Chapter 19: The Proper Way to Love Someone

Morning: Taiyou gets up and starts to dress himself in his school uniform, Hera was wearing her usual one piece dark green dress (the same as when she first met him) as she called out to him.

「Taiyou-chan Taiyou-chan, I believe you’ve forgotten something desuyo〜」

「Did I leave something behind?」

Taiyou looks doubtful as he asks back to Hera whom was buoyantly floating in the air.

「Yes desu〜, you’ve forgotten about your jacket desuyo〜」

「My jacket? Why do I have to bring such a thing? 」

He tilted his head and stared dubiously at Hera.

The season was currently early within the summer, it’s that time of the year where it will get really hot during the day.

Even if you were to examine the current trends of the people with the highest endurance and perseverance in maintaining a professional outlook AKA the Salary man (Businessman) even they were wearing lightly dressed clothing. Taiyou was only wearing a uniform with short sleeves and even then he felt that it was really hot and humid, it was to the point that he thought he didn’t even need a jacket.

However, Hera insisted him to bring his jacket and she must have had a reason for it.

It turns out that the reason was very important for Taiyou.

「It’s because we will be using it in order to accumulate experience points for the next level desuyo〜」

「Is that so?」

「It is so 〜」

Taiyou nodded, he went into the back of his room, opened his closet and took out the winter clothing jacket that was still in its hanger.

The winter jacket was padded and quite heavy. It was a truly excessive piece of clothing within this time of the season. Not only was it bulky but it was likely to attract the attention of other people in the surroundings if he went out with such a thing, however if this was what it took for him to level up, Taiyou had no hesitation to endure any kind of hardship.

Taiyou took the jumper with him and finally left his room.

The three sisters were waiting outside the hallway of his apartment complex. The girls had an expression of happiness on their faces mixed in with a tinge of shyness/bashfulness. Taiyou gave them a smile in return, and the four of them departed the apartment and headed together to school.

Well let’s not forget about the small floating fairy, so in total there was actually four people plus one.

「Well, will you tell me how I’m supposed to use this jacket in order to accumulate experience points?」

「Yes 〜. First of all you need to put it on desu〜」

「Like this?」

「After you finish wearing it, take it off and drop it on the ground desu〜」

「I’m supposed to intentionally drop it?」

「After you let it fall into the ground, you need to pick it up and wear it again, this action needs to be repeated over and over……」

「I remember seeing this in a kung-Fu movie!」

Taiyou stood still, similar to how the famous person in the movie took of the jacket, he threw his jacket down against the ground.

Taiyou suddenly lost his temper. The three sisters stopped their fluttering footsteps and watched over Taiyou and Hera as they conversed.

「More so than leveling this feels more like some sort of training」

「Taiyou-chan, you don’t like to train?」

「Watching the movie was cool and all, but doing this is not really one of my hobbies!」

「Is that so? but, but Taiyou-chan even if this looks like some sort of training, I guarantee that this will also raise your experience points desuyo〜」

「……….Seriously? 」

「seriously serious〜」

「……If that’s the case, well I’ve got no choice but to do it」

「Yes〜, Now this is starting to sound like my usual Taiyou-chan〜」

Hera had a big smile across her face, the four of them finally started walking again and headed towards school. Because it wasn’t really something Taiyou could do whilst walking, he grabbed the jacket and held it in his hands for the time being, he would later find a time in which he could do the action without attracting too much attention.

Suddenly, he notices that the three sisters were keeping silent.

When he was about to ask them what was wrong, he turned around and found out that they had a disheartened expression on their faces. “What’s wrong with them?” he tilted his neck in confusion.

「You guys, are you alright? Is there someplace you guys feel unwell? 」

When they heard Taiyou’s question the three girls deliberated with each other using their eyes. The representative that was chosen to talk to Taiyou was the smallest of the three Kazane.



「Taiyou-san you’re……..Really close with Hera aren’t you? 」

「Well, if you were to ask me whether I hated her more or liked her more…….」

Taiyou glanced at Hera before he made his answer.

「I don’t hate her」

Taiyou couldn’t be more straightforward and just claim that they had a good relationship with each other.

Even though Hera looked like a miniature character, after all she was a female with a girlish personality. It was at the point in his life where he couldn’t admit to having a good relationship with another girl without feeling awkward about it.

In addition, he wasn’t really comfortable with the way this conversation was going so he tried to steer the conversation into a more favourable one for him.

「Is there something wrong with our relationship?」

「Does Hera-chan feel the same way………As Taiyou-san? 」


He didn’t really understand what they were trying to say, or what they were trying to imply.

That was because of Hera’s miniature size—it made him unable to recognise her as another “female”.

If only she was just like the three sisters in relative size, and if she looked more like a human Taiyou would have definitely been able to understand what the sisters were trying to imply here.

However this was not the case and Taiyou was left absolutely clueless as to what they wanted to ask him.

