Chapter 194 – Low Level Rebel / Push-out Throw-down


Translator: Ranzan

The sound of a chorus of cicadas surrounded them morning to night as it was halfway through August.
Though it was early morning, the school path was already covered in a hot haze. Taiyou walked along with his “two wives” there.
On his left side was Aoba Miki, with her happy smile that matched her long, straight ponytail.
On his right side were the three unmatched sisters Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane, who not only walked at the same time, but breathed and had their hearts beat the same time as well.
Even though they were his beloved women, they were also his classmates as they accompanied him to school in the middle of summer

「But, I wonder why our school has class in the middle of summer break?」

Taiyou, as he looked around, said. Dressed in the same school uniform, the other students walked along to school with him in a tedious manner, but they were also slightly excited that they could hang out with their friends again.

「It wasn’t like this last year.」

Oriyakata Academy was a combined middle/high school, but these summer days weren’t days to attend in middle school, so this was his first time experiencing this.
As he thought of this, he checked for the girls on his left and right again.

「I heard about that from Nakajima-kun.」

Because they were in front of others, the three didn’t speak as a chorus, but Kotone instead spoke as representative for the other two.
You could tell by their eyes, however, that they were all thinking the same thing she said.

「From Katsuki?」
「Yes. He said it was because of the incident that occurred last summer vacation.」

Taiyou frowned a bit. He was so busy with leveling up in his game at that time, he really paid no attention to what was happening in the real world.

「Yeah, the legendary sempai and school director of the Bloomer group collaborated and tried to get all the students, including the boys, to wear bloomers, but the knee sock group got the legendary sempai to band together with them to stop the movement.」*Translators note: bloomers “buruma” are very short gym shorts

「What the hell?」
All that weird info at once stunned Taiyou.
After hearing it once, he couldn’t understand what she was talking about…or probably the brain refused to accept it, so he was tempted to ask about it again.
However, it seems that Taiyou wasn’t the only one that didn’t understand.

「I don’t understand what that means, but I heard it from Nakajima-kun.」

After relaying the information even she seemed pained to understand what it meant.

「Yeah, well…you don’t have to take what he said seriously.」

The image of his friend floated inside his mind. Even though they hung out a lot together, he would always exaggerate to make the conversations smoother.

「Ah, I heard about that too. It was the legendarrry 『Doctor Miki-racle Incident』, right?!」
「So it had nothing to do with Kohaku or Hera then!」

Aoba oddly rolled her r’s in an odd attempt at a joke, which Taiyou reacted to like a flash of light.

「So I guess that is what happened.」

Aoba responded in her attempt at a joke, as Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane all responded with a knowing 「Oh…」. The non-human Hera, and the lolita-crone Kohaku.
Those two didn’t seem to have much in common, but both of them loved “those” weird type of jokes.
As the nonsensical conversation continued while they walked, Taiyou continued on with his family.

「Watch out!」

Suddenly, someone shouted from a distance, the voice of a high school girl’s scream.
Taiyou caution level quickly jumped.
He looked around him instantly, and saw a speeding car coming towards him.


His caution level quickly came down. He cooly took Aoba’s hand and pulled her behind him.
With the four girls behind his back, he turned to face the car.
The screams raised to a chorus as the car hurdled toward him.


The echo of collision reverberated around.
Taiyou had put both arms out to meet the oncoming car, locked into it, and now was pushing it to a stop.
Zzzzzzzrpp, the sound of tires grinding into the ground. Taiyou, however, as if he had grown roots into the ground wasn’t moved an inch.
The instant of collision was much closer to the force of a truck, but in the same amount of force, Taiyou had taken that directional force and stopped it.
The end of the car spring back, and the sound of destruction and airbags deploying blew out in chorus.
On the other hand, Taiyou reacted with a cool face.
Seeing his present look, one could see Taiyou had easily received the destructive force of the car into his body.
After the dust settled, all the screams around him changed to cheers.

「I heard about you, Taiyou Natsuno! You were out on the street and a four ton truck came at you, that you picked up and tossed away!」

His friend Katsuki Nakajima came into the classroom staring at him with a look of restrained excitement.

