Chapter 20: Although it’s an illegal marriage there should be no problem if there’s love right?

Taiyou and the white girl was walking side by side.

Although Taiyou was perfectly normal looking as he wore his school uniform on the way to school, the white girl gave a sense of incompatibility as she had long hair that dropped to the back of her knees and more importantly she was actually wearing a goth-loli dress.

The students who walked past them would show expressions of confusion and marvel at the get up she was wearing.

Perhaps the person herself was accustomed to being looked at in such a way, she just continued to talk to Taiyou without worrying about it at all.

「What did you, do?」

「I used my powers of persuasion, just a bit of it」


Taiyou nodded, he grabbed a little stone pebble that was lying on the floor, and he applied pressure and tightly grasped the stone.

The stone shatters into dust and it spills in between his fingers falling to the ground.

「All I did was tie him up, whilst I fixatedly stared at his nether regions, then all I had to do was show him what I could do, just like I just showed you with the stone」

「Is there………A meaning to those act-ions? 」

「Well you are a girl so you probably don’t understand」

Taiyou picked up another pebble and this time around, he stared at a passing schoolboy (at his lower body) and he squished the pebble to dust.


The school boy was terrified and he quickly ran away. He held his hands between his groins and hurriedly ran away to school.

「You may not know this but, to a guy this particular action is considerably effective」

「But, you didn’t actually say, anything persuasive」

「Well, don’t fret about it too much, as long as it works its fine isn’t it? I achieved my objectives and that’s good enough」

「As long as you achieve your goals, are you the type of person that………Doesn’t care about the methods? 」

「That’s not true」

Taiyou shakes his head.

「On the contrary I place extreme importance in the methods I use….The best…I will analyse my options at the time and I will only choose the best and most efficient method to accomplish my goals」

「I under-stand」

For a while the white girl just remained silent. Taiyou was walking side by side with her and he gave her a side long glance.

Although her chest was hopelessly small, her looks were unmistakably very beautiful.

Although she looks like she is of pure Japanese origin just from her facial features, due to her outfit she wore, she gave off the atmosphere of a European girl.

She was like a Elven beauty and Taiyou couldn’t help but to admire her looks.

「Want to have a go at, me?」


Taiyou was feeling embarrassed because he had been staring at her all this time and he had probably been caught red handed.

「My Mist-ake」

The white girl clears her throat.

「Wanna……..Fight me, huhh? 」(Note: she’s talking like a yakuza)

「Is that where you’re going with this?!」(TL: it seems that the girl didn’t realize Taiyou was checking her out and instead, thought that his stare was like a challenge to fight 😛 )

「Which one do…..You think suits me better? 」


「So….Wanna come at me? 」

「Why are you switching the way you talk every second? No I don’t want to pick a fight with you, and neither accents are good」

「If you don’t want to, then. Dish out the ca-sh」

「There is no logical connection with what you just said?! Well I understand where you are coming from but! 」

Although Taiyou was shouting out, he actually knew where she was going with this.

After all Taiyou broke her beloved katana sword which was actually worth a whopping 10 million yen in their last fight.

It’s natural that she would chase after him.

Taiyou pondered for a while, however it was impossible・・he definitely couldn’t pay her back, but as at same time he couldn’t just say no to her.

「…….I can’t pay you back right now, if you could please be patient with me that would save me」

「You will re-turn, it?」

As per usual she had her own unique way of pronouncing the words, but it was obvious that the white girl was actually surprised at his willingness to pay her back.

「Aren’t you the one asking me to pay for it?」

「That’s also true………….But I didn’t really think you’d actually want to pay me back」

「Wasn’t that one of your favourite swords? You even called it “my child”」

「That is, true」

「In that case I’ve got no choice but to pay you back. Although I’m not sure you will be satisfied by just getting some money as compensation」

Taiyou’s thoughts wandered to the save data files he had in his room on the wooden shelf and he thought about how the white girl called her sword “my child”, most likely the value she had on her sword is similar to how much he valued those save files in the shelf.

「Don’t worry, I still have my other child……..『Reverse-Heaven Reversal』that’s why its fine」

Taiyou was pondering what she meant. He thought that she was possibly referring to her other sword the rumoured national treasure.

That was the correct answer, just as he expected, the white girl pulled out a sword with a plain wooden sheath…….from within her skirt, a place he would never expect someone to keep a sword in.

「Where the heck did that sword just come from?!」

「It comes out from here, this is the basic foundational training a beautiful girl swordsman must go through……………It took me 15 years to, master it」

「Isn’t there things in life to invest that is way more important than that?! Do you even need such a skill?!」

「Indispensable. It’s magic so……….It’s perfect for a……….party trick/stunt」

「You’ve even planted a seed in preparation for such a thing?!」

「I want to……..See your seed」

「That is totally irrelevant to the conversation, what exactly are you implying!?」

「The seed……..Of your strength」 (Note: she wants to know the Origin of his strength i.e. Hera, but she’s asking in a really sexual manner 😛 for those of you who don’t get it)

「So that’s what you were referring to, yes, alright! Your Japanese is totally nonsensical/a mess/ incoherent, you know that?! 」

「It’s fine, rather than being a Japanese……….In this day and age, it’s more advantageous to be known as a foreigner」

「Do you really think people will mistake you for a foreigner?!」

In actuality Taiyou was not so sure about it himself.