「「「Is your relationship with Hera just like it is with us?」」」

Even after the three sisters said the question right in front of his face, Taiyou didn’t immediately understand right away.

Before long though, he finally figured out what they were implying when he looked at their expressions.

Taiyou was in a fluster as he panicked.

「no no no, of course it’s not anything like that, or more like that development is impossible to occur between me and Hera, right?」

「「「Is that really so?」」」

「Ahh, just think about it, the size of her body is so small, how am I supposed to make any sort of advances towards her」

「Ah〜 You are such a meanie 〜. What you just said was blasphemy to me desuyo〜」

「no please, can you just keep silent, you are just complicating matters even more」

「「「is that really so……..?」」」

The three sisters looked down and was in deep thought.

They weren’t totally convinced with what Taiyou said, that was the kind of expression on their faces. However, Taiyou was cautious and he didn’t want to really provoke the situation any further as he thought that it might have the opposite effect if he desperately tried to convince them, therefore he stayed silent. Taiyou waited for the conversation to die down.

However, somebody was trying to thwart his plans…………he felt like her actions were similar to performing some sort of unnecessary maintenance.

「I completely understand〜 The feeling’s you girls have〜」

「what do you mean by, feelings?」

「This is all stemming from the fact that Taiyou-chan is really indecisive and non-committal in the relationship desu〜, if you proceed to the next stage of the relationship these meagre problems will also go away desuyo〜」

「The next stage–」

Taiyou looked doubtful and he inclined his neck in confusion as he stared at both Hera and the three sisters.

Kotone, Suzune and Kazane. The girls no longer had expressions of worry, instead they had the face of a maiden who was shy and their cheeks blushed like a cherry blossom.

Putting the pieces together, along with the words “next stage”.

Taiyou was able to understand what Hera meant.

In an instant, his face was red as if it caught on fire.


The one being embarrassed was not only him. The two girls Kotone and Suzune covered their own faces and ran towards the school in a dash.

The last girl remaining Kazane was of course also feeling the heat, but she had a determined look on her face as she faced towards Taiyou.

「Anone (the thing is), we share the same feelings」

「Eh? ahh, yeah. You’ve told me about that previously」

「That’s why, I know…….They don’t dislike the idea」

Although Kazane was speaking in a roundabout manner, the main point was transmitted to him.

After saying this Kazane immediately took off after her two sisters, whilst staring at the backs of the three sisters Taiyou was just standing there with blank surprise.

His mind just blanked out.

The next stage——he was already at the stage of being their boyfriend, so the step after that must be…..

In other words—–the thing you do after you kiss.

He was fantasising about such things. He instinctively imagined the naked figures of the three sisters whom had the same face but different body sizes.

As a healthy high school boy, Taiyou couldn’t help but let his delusions run wild and his brain was becoming more pink coloured by the second.

「You have the face of a lolicon preda–tor」


Because he was suddenly talked to, he sprung up in surprise. When he turned around he saw the mysterious white girl he met yesterday, she was also staring the back of the three sisters.

「I said that I can sense the presence of a person with the Lolita com…..plex」 (Note: as usual she talks in broken sentences)

「I’m not a Lolicon !」

「But, you had such lecherous eyes, when you looked at those girls」

「Let me just clarify but Kazane is actually my class mate alright?! Furthermore they are actually a little older than me by a little bit, got it?!」

There’s a reason why I was so insistent on getting the message across.

When we first entered the school we were given an attendance number by the educational institution, this number actually decided the order of the students by their age. The three sisters had numbers in the single digits whereas Taiyou had a number that was in the double digits. Using that as a basis he was able to predict that they were around two months older than him.

However, the white girl seemed to have completely ignored his words.

「Even if you are a Lolicon, it’s alright. If it’s…….now, it won’t become a big, iss,ue」

「What are you saying! On the contrary if I truly was a Lolicon that’s a really big issue, it would get me hated by the whole world」

「However, if you were really a Lolicon, That would actually help me a lot. That’s because I won’t be targeted by you」

「Let me just make one thing clear, you actually look more like a Lolita than the average girl!」

Taiyou immediately retorted her words. Her height was around the same as Suzune however, when Taiyou looked at the size of her chest, he deemed her chest to be even smaller than Kazane.

When Taiyou pointed such a thing out to her, the white girl became overly surprised and slowly retreated from him.

「Don’t retreat silently!」

「Loli–con, Per-vert」

「Don’t say such things whilst retreating!」

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, I’m way smaller than the others, therefore if you want to…With me, it’s fine desuyo〜」

Please for goodness sake, you need to stay silent, he looked at her with that kind of glare. He thought that if this conversation was to proceed any further he definitely would be digging himself into a deeper hole. Therefore he forcefully changed the topic of the conversation.

「More importantly, what are you doing here?」

「I got, fired, from my, job」


「You, what did you do, to, the girl’s father?」

Taiyou nodded in understanding, “so that’s what this is about”.

Last night’s events floated within his mind.



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