「News travels fast…someone’s exaggerating though!」
「What? You didn’t throw it?! Like just pick it up and toss it?」
「Of course not! How strong do you think I am? I just stopped a car that got loose, that’s all.」
「You stopped it? A car that got loose?」
「That’s still pretty awesome! You’re a titan!」

Katsuki had asked him with an attempted serious look, but now his face returned to amazement.

「Are you for real?!」
「Yeah, of course. What are you talking about?」

Taiyou tilted his neck as Katsuki continued in his amazed look.
After hearing all the commotion, a bunch of female high schoolers surrounded him.
These were a bunch of sociable girls, and the popular Katsuki spent some time answering questions for them.

「What? What happened Katsu-kun?」
「What got stopped?」

(I guess that story about the bloomers was all exaggeration.)
Katsuki mixed in a huge amount of exaggerations and embellishments with his excited story about Taiyou stopping the car. Taiyou not only tried to stop him, but attempted to clear up some of the things Katsuki said.
However, stopping an onrushing car on the street was in itself something else, so Taiyou wasn’t able to stop their admiration.
The girls, upon hearing this, looked up at Taiyou with glittering, worshipful eyes.

「Isn’t that something?!」
「Natsuno-kun’s not only fast, but strong too!!」

All the girls seemed to be saying at once.
He was lost at why they had said he was fast at first, but then he remembered the incident of him running in a dead heat against Kazama from the track club.
Where was he, anyway? As he looked around, Kazama had just arrived and was now approaching after hearing all the commotion.
He stood before Taiyou, and looked at him with challenging eyes.

「Let’s race again when the new semester starts. I won’t lose this time.」
「Yeah, sure.」

After being challenged, Taiyou responded with an ambiguous nod.
Kazama simply walked away after the challenge was given.

「Hey, Natsuno-kun!」

Until just now….and even now one girl from the excited bunch spoke to him.

「What is it?」
「You’re just so strong, Natsuno-kun…」
「Well, it’s only power.」
「Wow! Hey, show us something.」
「Even if you ask me…」

He said, but as he stroked his chin, he thought about it.

「Nakajima, would you?」
「Huh? What?」

He stood and walked over to Nakajima. 「Hey what are you doing!?」his face said as Taiyou reached out to Katsuki’s belt, and picked him up with his pinky finger.
With a pinky alone, he picked up the somewhat muscular youth.

「With a pinky? No way!」

Just then, a loud cheer erupted in the classroom. What Taiyou did was suddenly the focus of the whole class.
Not only their sight, but physically the curious students began to surround him.

「Hey, something else? Can you do something else?」
「Ah…oh yeah.」

Suddenly the focus of all the attention, the supremely popular Taiyou.
Even though Taiyou didn’t feel bad at being fawned over, since he had never been surrounded with this much adulation, he was a bit lost.
This continued until the all-school meeting time at the open of school.

After the announcement to meet was said over the speakers, Taiyou and all of his classmates made their way out of the classroom.
As he left the room, he saw Hera out of the corner of his vision.
Because most people couldn’t see her, it seemed she was flying back against the rush of all the students.
He stopped and watched the still-broken wings of her back flutter away from him.


The three sisters that had left the room with him were now looking at Taiyou with confused faces.

「Sorry, go on without me.」

The three seemed lost as he left them to follow Hera.

(I haven’t seen her since the morning, so what is she doing here?)

He was a bit worried. It was fine that she was here, she just didn’t have anything to do with the school.
He was a bit worried why she was here, as he followed her.
Since she was flying against the students into the farther part of the school, he noticed less and less students were going by as they made their way to assembly.
Finally, Hera turned to go down a hall of classrooms.
Taiyou chased after her, and turned the corner.
He could hear the impact echo inside his body, as he had bumped into something strongly.
It felt soft organic.

(Promise – Boy meets girl?)

He suddenly joked to himself.

「Owwww…oh, it’s you, Taiyou-chan, desu!」
「Why are you here?」

He had run into Hera retracing her steps.
He was wondering what the promise was, or maybe that there was none.
But then, here.

「This is like some stupid comedy skit.」

The twintailed girl before him, who had come as promised was standing there, the first time he had seen her in a school uniform.



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