Chapter 186 – Sunlight Nachtmusik / I – Love – You


Translator: Ranzan

Taiyou knew that he couldn’t leave the sleeping Kohaku in such a place, so he picked her small body up. There were traces all over the body of this woman that looked like a young girl, traces of sweat and other unmentionable things left all over her.
Even more perverse than that, was that as Taiyou simply looked at her not only was he ready to go again, but instead chose to simply pick her up.
As he did, the final piece of fabric on Kohaku, the skirt that hung from her waist simply fell like a rag onto the floor.
As he looked at the line of Kohaku’s body, he held her awkwardly for a moment.

「I guess. I should put my clothes onto her.」

As he held her up, he went to take off his clothes to put on her.


He held his breath, and jumped as far as he could to the back of the storage shed.
He felt a human presence in the entrance of the shed.
A sudden presence that arrived from out of nowhere.
An enemy! He spun around holding onto Kohaku’s back, and looked to check who the person was.
It wasn’t an enemy there, but simply the maid that had guided them there.
Taiyou sighed out and relaxed.

「Oh, it’s you. You really surprised me!」
「Excuse me.」

The respectful maid bowed again and again.

「No, it was me that overreacted. Sorry.」

Taiyou’s nerves were so jumpy, he still couldn’t move, and instead grimaced at her.
The maid asked in trying to help.

「If you’d wish, I can take Ms. Azumaya with me.」
「Take her?」
「Yes, I have a bath prepared for her.」

Taiyou looked down on Kohaku.
It was true that she was in a condition where she had to be washed. Because of their long love-making, and because of the fierce way Taiyou did it, it might take the appearance of domestic violence. One might even label her appearance as 「ghastly」.
If the bath was ready, it might be easier for the maid herself to make Kohaku look clean again.

(Clean her up?)

Once Taiyou thought of those words, he became a bit lonesome.
There just seemed to be a bit of lonesomeness in cleaning up all the dirt on her.
However, it was just an emotion, and it was true that she definitely had to be cleaned up.

(I can’t say that I want to just leave Kohaku like this.)

As he simulated the thought pattern of his beloved wife, he knew that it would be bad.
Even so, washing all this off was lonesome.


He thought about it and brought his face closer to her neck.
He kissed her strongly with a loud kiss.


Though she wasn’t conscious, her body writhed a bit.
He still held her close and continued kissing her.
He then pulled his face away, and saw the hickey that he had left on her neck.
No matter how much she washed that, it wouldn’t come off for a while.


Now that he was satisfied, he readjusted her with a 「yo!」and walked to the maid.

「Tell me where to go.」

Without giving Kohaku over to the maid, he simply held her and asked.

The room he was led to was of the same type as the sleeping Aoba was left in. Finally, the maid took up Kohaku and Taiyou left the room.


He said to himself and walked back into the hallway again.
He thought he wanted to say it was because of Youran. Because of her, this experience didn’t end.
As the thought that, the next maid he met he would ask her where she was.
But, he couldn’t find another maid. They seemed everywhere when he wasn’t looking, but now that he was, there didn’t seem to be one of them around.
He continued walking through the building.


A sudden voice and WHAP a hit from the side, and someone else flew.
It wasn’t the maid he was looking for, but one of the three sisters, Kotone.


He shouted, without thinking.
Her nostalgic, beloved form.
Since she had gone with Kohaku, he hadn’t seen her for a while as well.
Love seemed to spring as soon as they met.
Suddenly he noticed that the other two weren’t there.

「Everyone else?」
「Wait a second.」

As she held onto Taiyou, she looked into a place where nothing was in front of her.
Straight ahead, as if she clearly saw someone in front of her.

「Suzu, Kaza, I found Taiyou. Yeah, here, just outside.」

She had the tone of conversing with someone, even though there was no receiver, there was the tone that she was on the telephone.
Now that the conversation was over, she looked up at Taiyou.

「Suzu and Kaza are coming.」

Kotone tilted her head. She seemed a bit confused that Taiyou was there with nothing to say.
She asked him once, wondering what had happened.
Tmptmptmptmptmptmp, came the sound of footsteps on the red carpet.
They could hear it from both directions in the hallway they were in.
Without a moment, they saw where it was from. As soon as Taiyou heard the footsteps, he crouched in preparation.
In a moment, both Suzune and Kazane sprang into Taiyou’s arms.
With Kotone, the three sisters were together. He held all three of them together at once.

