Chapter 201: Chopping Board and Blue String


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 Having returned home (Taiyou Castle), Taiyou was by himself.

 Hera was not with him. As soon as she had returned with information, he had sent her right back to Akiha.

 In order to get further accurate information.

(I’ll just……forget about it for now)

 He still hadn’t determined “that” was the case. There might be some sort of misunderstanding.

 So he thought to put it off for the time being.

 His hand gripping the doorknob, he took a deep breath before regaining his composure and entering inside.

「I’m back」

 The door opened with a clank. The two who had no need to attend school were there in the living terrace visible from the entrance hall, house-sitting.

 ”Loli Baba” Kohaku as well as Pochi, who had formally become her foster daughter the other day.

 The two of them were in the living terrace, and for whatever reason Kohaku was rubbing her breasts thoroughly.

 While the drooping fruits were crushed and shifting shape by small hands, Pochi tightly shut her eyes, seemingly enduring even the urge to show her displeasure.

 Taiyou was dumfounded at the extreme sight before him.

「Hey Husband, ye’ve come at quite the good time」

「……What exactly are you doing?」

「Please save me, Fatherrr」

 Pochi sought for help with tear-filled eyes.

 The young elderly woman who was rubbing the girl’s huge breasts from behind also had something in her hands.

 She was holding a blue ribbon with about the same length as Pochi’s waist.


 Taiyou pointed with an exasperated expression at what she was holding.

 He felt like he had seen that item somewhere before, although he prayed that it wasn’t “that”.

「Ye’ve come back at a good time, Husband. Now then, please hold down Pochi with that superhuman strength of yers. When ye do that, I be attaching this god rope」

「I did think either you or Hera would do that eventually!」

 While giving a forceful quip, he went toward both of them.

 Kohaku and Hera. The two of them loved subculture references.

 Kohaku especially would often acquire popular references in real time, being that she normally had free time in her old age.

「It is fine for you to do that, but at those times please do it by yourself」

「The mere thought of tying this blue cord around a flat chest be blasphemous to the producer who birthed such a miracle」

「It’s already blasphemous for you to do that right now!」

「It be respect」

「In what way!」

「Still, big breasts really be the best way. And the one with the largest breasts in our house be this here Pochi. Then can ye not see the answer now?」

「Is there no such option as “don’t do it”」


 Kohaku said distinctly.

「……Seriously, could you please restrain yourself with those kinds of jokes, Kohaku-san」

「Nothing be born beyond restraining oneself. The advancements in this world be birthed from constantly attempting things like driving cars into cliffs」

「Isn’t that just a chicken race?!」

「Now, I wonder what be becoming of this?」

 Kohaku said, wrapping the blue ribbon around Pochi.

 The blue ribbon was biting into her breasts from above the clothing. Seeing that, a part of Taiyou unconsciously reacted.

 Youran, Sakura, and Pochi.

 Perhaps it was the blood of the Juunishima Family, but every female Taiyou knew from there all had nice breasts. Enough to where it would be no exaggeration to put them into his “best three”.

 The blue ribbon cut into the chest of one of those three, Pochi.

 Taiyou unconsciously gulped.

 As if she had heard that, Kohaku looked at him, twisting the corner of her mouth into a smile.

「It seems that we’d best leave it to these big breasts after all, eh」

 Kohaku lifted up her daughter-n-law’s arms from behind.

 Her thick and heavy breasts were lifted over her arm area that was tied with a blue ribbon.


 Pochi let out a frantic voice unbefitting of her youthful appearance.

「P-Please stop it, Mother……M、My……」

「”My” what?」

「M-My boobs……」

「What about yer boobs?」

 While keeping her arms lifted from behind, she whispered into her ears, torturing her with her words.

 The pressed Pochi became red with shame.


 Atop the blue ribbon on Pochi’s clothes.

 Two dots protruded.



 The blue ribbon came off, and the protrudence ricocheted like a bowstring.

 The sound of “boing” directly echoed into his head.

 Pochi was stiff all the way to her toes, body twitching.

 Taiyou unconsciously became pigeon-toed, squirming.

 He desperately tried to remain calm, telling himself that he mustn’t. He furtively searched for a topic, and he said the first thing that came into his head.

