but compared to the date happening now it seemed more like a strange elementary-school kind of date.

On the other hand, he responded to her question with an immediate no.

「I never played that game. I love RPGs, and I only play games where you can level up like crazy. I won’t play any game that doesn’t have a lot of stat values.」

「You’re right…well, then this is the first date.」


After he nodded, he suddenly felt excited.

The first date.

As they walked excited and with hearts pounding, he realized that this first date was this one with Aoba.

There were the four ‘daughters,’ and though there was probably more that regular and extended kisses, knowing that this was a first date made his heart pound.

They came up to an intersection, and stopped at the red light.

When they stopped Aoba stuck even closer to him.

He could clearly feel his arm seem to squeeze deep into Aoba’s firm breast.

His heart now seemed to pound like crazy now.

「Oh, that’s cute.」

Aoba remarked in a high voice about a Western family in front of her.

The husband and wife stood together, and the wife was carrying a small baby in her arms. The baby peered over the wife’s shoulder and was a brown-eyed child, who was innocently smiling in Aoba’s direction.

「Peeka-boo! Peeka-boo!」

Aoba played peeka-boo with the baby. The baby giggled and laughed gleefully.

The mother noticed and turned around, looked at Taiyou and Aoba, and said to her baby,

「Konnichiwa!」for the baby to repeat.

The baby heard it and screamed,


And after saying that somewhat close response, went back to giggling on his own.


Aoba clung to Taiyou’s arm once again, squinted her eyes and made a long sigh.

「So cute!」

She said.

「Yeah, really cute.」

Taiyou did think the kid was cute, although maybe not as much as Aoba.

While they were waiting for the stop light, and as they crossed the street to the other side, Aoba kept the baby’s attention.

「Babies are so nice.」

「Yeah, they are.」

Aoba said no more, just squeezed his arm into her chest again.

Even though nothing was said, something affected her heart more than a lot of discussion.
Not only was she clinging to him with her arms, but even her fingers gripped him.

There’s no way her feelings weren’t felt by Taiyou.

(A baby…)

Taiyou pondered this all inside his heart.

She imagined something that calmed her, made her smile, and just seemed to make her happy.


Her voice brought Taiyou back to reality. He looked over at her.

It had been fun, or maybe absent-mindedly playful the way she had thought about babies, but now for some reason she was staring right at Taiyou.

She still clung to his arm, but somehow she seemed to be sulking.

「That’s no good.」


「Us having a child is no good. It’s different than Kohaku…no, different from Pochi too.」

「…different from Pochi, it’s no good to have a relationship with someone’s daughter.」

「…no, no, no, no.」

Because Aoba’s imagination was getting away from her, it took Taiyou quite a bit of time to understand what she was getting at.

Taiyou thought about having children with the other women.

Aoba understood what everything would entail, and so her imagination now went to what would happen the day after tomorrow.

She thought that Taiyou might try something with her own daughter.

「Of course I wouldn’t, that’s my own daughter.」


「No way.」

After Taiyou clearly denied that, he suddenly thought of something.

(If you set yourself to like daughters, I wonder if it’s possible?)

He thought of the guy that wasn’t here with them any more.

If you like mother/daughter combos, what would happen to a daughter of a mother anyway?

His thoughts developed and became perverse. In his mind, the most screwed up family tree possible developed.

「Ah, I’m thinking of weird crap again.」

Aoba was still staring at him, and pouted at him again.

「No, no, that’s wrong. Let me tell you what I meant.」

But Taiyou already started a counterattack.

「There’s something wrong about you looking at me like that, because if you think I’m thinking about that, you’ll make me angry! Making your face pout like that…」

「But I…」

Aoba’s eyes watered as if to say he had hit her in a place that hurt.

Taiyou’s argument was the correct one, because in the conversation about whether a daughter should fall into the clutches of his mother’s lover, Aoba’s reaction was way too mild.

Aoba was a bit lost after being called out, and she blushed and found it hard to talk.

「I know it’s wrong, but…if you insisted Natsuno-kun…」

「Don’t say that to me!」

「That girl too…I’d give everything to you, Taiyou.」

「I’m saying, don’t start talking like Kohaku!」

「No…because we’d be a real mother/daughter combos so…we’d be better.」

「What do you mean you’d be better? What does that mean?!」

「…in a woman’s battle?」

「You answered in a questioning voice? Since you started this conversation about mothers, now you’re wrapping yourself up with all the other mothers!」

That messed up family tree filled his mind again.

「That’s not true!」

Aoba answered immediately, excited and in a loud voice.

「Well, I mean not really…I mean, I don’t know why one’s wrong and another isn’t…」

She said, and arced her head a bit.

(This conversation is not going in the right direction.)

He thought he could hear a voice telling him not to pursue this any further.

Taiyou realized it was time to stop with this conversation, and grabbed Aoba and drew him to himself.
They held hands and he caressed her palm with his thumb.

No words were spoken, but their emotions mingled.

Even though she was wordless, she snuggled into him until it seemed ticklish.

They walked along like that for a while.

Taiyou was calm and smiling, Aoba had Taiyou’s arm buried in her chest, the two together, walking.
They were in their own world, quite different from the one outside them.

「What a bunch of show-off lovebirds!」

「They’re the reason for global warming!」

「I hope your dong falls off, you non-NEET!」

Suddenly, a group of three guys with smouldering anger in their eyes shouted at the couple.

Hackneyed SJW lines, and reactions.

That’s why Taiyou wasn’t angry at them.

Taiyou used to be a human like them, so he knew how they all felt.

「They told you to die, right?」

「Well, for my dong to drop and die, well, if my dong dropped off I would die pretty quick.」

「Dong drop off? What?」

「Oh, yeah, you don’t know that stuff.」

He thought about it and understood.

Aoba was the type not versed in Internet slang, and unlike the three sisters and Kohaku was still a virgin.

No relationships meant no experience. So she wouldn’t know what dong they were talking about.

After thinking about that, Taiyou suddenly became quite angry.

「Well, it means…」

He whispered into Aoba’s ear.

He informed her of exactly what it meant, and in the dirtiest way possible.


He then enjoyed the reaction of the innocent, blushing girl at point-blank range.



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