Chapter 185 Sunlight Nacht Musik / Awesome even though it’s Kid Stuff


Translator: Ranzan


In the Juunishima mansion was an exquisitely decorated room for guests.
On a queen-sized bed was a naked woman, illuminated softly by moonlight.
Large beads of sweat told the story of an intense night, beading on her skin like night dew.
She slept soundly with her trademark ponytail behind her.
Her defenseless, beautiful figure rested over Taiyou’s chest.
He lifted her bangs and gave her forehead a kiss.
The taste of sweat from her brow was a happy sensation.
Even though it wasn’t cold, he drew the sheets up around her shoulders.
Taiyou then awoke, and drew the clothes scattered from the entrance to the bed, looking much like dropping of crumbs to lure a mouse, and walked out the door.
There was a hallway with a tall ceiling, and an unknown maid in the hall bowed to him.
She wore the same maid outfit as Michiyo, the servant of Youran.
She raised her head with utmost respect, and spoke,

「Ms. Azumaya is looking for you.」
「You mean Kohaku? Where is she?」

Doubtfully, he asked the maid where Kohaku was and went in that direction.
There was a long hallway with a lustrous red carpet.
There were several maids in attendance stopping as if they knew who Taiyou was, and stopping what they were doing stood aside with deeply bowed heads.
It was the VIP treatment, which tickled him a bit but didn’t feel like a bad thing.
He went the way the maid pointed out to a salon that was attached to the hallway.
There was an aged young girl there.
She was wearing a somewhat long-sleeved shirt with suspenders and a skirt, with long socks that had frills.
It was childish clothing that fit her four foot frame, and though he liked the adultish dress and exposing underwear he saw when he first met her, he also like this more childish style that she had taken to.
He couldn’t tell just why and he really couldn’t point why out.

(Looks good on her though.)

And in a good way, he added to himself, as she came towards him. Even though he had just vigorously pleasured Aoba into a deep sleep, Taiyou could feel the fire quickly reignite in his loins again.
An adult woman with crossed, still immature legs. A child and an adult. Youth paired with old age.
The two mixed together with no opposition gave off a supernatural sexualness.
「Oh, my husband.」

He called her name and came closer. As soon as the wine drinking woman saw Taiyou a bright smile came to her face.

「Here, have a drink.」
「I’m still underage.」
「I heard that this Juunishima mansion is outside of those laws, so even if you were to break the law, only those here in this mansion could be able to arrest you.」
「What’s with this gambling cruise feeling to it? You can’t just have a separate culture here, even in this town of one million, it’s still Japan.」

He said, but Kohaku brushed him off with a raised finger and a tsk, tsk, tsk.

「This place is a different code, after all.」

「What does that mean?」
「It’s the same society as Princess Leticia’s country of Phili. And Phili’s drinking age is from 14 years old.」
「So it’s like Switzerland or something?」
「I heard you have to allow the king the first kiss with your wife before your honeymoon night.」
「What’s with all these old-school traditions?!」

Taiyou sat next to Kohaku as he remarked a bit irritatedly.
She quickly then put her head on his shoulder.
A small body like a child, a warm body.
It was a humid summer night, but there was nothing unpleasant about it.
Rather, it was something desired. As the thought so, he put his arm around her shoulder.

「So what’s up with Aoba?」
「She’s asleep, soundly. She probably won’t wake up until tomorrow afternoon.」
「Hee, hee, hee, makes sense. It’s because you’re a beast. Two of us would find it hard to handle you, so you shouldn’t make some poor virgin your lover for the night.」
「Don’t call me a beast.」
「As I was thinking, even if your harem value is 65535, perhaps she has something they all don’t have?」

He was lost for a second, but then Taiyou soon understood.

「Her. But I’m a woman too.」

Kohaku said so and blew a quick puff of air onto Taiyou’s ear.
Just from that, his loins were aroused. 「She」and her sexuality.