「We couldn’t wait to see you, Taiyou-san!」
「What, what happened to you Taiyou-san?」
「Did you lose weight?!」

As soon as the three were together, their way of speaking that he was so used to was back.
Koto, Suzu, Kaza in order. A chorus of souls only present in that family.
He smiled as he heard them gab on.
He thought that women are best like this.

「I’m home!」

Without saying anything, the three squeezed him again.
They squeezed him hard, but it didn’t hurt.
He felt like he was held inside of three pairs of arms…


Three girls unevenly linked together as one soul. Someone complained out of pain from the squeeze…but no one knew who it was.
Who? Was it Kotone? Suzune? Kazane? All three?
That would be good, thought Taiyou, as he could feel all three of them at once.
Just like he used to feel them all at once before.
As he remembered back, he held them once again.
After a moment, the three separated from him again.

「Why were all of you running around in different directions?」
「We were looking for you, Taiyou.」
「When we went to Aoba’s room, you weren’t there.」
「We each searched on our own.」
「Yeah, sorry about that.」

He remembered when he first arrived here, and apologized to the girls.
He had intended to see the three who had arrived before him when he arrived, but he postponed it when he became focused on his time spent with Aoba.
The three understood this and allowed him to do as he pleased, but, when they finally went to see him, he had left Aoba in the room alone.
As Taiyou apologized, the three walked along with him together.
Two on the right and left, one in front – one would think that made it quite difficult for him to walk easily, but because of their joined motions it wasn’t like that at all.
As they talked, they continued walking. It seemed like something important was straight ahead, but because of their beauty he totally forgot it.
It had been a long time since those three had been with him, he felt strongly.
He suddenly felt mischievous. We wanted to try something.
He stopped and looked at the three.

「Kotone, Suzune, Kazane. Could you close your eyes?」

Surprise, conjecture, happiness.
An easily understandable progression, as the three lined up by height, and closed their eyes at Taiyou.
It was obvious that they were preparing for something to happen.
They usually weren’t hesitant to respond, but this was a little different.
Taiyou didn’t kiss any of them, but held Kotone’s hand.
She squealed in a happy voice. However, he betrayed their expectations.
He raised her hands up, and grabbed her up in his arms.


They were confused. Not a kiss? It seemed they were saying among themselves.
At that moment he took her hand and wrote on it with her finger.
Such supple skin recorded the trace of his finger on her palm.

I Love You.

Character by character, he wrote them dutifully into her palm.
At first she was lost and didn’t know what was occurring.
One second, two, three, long, slow breaths and thoughts.
Finally all three openeth their eyes in understanding.
He saw them tear up and become emotional all at once.

「Oh, so you understood it?」
「「「Of course we did!」」」
「I guess so. You kind of have to.」
「Taiyou-san, you’re so cruel sometimes.」
「We thought you’d kiss us, but you never do.」
「But, hee hee, hee hee hee…」

As Kotone’s voice rose in laughter, all three of them did so together.
They hadn’t expected it, but one way or another, they were happier about it than what they actually expected to happen.
He came close to all three of them, and gave them all a kiss in order.
Kotone, Suzune, Kazane.
From tallest to shortest, each the short kiss that they desired.
Even more surprisingly, Taiyou followed up with,

「So, you wanted a kiss then?」
「Is a maid here?」

As he looked at the happy three, he called out for a maid. He couldn’t see one, but there must be one nearby.
And soon, a new maid approached. She was different than the others, probably charged with caring for the three.

「Did you call sir?」
「I want you to prepare something. Blindfolds, and some that won’t fall off easily when you move around.」

She heard his request as the three blushed.
They were trying to guess what he’d do.
Taiyou thought that it was best this way.
He thought, but…

「You mean something like this?」
「Wait, why do you have them on you?」

The maid pulled the blindfolds from her own bosom.
Taiyou was surprised that Youran’s maids always had pervy stuff like this on them.



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