Chapter 188 – Sunlight Nachtmusik / A Moon-Lit Night, A Tinkle in the Light


Translator: Reflet


Suzune turned her head to the sky and let out a moan.
She said it, she was told to say it. She was so embarrassed she wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear. It was easy to see this from her expression.
She looked so cute it was unbearable, so he put his hand around her face and turned her to him and kissed her from behind.
She opened her eye suddenly in surprise, but then closed them again and accepted the kiss.
The kiss seemed to wipe out all the embarrassment she felt.
The smootching sound of repeated wet kisses.
Suzune’s lips were soft, and smelled of sweet tremoring.
The young beauty in front of his seemed to calm down as he continued to kiss her.
He wanted to be satisfied by her, but with that face he couldn’t be satisfied yet.
He wanted more, and he wanted her face to change to one that wanted more and more.
As he thought that, his hands went to her collar in attempts to take off her clothes, but then,


Suzune suddenly shouted, and her body shook.
This shudder was completely different than the others.
Until now she had hid her embarrassed feelings in her happiness, but this time her face seemed to be composed self-control.

「W, what? What happened?」

What happened? He thought as he looked questioningly at his smartphone. What showed back on his display was the appearance of the youngest sister.
Even though it was one-third of a small display, he could clearly see that the appearance of Kazane had changed. She was grinding her thighs together even though she was blindfolded, and she was trying to control herself while biting down hard on her bottom lip.
At first an erotic reason came into his mine, because he had felt up Suzune so much until just now, so he wanted to know if that was the reason.
However, he soon realized the reason was different.

「She…she has to pee…」

Suzune’s words confirmed it.
It wasn’t that Kazane was turned on, but that she was holding it.

「Holding it…」

Taiyou whispered, and suddenly imagined the scene.
The smallest of the three sisters, Kazane with the smallest body.
That girl was holding it…so he imagined her peeing herself.
The sudden image shot blood to his groin so quickly that it went straight to his penis.

「Taiyou-san? Something’s jabbing into me…wha? Whaaaa?!」

He let it turn him on. And not just that, but Suzune definitely knew by now that it had.
Taiyou hastily pulled it off of Suzune’s back and stepped away from her.

「It…it’s only Kazane, right?.」
「Only Kazane has to…right?」
「Oh, ok…yeah..」
「Got it. You wait here. Tell Kazane I’m coming to help her now.」

Suzune nodded and Taiyou quickly left her. It was like…no it pretty much was him sprinting to Kazane.
He sprinted across the garden to the building and entered in.
Kazane was on the other side of the building, on a terraced area.
Because they were all conjoined regardless of distance, and because he wanted to see it happen, he split all the sisters into different locations, and placed them in different places separated by at least several walls.
At that time it was necessary, but now it became his worst enemy.
He wanted to rush to Kazane as quickly as possible, but since he tried to run directly towards where Kazane was located…he went straight in a line to her. While doing so he his wall after all and was stopped, and ended up having to go in a huge round-about path to her.
A true occasion of haste making waste.
Suddenly, he thought about breaking through walls to get to her. He kind of knew where Kazane was, and if he could break through walls he could get to her the quickest.
However, he couldn’t just do that, instead of using all his power that could endanger the lives of others, he couldn’t be as big of a smasher as he usually was.


He clicked his tongue, and flew out the window of the nearest wall. Once outside he jumped up the nearest wall, and climbed the outside of the building. Since he was on the roof, he could run to where Kazane was.
He sprinted across the roof just like a ninja or phantom thief.
From using the roof he could find the terraced area, he jumped down to her without a pause.
Kazane stood there, blindfolded, with her thighs ground together and her hand pressed against her crotch.


She sounded weak, with a voice that was near crying.

「Wait, I’ll bring you to a bathroom now!」

He pulled off her blindfold, and scooped her up by the back of her legs.
He ran in the building, and from the terrace down the hall.
He looked left and right down the hall, and dashed like a mad man into the door ahead of him. As soon as he checked inside the room, it turned out to be a bedroom like Kohaku and the rest used.

「Dammit! Where’s the toilet?!」

As he held Kazane up, Taiyou ran down the hall again. He could feel that she was trying her hardest to keep her pee in, so he was flustered as much as he possibly could be.
He couldn’t find a toilet, he would open up a door that looked like a bathroom but, all of the rooms he went into were completely different from a bathroom.


She tried to look tough, but Kazane looked like she was about to let it go.

「Dammit! This is like being a security guard that can’t find a toilet in a museum!」

Taiyou lamented his bad position.

「Why the hell is there no one around here?!」

He ran her around the building in search of one, but no maid emerged.
They were everywhere when no one needed them, nowhere when someone did.
Taiyou was getting super pissed at this characteristic.

「Taiyou-san…I…can’t hold it.」
「Wait, don’t! Just hold it back a little more!」
「I know, just try to hold it a little more!」

As he held her up, he ran outside.
The garden of the mansion was in front of him, as there were several pine trees with a small creek flowing near them. Maybe she could do it her he thought, and put Kazane down.
Her feet hit the ground, and holding her groin she looked up at Taiyou.

「Do it here.」
「I’ll make sure no one comes this way, so relax.」
「You’re fine! Do it.」

Her face was blushed, and she was fidgeting again. She was hesitating for a reason.

「You have to pee, right?」
「Yeah, but, not here.」
「Because…there’s nowhere to go.」
「…okay. Wait a sec.」

Just then, Taiyou had a really strange desire…maybe.
After imagining Kazane holding it, he got turned on, and with that feeling turned his attention away.
Because of that, he probably became a bit perverted.
So perverted, in fact, his brain short-circuited.
He went aways from her, took a deep breath, and slammed his hard fist into the ground.
Boom, he hit the ground with so force that Kazane stumbled to the ground-cracking punch.
Smoke rose up. After the smoke cleared and they could see again, there was a deep but not wide hole in the earth.
It was a hole small enough for a trap, and after seeing that Taiyou said 「Okay.」and nodded, as he walked toward the confused Kazane.

「How about this?」
「Can you do it here?」
「Here…in this hole…Taiyou-san?」

Taiyou looked at her…place…and asked if she could.

「Okay! Do it here!」

He went over to Kazane, scooped her up, and took her to the whole.
There, he urged her to do it.

「If you pee yourself it’s going to be worse, go ahead!」
「But, if someone sees me…」
「You’re fine, no one will. No one’s around. If someone does see you, I’ll kill them.」
「Come on!」

He faced Kazane with blood coursing through his eyes. It wasn’t a normal thing for someone to see, but with Taiyou pushing her so hard, Kazane wasn’t going to rebel.
After a bit, the weepy girl put her hand on her skirt, and pulled back the band on her panties with her thumb.



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