「So what are you trying to say about her?」
「I’m saying nothing, just what I’m honestly thinking.」
「Well, whatever. Thanks for all you’ve done though. Without your help, Kohaku, I couldn’t have helped her.」
「So you want to say thanks for the hard work?」
「It reminds me, you said that it was a dream to ask you for this and that.」
「No, as a wife, I want to support my husband.」

He held her shoulder put his hand to his chin and imagined what she meant.
The Eternal Little, a childish old woman. A Loli-GILF.
Underdeveloped limbs and a noble mind.
Having far more experience as a woman than him, with the delusional desire to support him.
He was so turned on that it seemed all the blood momentarily rushed to his groin.

「Yes, what is it?」

He held up Kohaku as he asked her, scooping her up from behind her knees like a princess.
Doing that to a woman like her seemed a bit criminal, as he heaved her up and started walking with her.
The sudden movement caused her to drop her glass.

「Husband? What are you doing?」
「You know what I want to do.」
「I want to do it with you, now.」
「T…that’s nice, but, you just did it with Aoba…」
「You just told me my harem level is 65535, I’ll be fine.」
「That was just my estimate…」
「Let’s go.」

Without saying a word, he took Kohaku with him.
After leaving the salon, a maid approached him.
It was a different maid. Maybe in the same way as Taiyou, she was assigned to Kohaku.
He approached her with a serious face.

「Sorry, is there an open room here?」
「Come this way.」

No surprise, no asking for a reason.
The maid calmly relied, and showed Taiyou the way along the corridor.
Maybe because people were around, Kohaku’s body seemed even smaller as she silently was carried.
The maid showed them around, and after walking a bit, Taiyou asked her something he was reminded of.

「Oh yeah, do you have any rope? If not, maybe something you could tie someone up with?」
「Tie something up with?」

Taiyou nodded as the maid stopped, and seemed to think a bit.

「I’m sorry, please come this way.」

She said this and turned a different way down the corridor.
Maybe she’s going to get something, he thought as they left the mansion. Outside was a garden, and even though it was a summer night, it was far cooler than usual.
The maid continued through the garden.
As they finally left the garden, they came to a bit unkempt place that seemed to be left that way.

「Here you are.」

They stopped with the maid.
There was a storage shed. It was a traditional one with white plaster and a pointed roof. It had a historical feeling to it, expensive, strange things inside that might be cursed…like a cursed, ancient doll that might suddenly pop out.
The maid opened the door, and stood to the side, letting them in.
It was a lightless, dim storage shed. The maid and he looked at each other.

「Where are we?」
「In here.」

The maid didn’t answer their question, but took out handcuffs from her uniform.
Taiyou took the strong-looking handcuffs and gave them over.
Taiyou looked the maid over.

「You have them…why?」
「They’re mine.」

His voice cracked. What kind of maid carries around handcuffs normally…

「This may be too untoward, but because you’re going to restrain someone, I simply showed you to a place appropriate to do it.」
「…I see.」

He was lost for a second, but then understood the care the maid took.
A storage place with no people around, a small girl, and strong handcuffs.
When you put the complete image together, it had the smell of some seriously illegal pedo stuff.

「But that’s fine.」

Taiyou was turned on. Kohaku could feel the thrust of the situation.

「Wait…wait, husband, this is…」

Ignoring Kohaku’s confusion, he put her down on the ground and clasped the handcuffs around her wrists.
Clack went the cuffs.
He pushed the bound Kohaku on the ground.


A small scream, with her arms behind her back, the loli-GILF was pushed to the ground.
It was so sudden, fear appeared in her eyes.
As she waited there, her eyes welled up awaiting her fate.
Then, Taiyou started breathing heavily through the nostrils.
He shut the storage door behind him, and the maid said nothing outside.
He could feel her leaving the two behind as a maid properly should.
He went up to Kohaku and stripped her of the clothes he had only seen her wear for 30 minutes.
As their eyes met, she seemed to be pleading to him.
He wanted her…he wanted to be wanted by her.
He took her own shirt in hand, and ripped it to shreds.
Her shirt ripped off…than her skirt and suspenders pulled to the side.
To that immodest small body, he allowed his lusts to be fulfilled.



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