Chapter 195 – Low Level Rebel / First Uniform


Translator: Ranzan

With her lustrous long hair tied into two ponytails by ribbons, Youran stood calm with her hands on her hips.
There was nothing really different in Youran Juunishima since the first time he met her, as she was composed with a sense of confidence and vigor.
He was used to her forcm, but Taiyou still rubbed his eyes in disbelief.
The reason why being that she was wearing the uniform of Oriyakata Academy .

「Why…are you dressed like that?」
「What, is it weird?」
「No, nothing strange about it…in fact, you look quite beautiful.」
「What are you talking about?」

Youran looked at Taiyou with shocked eyes, which in turned shocked him as well.

「…no, no big deal.」

Youran simply uttered, but with a somewhat blushing face.

「But you did surprised me, there’s no way I expected to meet you here.」
「Well, I don’t think a person like you would.」

As Youran said this, she held and twirled the hem of her skirt and collar.

「Hey, this is the first time I’ve been in a school uniform…does it look strange on me?」
「Nothing strange about you at all, desu. Taiyou thinks the same thing too.」

He could hear the voice of the fairy whisper into her ear.

「Yeah, what she said…so this is the first for you?」

Youran said with a curt nod.
No way, thought Taiyou.

「The first…so you mean the first time you’ve worn the uniform for this school?」

Taiyou timidly asked her, which she answered directly.

「This is the first time I’ve worn a uniform, period.」

Taiyou was astonished, as he had always imagined she had gone to some academy, because she was a princess.
However, the truth was above and beyond what he imagined.

「I’ve never gone to a school.」
「What, never gone? Since birth?」
「I never went either, desu!」

The cheerful Hera responded, which they quickly ignored.

「That’s what I said.」
「No way…」
「My studies…knowledge and all were covered by a home instructor.」
「That’s not the problem though. Why are you talking about that?」
「I was busy as a child, that’s all. Instead of being bound to certain times of school, any time that I had free a home instructor would teach me as a more effective method.」
「Yes, you understand, right?」

Taiyou took a second to mull over Youran’s words, then softly nodded.
If you think only about getting knowledge, it’s true that her way was more effective. School…rather, compulsory education seemed to be better at developing general personal skills, but it wasn’t the most effective way of simply deriving knowledge.
If you were to look solely at gaining knowledge alone, Taiyou agreed with Youran’s words. But even as he pondered it, he had to feel a bit of mixed emotions about it.

「So, is this your first time coming to a school?」
「No, it’s not. We had a school by out board chairman, and he taught us as the manager there.」
「So you were a student?」
「I’ve never been a student yet.」

Youran responded with a bright disposition.
Her response seemed to be off, implicitly stating this was her first time.
He became even more conflicted about his thoughts, but, he didn’t know how to address it, so he simply continued the conversation.

「So, why did you come all the way here?」
「To inspect.」
「Yes, I was worried at first, but now I’m at ease.」
「What does that…」
「Hey, I have something to ask of you though.」
「Something to ask?」

He repeated her words like a parrot.
Youran’s request…Youran Shingetsu no Kami Juunishima’s request.
He first had a bad impression at the request of a girl in charge of an island with a million people, that she made it so quickly.
But a girl that put her hands together and winked an eye at him while saying 「Please!」was so unbearably cute, without asking any of the details, Taiyou simply said 「Yes.」

Almost all the students were now standing out on the unshaded school grounds, lined up by classes. Along with the late Taiyou, Youran, and Hera were the other late students filtering in.
The assembly had yet to begin, and the students now quietly asked each other what was happening.

「What is this?」

In the middle, Taiyou heard Youran ask him from behind.

「School assembly.」

Remembering that she had never been in a school before, he had to explain what was happening, and not just tell her the name of what it was.

「Everyone gathers up together like this, and the principal and teachers brief the students in their own ways.」
「Hmm, so there’s something like this in school too?」
「School too?」
「Yeah, we used to do this all the time when I was a kid. All the maids in the mansion would gather weekly, and acknowledge the hardest worker out of all the maids. I was really into rewards and punishments back then.」
「You’ve got some weird interests.」

As he said this, he thought she was a strange girl.

「Whatever…but yeah, it is the least offensive way to manage a large group of people altogether.」
「That’s a point blank way of saying it.」
「Don’t you think so as well?」
「…I guess I do.」
He breathed in once, and nodded.
He didn’t think she said it totally correct, but her way of thinking was correct. He had never thought about that before, but now that she had it made sense.
Her way of speaking fit her personality to a tee.
As he thought about this, he wanted to honor the prestige of Youran being in such a place like that, so he agreed with her as if he had been thinking of it himself.

「That reminds me, where is the student president of this school?」

Youran’s request. She wanted him to tell her who the student president of this school was.
He didn’t know why she had wanted to know, but he wasn’t reluctant to tell her.
Because it was precisely the time for an all-school assembly, he had brought her along with him.
Now that she had asked again, he nodded, and looked over at the podium.
There was no one standing on it, but below several teachers and students were standing.

「Do you see that student over there with his hair parted on the side of his head?」
「Yeah, is that the student president?」

Taiyou nodded.

「Heh, he looks so normal.」

He tilted his head and asked Youran.

「You knew it when you saw him?」

As he asked, for some reason Youran stared back at him.
He winced a bit, thinking that perhaps he had hurt her feelings.

「Hey, when you first saw me, you knew that I was a refined princess, right?」
「Yeah, I guess so.」
「It’s the same. His face…and his figure is somehow normal. Somehow…he seems like he might be good at school, but it’s the type of face where you can’t tell whether he’s smart or just a hard worker, right?」
「Someone like that…」
「You don’t know what someone like that looks like?」

Taiyou grimaced in a smile, he had been addicted to games until just recently, so he didn’t know what type of person fit the role of a student president.

「Compared to you, you’re better in a way…hmm.」

She said, turned her head, and then said,

「Way better, I guess.」

He was surprised at the sudden compliment.

「Wait, why…I’m not that great, right?」
「You should be a bit more self-aware. I won’t say is because your status numbers are high. That has little to do with it.」

She had already said what he was going to ask, so he just stood there, lost.
What could she mean, he thought as Youran had said some words with deep meaning to him.

「Yeah, you’re way better than him. People can rely on you.」
「What does that mean?」
「Hey, listen. Why don’t you be student president?」

She suddenly asked, as Taiyou stood amazed.



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