Chapter 184 – Aoba / Rewards


Translator: Ranzan

Tsubaki Juunishima had no idea where she was.
It was dark and dusty, and the touch of bare concrete felt cold on her skin.
The utter silence and sour smell that filled her nose were a horrid shock, especially for a woman that had been born and raised in the most royal conditions…she had never seen an environment like this.
As she spun on the floor she could also feel her hands were tied behind her, so even if she searched around there was no way to find anything around her.

「Hey! Is someone out there?」

In order to escape from her present condition, she shouted in the loudest voice possible.

「Do you know who I am? I can give you whatever you want if you let me go! Hello! Is no one out there?」

The middle-aged woman stretched out her head while screaming.
Clunk, creaaaaak.
The sound of the iron door being opened. The sound of rusted bolts screeching and the door being flung wide, and the face of an intense young man.
Arched eyebrows scowling.
It was Taiyou Natsuno. On this occasion, he was the one causing all the problems.
Tsubaki’s breast was filled with anger at what had been done to her.
He simply stepped closer to her silently.
As there was no light emanating through the door, she couldn’t determine what was happening.
She stood at Tsubaki’s feet, and looked down at her icily.

「So, you’re here, now, let me out of here!」
「Let you out?」

Short words, and with a strange tone.

「Yes, let me out! Do you understand? Who I am? I’m the third in the family of Juunijima, Tsubaki Juunijima!」
「Is that something I should be impressed by? Ah, I guess I should, you’re number three in the political family that rules over the million people on this island. In addition, it’s not normal to give all that information in addition to your full name.」
「That’s who I am. Just let me out of here, I’ll pretend you never did this to me if you do.」
「I guess that would be the smart thing to do.」
「So, you’ve finally understood.」

Tsubaki’s face twisted into a smile.

The man in front of her, that hateful boy that she had known about might be able to read what she wanted in a very short time.

「Come on! Set me free!」

Now she ordered him, but he simply continued to look down at her and made no motion to let her go.

「What are you doing? Hurry!」

She again asked in frustration, but he didn’t move.
She suddenly noticed something strange about him.
The icy look from his eyes…so cold.
A chill ran down her spine.
She remembered seeing those eyes, eyes that were very similar.
A damnable girl, a daughter of the man that took the name 「Shingetsu no maru.」
There’s no way, she thought suddenly.
Finally, the man stooped down and flipped Tsubaki over, and as soon as he touched her hands…
The sound of a breaking bone echoed through her body.


It was a desperate scream, like the sound of a pig being strangled.
As soon as Taiyou had touched Tsubaki’s finger he had broken it, as Tsubaki writhed on the ground with her face in the dirt.

「That’s a sign of my anger.」

She could hear his cold voice over her head.

「You all don’t know what you’re doing. Power, rules, money, the interest of a million inhabitants, I could care less about it. But my wife…and my family…I won’t accept someone hurting them. 」

As soon as he said this, he broke her middle finger without hesitation.

「I don’t want you touching my family anymore…yes, this will be my petition for you to stop.」

CRACK! The third finger broken.

「If you won’t listen to me, I guess I can’t do anything. However, you do know that I will come here like I did before and payback whatever was done to me, right? If you break one finger of Aoba’s, I’ll have to return the favor 10 times.」

Since she was born she had never felt so much pain. The seven remaining fingers were broken at once.
An infinite flood of pain, so much that the brain had to cut it off.
Spit foamed out of Tsubaki’s mouth. She groaned, her eyes rolled back, and she twitched over and over.

「Yeah, don’t worry about my wounds though, those really don’t matter to me, okay? Really. I have the patience of three hundred saints. However, my family, you can’t bother them, I won’t forgive that. That’s why I’m repaying you 10 times what you did to Aoba.」

Taiyou said this and tore off the rope binding her.

「I repay back 10 times what you do to my family, so could you at least remember that?」

He had set Tsubaki free, but she wasn’t aware with the pain of all 10 fingers broken.
She could move, however, she simply put her wrists together, curled up and shivered.


