Chapter 189 Sunlight Nachtmusik / Pervert Palace


Translator: Ranzan

Kazane shook, embarrassed. She had lowered her light blue colored underwear halfway down, as the fabric wrapped itself around her kneecaps.

She had exposed a crucial place to the outside, and now she was crouched, focused on letting IT go.
However, Kazane lost all her power to do it. She pulled up her underwear, and weakly sunk to the ground.

「I guess…I can’t do it.」

Kazane said weakly, so the huge problem at hand had yet to be solved. Her waist and below was still shaking as she held back the urge to pee.
After she pulled up her underwear, it was clear to see her condition was getting even worse.
If she continued liked this she would wet herself, and from her underwear to her skirt and even her socks would be dirtied with urine.
Though it would make sense for him to hurry, leave, and hopefully she would find a place for her to do her business, it was clear that something strange had come over Taiyou, so instead of leaving he approached her.
He stepped behind her, picked up her legs in his arms, and held her upwards, holding her knees up with is hands.
It was quite different from the usual way he would hold a princess…she was in a far different position.
With her knees spread outwards and her parts exposed, it was a pose that Japanese parents use to force a child to urinate in.
With her legs spread out in the shape of an M, he continued to hold her up in the air.


Suddenly, Kazane started to resist.
Though she looked quite young, she was already a late teenager.
So thought the youth holding her up as well.
There was no more embarrassing pose for a girl of age like her to be in.

「Okay, have at it!」

Taiyou quickly said, egging her on.

「What are ya doin’, Taiyou?」

He heard a sudden, beautiful voice that sounded like a rolling bell, but filled with disgust.
Turning towards the voice, he saw Leticia.

She wore a splayed out skirt, her princess dress with strips hanging, with a tall upright form that beat Youran. Her form looked quite appropriate for a princess of a country, a beauty with blonde hair, but her eyes shone forth in a horrible look of revulsion.
Taiyou and Kazane both saw her, and the youngest of the three sisters clasped her hands over her face in shame.

「This is just…」

Taiyou attempted to explain, but Leticia wouldn’t listen, instead taking out that familiar cellphone that would connect to any place on the earth, and began dialing a number.

「I’m callin’ a SWAT team here, now!」
「Wait a second!」

Taiyou said, his voice cracking on the last word.
Leticia then cut the phone, and spoke icily at Taiyou.

「Save yer explanation for the court!」
「Court?! No, wait…I can explain all this.」
「Yer gonna force a young girl like her into a wee-wee pose like that?!」
「Don’t say wee-wee!」
「Just relax, my country’s laws will address everything that’s happened in this mansion. And as long as I’m princess here, there’s gonna be some extra-judicial procedures too!」

He nodded, as he remembered what Kohaku had said.
The mansion of Juunishima was outside the law, so whatever crimes were committed inside it were judged by the country of the company that made it.
He remembered hearing that it was Leticia’s country of Phili that had done that.

「Yeah, so ya gotta choose from the firing line or the guillotine, ‘kay?」
「That’s cruel and unusual punishment! 」
「All that pervy crap ya were doin’ merits an execution, right?!」
「No, no, that wasn’t perverted…I was just…」
「I thought ya were more of a man, but forcing a girl who doesn’t wanna do that is contemptible beyond reason!」
「Wait, just listen…I…」
「Are ya sayin’ ya weren’t forcing her?!」
「Well, I…」

He began to argue his case, but couldn’t find any words.
There was no doubt that he had forced Kazane.
Even from Taiyou’s perspective, he had forced that girl into an embarrassing position from which she could not escape, and he knew that.
If that were translated to legal terms, then the term 「compulsion」definitely could be used.
He couldn’t have just stood by passively though. Those were the words he was searching for.


Just then, Kazane shouted in a loud voice.
It was a voice loud enough that it erased all memory of her being embarrassed.

「I…If it wasn’t forced, it’s okay, right?」
「If so…I…I wasn’t against it! It wasn’t forced on me!」

She shouted, attempting to protect Taiyou.
However, Leticia simply turned a cold shoulder.
The reason why is that while she pleaded for Taiyou, she was still in the 「wee-wee pose」and it made her look rather ridiculous.

The two sisters and maids then ran up to her, and ran off with Kazane, still squirming to hold it back.
Taiyou watched them until they disappeared back into the building, and now turned to face Leticia.
He could see her beautiful, long blond hair even in the dark, was she returning from some party? Her princess dress certainly indicated so.
She looked like something in a painting, the princess from a proper kingdom.

(Well…I guess a normal princess, then.)

She was the third empress of Phili Kingdom, the closest kingdom to Japan and one that used Japanese as its official language. Even if one were to think of her monarchical powers, she was still just a beautiful princess.
When looking at that princess one’s focus directs itself to one point.
Those soft and cool lips.

(And I kissed them…)

Taiyou remembered his kiss with her.
He remembered the thing occurring, and the sensations afterwards.
As he looked at her, she noticed him and walked towards him.

「What, ya thinkin’ about perverted things with me now?」
「No, no, I mean, I don’t do perverted things!」
「Whatever. My dad was pretty much a perv, so I’m used to it.」
「Well, you were saying you were going to call the SWAT team on me.」
「I thought maybe ya had devolved so far that I had to call humans in to help.」
「What has happened to Phili Kingdom anyway?」

Taiyou was lost for words…but.

「Ya pervert.」
「No, I’m not…even if someone calls me it to my face.」

But Taiyou was a bit lost by how straight she had put it.

「Yeah, well, ya were gettin’ really frisky there.」

He was surprised by the comment, and remembered what he did with both Aoba and Kohaku slowly.

「No way…you saw that?」
「Just a little.」
「Just a little?!」
「Yeah, yer kissing scene, I only saw that.」
「Only that?」
「This mansion has a surveillance system, so when someone kisses in the mansion, the computer analyzes it and automatically sends the info to me.」
「What a useless system!」
「It’s the latest face-recognition usin’ system, totally new AI development.」
「What a waste of technology!」
「Yeah, but just relax…I didn’t see anythin’ after that.」
「That would be really embarrassing.」

But he wasn’t secure in believing that she had only seen the kissing scenes.
The reason why is that the kisses themselves were pretty spectacular.
For some reason, tonight’s actions were so crazy, that if you calmly thought about what happened, you might say 「Why the hell did I DO all that?」
It was the same now, and hearing that she only saw the kisses was still too much for him.

「Hey, I toldya don’t worry about it. Just kisses, that’s all.」
「Well, if you say so.」
「And ya goin’ after those blindfolded girls by force.」
「And the way ya pulled that girls ponytail by force.」
「And they way ya yanked up that handcuffed loli-GILF’s nostrils, BY FORCE.」
「Whoaaaaa! Not that much!」

He shouted, and stopped the embarrassing wordplay with Leticia. All the things he actually did having been read back to him made him so embarrassed that death would be a relief.
He wished there was a gravestone nearby he could crawl under.

「I’m begging you, please stop!」

He had fallen to his knees, as he earnestly begged the princess.

「Who cares? Everyone’s doin’ that crap in this pervert palace.」
「What the hell is a pervert palace?」
「Just my way of expressin’ myself, hey, ya wanna see the videos?」
「Not necessary.」

Taiyou seriously refused her at once.
He replied to her reflexively, as he realized that several things he had done were simply additions to this 「pervert palace」.

「What’s with that face of yers?」

Leticia glared at him and his slightly void expression.

「No, I was just thinking…」

Then Taiyou smirked at her.

「Pervert palace…is kind of a nice expression.」

Today, Taiyou really was kind of a weirdo.



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