「Hey, I want to ask you just in case, Kohaku-san. You don’t also swing that way, right?」


 Kohaku inclined her head with a vacant expression, and even Taiyou thought “Am I an idiot” after saying it.

 It was more evident than anything that she didn’t have the slightest grounding in that area when right after understanding everything he was saying, she groped Pochi’s breasts with an even lewder smile, displaying it to Taiyou.

 Though she was released from Kohaku, Pochi was not allowed to separate the blue ribbon.

 Having her breasts emphasized by a fantastic item, Pochi sat beside Taiyou and Kohaku in an embarrassed manner.

 Kohaku, the perpetrator, sat on Taiyou’s lap in a normal appearance.

「Kukuku, I see, so Husband was worrying that even I might be lesbian」

 Kohaku laughed from the back of her throat with a truly enjoyable smile.

「No, I wasn’t exactly…」


 After she had laughed for some time, she lifted her face, giving him a smooch.

「I be Husband’s. The only one I love or be loved by be Husband」

「That’s embarrassing in its own way though」

 Despite saying that, Taiyou was relieved.

 He had compiled all sorts of experience as of recently, but even he had no experience with that area of things.

 Even if there were truly someone with those sorts of interests within his brides, he probably wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

「Well, this body in its entirety be presented to Husband. If I be told to do it I can」

「I will not be saying that so please stop that」

「The blue cord as well……Or if there were something wrapped around the plank be to yer taste than that also be a possibility」

 She pursed her lips on that last part. Her expression seemed to be saying that she would rather play lesbian.

「Do as you please in that area! And why are you displaying disapproval to that other idea!」

「It be difficult to revolt against the wrath of the masses. Husband, even you would get in a fit of anger if you were to see an illustration of that string attached to a flat chest on the internet, nay?」

「Not to that point! I would just be sullen!」

「Come, Pochi, lift up your arms」

「Uu……Like this?」

 Pochi lifted up her arms, cord digging into her boobs as she did so.

 This shouldn’t have been the first time he had seen this, and yet Taiyou reacted firmly, giving a gulp sound from his throat.

「Kukuku, oh Pochi, ye must spend a little more time in that appearance」

「Whaat, but this outfit is……embarrassing for me」

「Yer to do it」

 She didn’t sound like she was giving any options.


「No, please give it a rest, as that gives me a dangerous impression」

「Husband, yer much too caring」

「And I would kindly ask you to remember to be more considerate about various things!」

 Taiyou quipped.

 Aoba came home. Saying that she was home and entering the living terrace, she looked blankly at Pochi’s appearance.

「Pochi-chan, what’s up with that ribbon?」


「Pochi, ye can go ahead and remove it」

 By this point she was definitely a pitiful sight, so she had said that for her sake.


 She sought direction from Kohaku’s expression. Taiyou hid Kohaku’s face with his hand.

「This is an order from Master’s Master. Go ahead and remove it」


 Gaining permission, Pochi leaped into her and Kohaku’s room.

 No doubt she would slowly remove it there.

「What in the world was that?」

「You see――」

 He explained to Aoba, who was unclear about the situation.

「So that’s what happened……」

「Seriously, Husband is such a lecher. He was even turned on to the point of swallowing his saliva」

「No no……」

 Although Taiyou couldn’t quite say with confidence that he hadn’t. After all, it was the unmistakable truth that he had been aroused by the big breast cord.

「Natsuno-kun, do you……like that sort of thing?」

 Aoba looked up at him, examining his face.


「If Natsuno-kun likes it, I……wouldn’t mind doing it, you know?」

「Like I said, please don’t do that. Cause if that happened then things would get problematic」

「……Yeah, you have a point」

 Aoba nodded. For some reason, she looked down at her chest, soon dropping her shoulders as well.

「With boobs like mine……it wouldn’t be enjoyable, huh」

「No, I’m not talking about that sort of thing!」

「Well, it not be fitting for any of us」

 Kohaku said clearly. The utter opposite of the depressed Aoba, she was quite accepting.

(Although her eyes aren’t happy)

 Taiyou thought.

「Me, ye, Kotone and the three sisters are losers when it comes to chests」

「……Guess I’ll do it」

「That ye will. Now, Husband, ye’ll help if we be asking, nay?」


「Help us with making our chests bigger」

 After staring vacantly, he understood what Kohaku was saying.



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