He said that, while turning to leave.
The pain increased, but Tsubaki felt a small relief.
She knew the cruel nature of the father of Shingetsu no Maru.
She knew that the eyes of that youth would not be sated until he done something cruel to her.
She was correct, but in a sense, incorrect.
The youth stopped on his way out the door. He hit the door and turned as if he had forgotten something.

「That reminds me, forget what happened before I came to this island, okay?」

Her voice cracked as she had trouble understanding what he was saying.

「Anna Juunishima, she’s under you, right? She attacked Kotone and Kohaku…and Aoba as well. I should return those favors too.」
「But that! Thaaaaa!」
「I heard that adults have to take responsibility for those under them. Except for banks. That’s why you’re going to need to take responsibility for what those under you have done.」
「But I!」
「Okay then.」

He turned and walked towards her.

「No…no closer! Don’t come any closer!」
「Well, since five people were attacked, times ten…don’t worry, you won’t die.」

The expressionless youth.


She shook as she attempted to cover herself.
His cold, cruel eyes, what he did.
When he approached her, it was like the gait of a demon.


From outside the door, he could Aoba’s voice from the hal. He stopped walking and turned slowly.
As soon as he heard her voice, his heart calmed.

「That’s enough for now. She’s already passed out, and in addition…」
「In addition…」
「Well, she…wet herself.」

It was hard for Aoba to find the words. After seeing Tsubaki passed out, she noticed a strange smelling stain grow around her lower half.

「That’s enough, I told you.」
「Well, that was enough of a threat I guess. I did what I had to.」
「Right…even if you get injured, this time you’ve warned them that you’ll get revenge.」

Hera suddenly appeared and said gleefully. Taiyou said nothing, and just slapped the fairy.
It was just a reaction, and Hera didn’t bounce of the floor like usual, just returned to where she was.

「Well, I guess we can relax a bit now.」
「Yes, desu.」
「It’s time to go back home to everyone.」
「I know, desu! I’ll go back at let them all know, desu!」
「Please do, Hera.」
「Sure, desu!」

Hera was high-spirited as usual, with no signs that the magic blade had possessed her as she flew through the wall and away.
With nothing left to do with Tsubaki, Taiyou turned to Aoba, put his arm around her shoulder, and left the room.
He squeezed her to himself, and pulled her close.
He could feel her heat and the pleasant smell of a woman.
But it wasn’t a good thing.
From this feeling of safety, and all of the worries having gone he seemed to lose his power, as he clung on to Aoba.


His breath leaked out, and it was a breath of relief mixed with a loss of strength.
Taiyou seemed like he would faint, but Aoba held him up, and sat him on the ground.

「Are you okay, Natsuno-kun?」
「Yeah…I can’t move…but I’m okay.」
「Thanks, Aoba.」
「This all happened because you were here. If you weren’t, I would have given up when that damn sword showed up, and probably have been beaten. Because you were here, I kept going and going.」
「I thought I’d only hold you back.」
「Not at all, really, thank you.」

He looked at Aoba again.

「I love you, Aoba.」

Aoba was deeply affected.
She covered her mouth with both hands, and paused.
She was cute…so cute…extremely…cute.
Filled with emotion and blushing…Aoba.
In this state, one would think that Taiyou should have been extremely tired, but all the sudden he became very turned on.
Like a sign of divine providence, Taiyou suddenly stood erect…and put his arm around Aoba’s shoulder again.

「Okay, let’s do it.」
「Do what?」
「Don’t you remember from before? When this is over, I wanted to have sex.」

She seemed not to understand for a second, but when she did she shrieked louder than Tsubaki had.

「W, w, wait, Natsuno-kun. You said your body can’t move, right?」
「I thought tso, but now I’m feeling really good.」
「I guess I feel good when you’re beside me.」
「Okay, where’s a place we can be together in peace? Let’s go!」

He scooped her up by the back of her legs and carried her off like a knight and a princess.
She resisted him at first, but when he whispered sweet words in her ear, she quickly gave in.



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