Chapter 176: Aoba / Can’t let you do that


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 Moving close to the wall, the two of them sat down.

 Leaning against Taiyou, she skillfully applied treatment to his right hand.

 Like a typical girl her age, she used a clean handkerchief and began performing hemostasis.

 While gazing at Aoba cheerfully giving treatment, Taiyou became slightly relieved.

 He was relieved that he didn’t have to fight with Tsukumo’s faction.

「I’m glad that you didn’t have to fight」

 Aoba mentioned as she was giving him treatment.

 Taiyou caught his breath at this timing, as if his heart were being peered into.


「Yeah, I can say this now: I slightly thought that I didn’t want to let Natsuno-kun fight those people」

「I wouldn’t lose though」

 He tried purposefully declaring it in that manner.

「Yeah, I believe you. But that’s not what I mean」

 She continued, her gaze falling on the opening of the wound she was treating.

「Wasn’t I captured?」


「That time, I was watching the exchange between those people. And then I……ended up feeling intimacy. Of course there were also scary moments. A little different from my household, but in the same way as my house, those people resembled my parents」

「……That makes sense」

 Taiyou nodded, satisfied.

 What Aoba was talking about was undoubtedly the relationship in which there is one male and multiple females, generally known as a harem.

 She was born and raised in that very kind of household. At one point in time in her rebellious phase she had revolted against that form of family, but as of now she herself was trying to construct that very household. That was how accustomed she was to that kind of thing.

 He wasn’t sure how serious Tsukumo was about「setting himself」, but Aoba had likely empathized with their clear harem relationship.

「Right, if we had so much as fought, that could have physically broken their relationship. To smithereens. In that sense it very well might have been best to not fight」

「You have such confidence, Natsuno-kun」

「Could it be that……you want me to say the same thing again?」

 Taiyou lifted up the corner of his mouth, directing a malicious smile at Aoba.

 Just earlier……precisely because this was right after he had whispered to her in front of the enemy, Aoba quickly understood what his words implied.

 For a moment, her face became bright red.

 That was unbelievably cute.

 Taiyou moved his face closer, about to whisper even more into her ears.

「If you want me to say it……Then I’d better hear you」


 While gazing at the girl who looked like an octopus being boiled, he refined the words in his heart.

 If she were to beg him then he intended to whisper with all of his might, more syrupy, melting her down all the way to her bone marrow.

 Briefly moaning, Aoba then lifted up her face.

 The face gazing at Taiyou was filled with more resolve than he had imagined.

「So do you want me to say――」


「Wh-What’s up?」

 Aoba spoke with such force that it overwhelmed him, even though he thought he was playing the sadist.



「Pull my hair!」

 Aoba displayed a do-or-die spirit, as if she were jumping into the deep end.

「Uhh, when you say pull your hair……you mean this ponytail?」


「Why again――」

 Taiyou tilted his head, puzzled, but abandoned the idea of pursuing it any further.

 The dependability of a man was found in answering to his brides’ courage.



 The moment he nodded, Aoba’s face burst into a smile. Her smile like a large flower in bloom was enough to confirm that she desired it from the bottom of her heart.

 (If you want it that much), Taiyou thought as he reached a hand out to pull on her ponytail.

「Ta-Ta da!Taiyou-chan’s fairy has splendidly made her visit! Indeed!」

 Hera appeared before Taiyou out of nowhere.

 Her manifestation via warp as she continued to flap her butterfly-like wings was sudden as usual, and the timing couldn’t have been worse.

 Exasperated, Taiyou glared at her with narrowed eyes.

「You are just……」

「Hmm? What is wrong, Taiyou-chan? Your face is a bit different from usual」

「That’s because you suddenly came out here」

「Ooo, does Taiyou-chan really like me that much? I am happy about those feelings, but I hope you know that I can’t give you anything after B due to my size」

「It’s not like that! And what are you even talking about!?」

「Uhh, I was talking about how Taiyou-chan’s face is grinning a lot」


 Surprised, Taiyou tried tapping his face with the hand that had been treated by Aoba.