「Anyways, Please let me pay you back, although you may have a replacement for the sword, this and that is a separate issue. However. I am still a student after all, so if you could wait a little bit, I would really appreciate it. Also if you could let me pay you back in smaller instalments that would also help a lot」

「That is…….」


「Even if it’s not money, is that okay with you?」

「You aren’t going to tell me to pay it off with my body right?!」

Recently, the amount of people who were conversing with him with ero implications/connotations was becoming a more regular occurrence, therefore he was totally on guard when she mentioned a different method of payment.

「Yeah…..That’s what I’m say-ing」

「You are?!」

「But, it’s not the kind of ecchi thing you’re thinking, about」

「Eh? It’s not? 」

「It’s not……….Perhaps, you were hoping for, it? 」


Taiyou’s face boiled up like a crab. ………..That’s because there was a half-truth in what she said.

「It’s regrettable, however……….It’s not something, ecchi. If that’s what you want, I’ll take money」

「If you take money that would make it illegal, you’d get caught」

「It’s safe,  coincidently, I can take a bath to get rid of……..The evidence–」

「That’s a totally old tradition!」

After making his grand retort, Taiyou let out three sighs in succession.

「At any rate, I will definitely pay you back even if it takes me a long time. Is that fine with you? 」

「Yeah, it’s good」

He thought she was going to say something weird again, but the response that came back was really meek. “I wonder what’s wrong” Taiyou thought such things as he took a quick glance at her face—.

Suddenly, Taiyou’s heart beat was throbbing.

So far he had felt indifferent towards the white girl’s mouth, however for some reason this time around her lips looked really soft.

He thought that her lips was extremely cute and beautiful.

…………He had a sudden impulse of wanting to embrace her.

As if she knew what he was thinking, the white girl stopped walking, she came right besides Taiyou, whom was also currently just standing still.

She extended her pure-white slender hand towards Taiyou’s to feel his chest.

「You…….Are burning, up….aren’t you? 」

When he relaxed his guard, she blew his mind with words that were even more obscure than before.

The three sisters who headed off towards school earlier than Taiyou did not go to class, instead they went straight up the stairs and into the rooftop. Because they were slightly flustered by the previous event, they were a little confused as to what kind of expression they should have when they next met Taiyou.

Under the blue sky, the three sisters were facing each other. Even though they’ve spent 16 long years in each other’s company, this was the first time their faces had been so crimson red.

「Koto-chan, Kaza-chan. The next stage, what exactly is the next stage? 」 (Suzu speaking)

「Don’t ask us things you already know! Or more like stop thinking such strange thoughts, even I’m starting to get effected and my hearts beating so fast!」 (Kotone speaking)

「If we are talking about that, Suzu-chan is also thinking about ecchi thoughts」 (Kazane speaking)

「No I’m not, Kaza-chan is the one thinking the most lewdest thoughts」 (Suzu speaking)

「It’s true, this time around, the one thinking the lewdest thoughts is Kaza-chan」 (Kotone Speaking)

「Uuuu…….」 (Kazane speaking)

Kazane who was getting cornered by both her sisters could only wince.

Although she looked nothing like a high school girl, and more like a primary school girl, out of the three sisters, she was the one with the most perverted thoughts. Although all three girls were fantasising about Taiyou, Kazane was having wild delusions as to the things he would do to her “young body”.

In the end, the difference was the degree of imaginations. Right now though the three sisters were in their own fantasy world, and they were expectant on what came after.

Suddenly, Kotone remembered something.

「Hey guys, when its time…….. To do it with him, what should we do? 」

Suzune and Kazane were both taken aback at Kotone’s words.

Would they simultaneously do it together? Or would the three sisters receive it separately? ……Or, maybe they could just become one person・・・・・・and do it together?

「Can’t we, catch him somehow……..?」

Kazane mumbled such things and Suzune and Kotone became silent.

When they were pondering what to do, the door in the rooftop made a noise and someone opened it.

When they turned around, a certain classmate with a pony tail glared at them as she made her entrance.

☆2015/04/07 Post Script☆  Memo written about the progress at the 20th chapter

Level】 5

Main Abilities

Strength: 30

Charm 65535

Popularity: 0

Skill: Long Distance Immunity

His Valuable Possessions

Debt of around 10 million yen

A broken smart phone

One room apartment

An annoying fairy


Still none


Hayakawa Kotone, Suzune and Kazane

Junishima Sakura

White Girl

People who can see Hera

Hayakawa Kotone, Suzune and Kazane



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