Chapter 197 – Low Level Rebel / Shit!


Translator: Ranzan

His heart beat quickly.
He went over her words again and again.

—It’s a waste, right? Those things ONLY I should know about.

What did she mean by that?
Even if she didn’t think much about it, he was at the age he should have responded if she pointed out something (that seemed) good. After all, she was the one that helped him get out of some perilous positions.
His response of his heart beating quickly was natural.


Her expectations of him might just turn out to be a delusion.

「…chan! Taiyou-chan!」

He jolted and turned.
In that moment, his back muscles groze.
He remembered that fear. As he looked around in haste, in that place away from Hera, he saw someone flip in the air with a pose like a track runner in a counting start.
If he was one second slower someone could have struck him in a sensitive place…so Taiyou was relieved.

「Who said?」
「Who iiiiiiiis iiiiiiiit?」

As he was about to attack, he felt arms stretch from behind him, and cover his eyes.

「Ah, looks like I was too late, desu!」

It was Hera this time, and he knew she had tried to warn him, but she was a second too late.
He could feel soft hands cover his face, and two large breasts push up against his back.
A cute voice with some pluck to it. It was a different voice from those he had heard, and he couldn’t distinguish whom it was.
Kohaku, Youran, Shirokiyami.
All of those floated in his mind, but their touch and voices were all different.

「Who iiiiiiiis iiiiiiiit?」
He was asked again, and didn’t know the answer.
He tried to think of someone, maybe even the mother of Aoba, Atsuko, as a candidate for who it was.
The voice and…the large breasts pushed into his back. He didn’t know…he had no mammary of breasts like those.
Because he was completely lost at the identity of the one behind him, he was confused.
It was very possible it wasn’t one of his wives, so he was at his wit’s end.
He couldn’t see, so Hera shouted out to him in relief.

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, it’s Akiha, desu!」

Now he understood.
A girl like her would do something like this, as he remembered her from long ago.
It was hard to recall from all the other things he had been through, but he finally recalled her full name.

「Akiha Aoyama.」

Finally, she returned her voice to one he had heard before.
Since she removed her hands, Taiyou took a step away and spun around.
As he separated himself from her, he could see Akiha in a uniform a pace before him.
He stared at her wild smile and free and open stance.
Taiyou and Akiha, just two people standing before the school gate while other students walked by.
One by one the students passed by on their way away from school.
He was looking around at them leaving, conscious that possibly Youran was there as well, but she wasn’t anywhere to be found.

「What are you up to?」
「Nothing really.」

Hmph, Akiha tilted her head, not really taking notice, and then returned to her trademark bright smile.

「Even so, you knew who I was pretty fast. I thought I was better at changing my voice.」
「Yeah, I didn’t know by your voice.」
「Hm? Then how did you know?」
「Heh, heh.」

Hera laughed proudly above them. Of course, Akiha couldn’t see her.
He couldn’t tell her the truth, so he tried to make up something.

「Your spirit.」
「Spirit, like in the comic books?」
「Oh, wow!」

Taiyou suddenly felt nostalgic.
Remembering that incident with Aoba, it was a habitual way she asked him about things over and over.

「So you can do things like that?」
「Yeah, I guess.」
「I see, I see. So, why are you just hanging around a place like this. Oh, I got it!」

Question, answer, question, answer.
She had a quick tempo not like the girls usually around him.

「You must be thinking about Aoba, right?」
「Wait, no? Aoba told me a lot of stuff a while ago, I was just thinking that.」
「A lot?」
「Muh fuh fuh fuh.」

She put her hand to her mouth and laughed happily.

「Some nice…things!」
「Nice…what did she tell you!?」

He couldn’t think of what she meant, so he asked.

「Yeah, you know.」

She laughed suggestively and pointed at Taiyou.
He could quickly feel his face becoming red.
He still tried to act ignorant about what she meant.

「Even if you say ‘you know’ to me…」
「It’s nothing embarrassing to talk about…your first time sounded really nice!」

She patted him on the back.
He cleared his throat.

「Aoba seemed so happy about it. I mean, of course, right? To have someone she loves be so devoted to her.」
「Well, I…」

As he said this, he glanced over at the students mumbling something about them.
Akiha just kept talking without noticing.

「Hey, so now that you’ve had Aoba, your harem’s now at five people, right?」

Taiyou resigned himself as anything he tried to say wouldn’t stop her.

「Yeah, I guess.」

Even though it was only three, he couldn’t tell her.

「So you all are having a loving together?」
「I guess so.」

He was prepared for some tough questioning, so now he was calm with the softball questions she was tossing.

「So, it’s perfect for you.」
「Yeah, it is.」

Thinking about Akiha’s word 「perfect」he thought, yeah, it is perfect in a way.
He nodded firmly and looked at her.
She tilted her head at his gaze.

「What’s up?」
「…it’s like that, I guess.」
「What? What is it?」
「Well, could I ask you something?」
「Ask? To me?」
「Yeah, there’s a girl a lot like you I know, and I wanted to ask you something about her.」
「Heh, heh, so this is going to be number six in your harem?」
「Uh, no.」
「Well, then number 100?」
「Why did you go that far?」
「Well, look, with the way you’re going, you could put together a 100 girl harem…」
「Stop talking like I’m a first grader.」
「Ok, number seven in your harem, then!」

Hera said.

「So, what about me asking?」
「Sure, go ahead.」

Akiba answered instantly, and Taiyou liked the fresh way she answered him quickly without asking the contents of his questions.

「Thanks, I can’t just ask you here though. Let’s go somewhere.」

Akiha answered happily, and stood beside him, with her arm in his.
Squish, he could feel her boob push against him again.
It was so sudden, he quickly pulled back.

「W, what are you doing?」
「What do you mean, I just put my arm around yours.」
「Just put your arm around mine? Why?」
「Thanks for the discussion…what? Did you think I was just going to listen to you?」
「No, I mean, thanks is normal, but I didn’t think this was a way of showing thanks.」
「I see, well, I’m going to walk arm in arm with Taiyou Natsuno from Oriyakata Academy. Isn’t that reward enough for you?」
「Let’s go!」

She pulled them as they walked along.

「See, all the other girls look jealous too!」

He looked around him as she said this. It was true that some girls were looking enviously at them.
He suddenly became aware of a group of three girls looking in their direction and whispering quickly about them.
His face got a bit red as he realized they were probably envious.
It was right after Akiha said it, so he was a bit conscientious about what they were talking about.

「Wait a second.」

Noticing this, Hera went out to scout them out. She flew to the girls and eavesdropped into their conversation invisibly.
After a second, she returned to tell Taiyou.

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-cahn, out of those girls, the one on the right would like to be in Akiha’s position, desu.」
(Are you kidding…)

He was surprised, he didn’t think that they really were envious of Akiha.

「And the girl in the middle wants to beat you to death for touching her precious Akiha, desu!」
「A lesbian all the sudden?!」

Taiyou suddenly reacted to the invisible Hera without thinking about it.
But that was the punchline to all of this, and he gulped hoping there was no reaction.

「So then, so then, the girl on the left said that Akiha was a cheat for stealing you…desu.」


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