「I was grinning?」

「Yes indeed; even now you are grinning slightly」


 His eyes meeting with Aoba’s, her eyes sprang away.

 With the look he had seen before she averted her eyes as well as the color of her skin he had seen afterwards, this was implicitly orating that Hera’s identification was correct.

 In his exchange with her, he had unconsciously been grinning.

 That made him embarassed to the max.

「D-Don’t say such weird things」

 He hit Hera.

 A quip in the effort to hide his embarassment. Not crashing into the ground or even the wall, she flew back with a smile on her face.

「You are a strange one, aren’t you Taiyou-chan」

「I’m not weird at all. More importantly, why did you come over here」

 He asked her in a slightly more brusque tone than usual.

「It went well over there, so there is no longer any need for me. So I indeed have returned to where Taiyou-chan is」

「I see」

「Yes indeed! Taiyou-chan is my harborー」

「Seriously, why do you enjoy saying those sorts of clumsy phrases!」

「Uhh……Perhaps I have eighth-grader syndrome?」

「It hasn’t even been three months since you were born!」

「That is true, but in human years I would be about fourteen years old, I will have you know」

「What’s with that dog/cat calculation method. That’s gotta be a lie」

「Those who believe shall be savedー」

 An incoherent conversation as usual.

 Doing that for a while, after he had cleared away all his embarassment, Taiyou asked Hera once again.

「And how did it go well? I haven’t so much as what you did, so could you explain」

「Uhh, I do think that it would be faster if we looked on the internet」


「Yes indeed. It should already be on the news」


「You mean this, don’t you」

 Aoba said, taking out her smartphone and presenting it, as if she had quickly searched it up.

 What was reflected on the screen was a layout he was all too familiar with. This was the screen of a news article on the largest company site that people searched up.

 Two girls were depicted next to each other in the picture on the article.

「Youran and……Pochi?」

 The inflection of Taiyou’s voice turned inside-out. He had not anticipated that he would so much as see these two together in a photograph.

「This isn’t a composite photograph, right」

「Uhh……The next head of Juunishima, Juunishima『New Moon Director』Youran――」

 Pointing the front of the screen at Taiyou, she began reading out the passage of the article while peering at it from the side.

 If it were a person who didn’t know the details, it was a small news article that they could care less about.

 They would think that some next head of a village attended a party with his actual younger sister, was told things for the future, and the younger sister left a supporting comment for the elder sister.

 The picture in the article backed that up, and the two girls dressed up in dresses were smiling intimately, which was after all what was shown in the photo.

 This was information that would undoubtedly begin to be buried in the electronic sea within an hour.

「So they……met up?」

 He asked Hera.

「Yes indeed. They did not take any pictures, but Kohaku-tan as well as Kotone-chan and all the others are there」

「I see. But why would they do this kind of thing?」

「Umm……what was it again」

「You gotta be kidding me!」

 He yelled at Hera slightly inclining her head.

「That’s supposed to be the important part. Did you not hear anything?」

「I have heard, but I did not quite understand, you see」


「But Yuri-chan as well as Kohaku-tan both said it will go well after this. Uhh……politically?」

 While feeling nostalgia at the name he had once called Youran, Taiyou tightly furrowed his brow.

 He didn’t need anyone to tell him at this point in time to understand that this was a political settlement.

 They had already agreed in the first place that he would be in charge of the fighting scenes and that Youran and the others would be in charge of the political settlement.

 They had split into two groups in order to advance that forward simultaneously.

 It was good that it had went well, but Taiyou felt that he still wanted to know the particulars.


「What’s up Aoba」

「Once I updated it, a new article…」

「Let me see……Ah-」

 Peering in, Taiyou let out the same voice of shock as Aoba.

 The newly updated article was even shorter than the previous, simple without any pictures.

 But it was something that held larger meaning to them.

「It is this it is this, it is that Yuri-chan has become Pochi-chan’s legal guardian」

 Hera said with her usual carefree tone.

 (So this is what it’s come to), Taiyou snorted with laughter.



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