Chapter 190 – Sunlight Nachtmusik – Impure Purity


Translator: Ranzan

「That reminds me, you’re okay, right?」
「What’s that mean?」
「Did your batteries run out yet?」
「What, so I’m yer next target now?」

Her expression hadn’t changed much, but Leticia now spoke in a teasing tone. She talked loosely about his impropriety, but he ignored this, staring straight at her.
There was no doubt that he had acted strangely today, but it wasn’t out of evil desires or anything. He asked about her because he was worried.
Strangely, he didn’t have the same desire well up for Leticia.
He had kissed her the same as Youran and Pochi, and even Sakura, who he had never kissed, he had felt emotions for.
But Leticia gave him completely no feeling.
With her, there was some reason that there was a desire, to put it clearly he felt that he had to be purified from his animal lusts.
He wanted to kiss her, he wanted that kiss no matter what things he would have to overcome.
But there was no more than that.
There was nothing more than a kiss he wanted.
Why? Even Taiyou thought it was mysterious and couldn’t explain it.

「Why ya lookin’ at me like that?」

As he looked straight at her, he saw her blush red for an instant, but then composed herself and blew it off as if nothing had happened.

「It’s okay, I ain’t losin’ my battery charge here.」
「I see.」

He was happy she was okay, but in another way he was happy as well.
A second relief, and as he thought about the reason, he smirked to himself.


He asked her and she bluntly turned him away.
He didn’t really hear her, but he was sure it wasn’t just a comment about something people normally talk about.

(Harem 65535, Popularity 0, that’s why…I’m less popular than most.)

He silently smiled to himself as he explained the fact in his mind.
He put things he couldn’t affect aside in his mind and turned his thoughts to things he had to think about.

「But…when does that happen to you, if you knew when, you could do something about it.」
「…I don’t really notice it…」
「Well, you should.」

Taiyou told her clearly.
You can’t just ignore this, he looked at Leticia as if to say.

「…ya wanna do something perverted with me?」
「I told you, no.」

He smirked and said it in a toneless expression.
It seemed there was a deep understanding between the two, and even if it seemed lame, he still was going to explain it off.

「I don’t think you want to do that kind of stuff anyway.」

He nodded firmly.

「Hm? Well, whatever.」

Leticia lightly scowled at him.

「You have no clue about when your batteries cut out, do you?」
「Nah, what do ya mean?」
「I see…」

The fact that she had no clue meant that they had to find the cause from reality, Taiyou thought.
As he rubbed his chin in thought, a man came out from the mansion.
He was a middle-aged white man with butler’s clothes. He was tall, and unlike the fierce looks that Leticia and Youran gave off, seemed looser and clamer as well.
He walked over to Leticia and asked her.

「What is it?」

It was surprising to see Leticia’s appearance change in front of him.
Not only her tone, but her total appearance.
The brilliance the moon gets when the sun sets from noon to sunset…that kind of atmosphere.
Taiyou was surprised by it, as the man simply continued his speaking.

「The preparations are ready.」
「I understand, we’ll leave as planned. Please inform Shingetsu no Kami and the others.」
「It will be done.」
「I don’t need you to walk me back, either.」

Leticia gave several commands to the man.
He nodded his head several times to her, while he counted on his fingers.
He repeated back the orders he had counted on his fingers, and once Leticia nodded, he returned back to the building.
Taiyou waited until he was gone, then turned to Leticia.

「What was that?」
「My butler.」

She returned back to her previous tone.

「No, it’s just you spoke differently with him.」
「Ya gotta talk to idiots like that in that way…that’s all.」

The idiot she was referring to was Youran.
Leticia and Youran, two close friends like that, each with an affable way of referring to each other.

「Yer just thinkin’ me talkin’ normal seems like puttin’ on airs, right?」
「I simply thought it was much more genteel.」
「Ya fool, I’m a princess, and I’ve come to Japan as a visit. I gotta act genteel sometimes.」
「I see, it makes sense I guess. But, I guess talking like that makes you seem unspecial, even though you still put off a high-class air.」
「Well, I’m the third princess.」
「Is that related?」

She nodded silently as an answer.

「I see.」

Taiyou nodded in imitation, and then returned to rubbing his chin in thought.

「What? What’re ya thinkin’?」
「Well, I like how you normally talk.」
「The fact you can act genteel, and the gap from that how you normally talk, it’s cute.」
「I would never know unless I saw both, but yeah, it’s cute.」

Taiyou grinned as he said this.
That other Leticia, and the Leticia in front of him now.
Both the first and second ones were cute. His usual type was the exact opposite, but there were now one or two common points between her and Taiyou.
After seeing it, he really wanted to kiss her, but anything more than that he didn’t.
He smirked at himself after thinking about it, while noticing that Leticia’s appearance had suddenly changed again.
Her eyes were wide open, mouth silent.
What’s wrong with her…he thought it it was strange.


Suddenly she fell like a marionette who had its strings cut. Like she had suddenly lost consciousness, she fainted.
He quickly ran up and held her.
He called her name again from close, but there was no answer.
Upon looking closely, the girl hadn’t completely lost consciousness. Her eyes were lazily half open, and he had seen her face like this several times before.
Her batteries were out. He didn’t know what really to call it, but that was the term between them.

「So sudden…」

He grimaced a bit. She had just said that she was perfectly fine, but now she was like this without a sign.

「…got to help.」

His heart suddenly raced, he held her and kissed her lips.
It was just a touch, like between a long-dating couple.
He was happy with that, he couldn’t do more.
After a moment, his Snow White came back to consciousness.

「Are you okay?」
「I’m glad you’re okay.」

Left at that, they didn’t say any more.
They looked at each other while she was nestled in his arms.
He thought he had to say something, but as he searched for the words, her mouth opened.

「I…I’m gonna be okay.」

She spoke, and pushed off of Taiyou’s chest.

「Lemme go…」

They separated, and both of them stood.
There was still an uncomfortable air between them, so Taiyou spoke the line he had prepared.

「As soon as we talked about it, your batteries cut. You’re going back to your country from now…will you be okay?」
「I…I’ll be fine. It was just an accident.」

Taiyou suddenly frowned.

「Wait, maybe you know when this is going to happen to you!?」
「I don’t! I…I don’t!」

She denied as strongly as she could.



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