Chapter 203 – Harem Combo Result


Translator: Ranzan

Kohaku, then Aoba. The two attached themselves to Taiyou’s body.
Neither of them seemed like they were going to speak, either.
Not with words, but with shared breaths.
In a silence where you could almost hear a pin drop, he calmly, calmly spent his time.
No fierce kissing or sloppy caresses.
Just being there, together, bodies together.


Just like that he was very satisfied.
He felt fulfilled, but he didn’t understand how great of a thing it was.
Even for a sixteen-year-old youth with desire from the lower half of his body that could easily surpass his ability to reason, it was a bit early for him to take the next step.
It was very hard for him to presently understand why.
Suddenly, she could feel Aoba’s fingers tracing up and down his arms.

「Natsuno-kun, you don’t have a lot of muscle.」
「Hm? Yeah, I don’t even lift.」
「But you still have so much power.」

She was swirling her fingers over his arms.
Like someone touching a baby’s skin, at the same time, Aoba was stroking his heart.
Somewhere between affection and attraction, he answered Aoba’s question.

「Well, it’s because of all the leveling up. My status numbers are pretty low. I’m pretty much the same as a normal person.」
「That’s not true at all, ruff.」
「Just leave all that ruff stuff alone for once.」
「Even though you’re trying to act plain, your stats are excellent compared to before, ruff.」

Maybe because she liked it, Kohaku continued with her ruff talking.
Her usual knowledgeable presence was lost into her way of speaking, and now became comical and cute.

「Excellent, what do you think is excellent?」
「Your status is way better than usual, it’s excellent, ruff. You’re the greatest husband ever, ruff.」

He became embarrassed at being complimented directly like that.just hearing the same words said back wasn’t an answer, he wanted to say, but the words didn’t emerge.
Either way, he kept asking Kohaku.

「You’re just playing favorites with me, that’s all.」
「It’s not just playing favorites, ruff.」
「No, not just…」

Taiyou watched the two girls exchanged glances.
The two girls understood something together. They both spoke sincerely, and he wondered what they were saying.
They looked at each other, and their eyes seemed to communicate something.
Finally they both exhaled with a soft smile.

「The fact that you love of us.」
「Ruff, ruff.」

No doubt, that was something he couldn’t deny.
Hearing that he was so embarrassed he wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

「Well, I…」
「Thank you, husband.」

Kohaku said this with an earnest face.

「Thank you for loving me and all the others. When we’re together, you love us a lot more than other girls, so thanks.」

Kohaku continued to compliment him.
That was his promise to them. After he started the relationship, the promise right afterwards.
Instead of trying to love all equally, loving the one he’s with above all the others.
He protected that promise, no, it was natural for him.

「Of course…」

All of his embarrassment disappeared quickly.

「All of you, it’s just a natural thing. When you’re in front of me, I can be with you. Because you cute girls are in front of me, at that time, I love you all so it’s jut natural.」
「Thanks for also not feeling guilty when you’re thinking of the others too.」
「Of course, feeling guilty, I just can’t deny you when we’re together.」

He said that as they watched him.
He said it with all his heart.

Even if he was with Kotone and the others afterwards, he couldn’t remember about ever feeling guilty about others that weren’t there.
It would be a blasphemy for the time we were together, a dirtying of the happiness, he honestly felt.

「Thank you, Natsuno-kun…I love you.」
「Husband, I love you too, ruff.」
「I told you to cut out that ruff talk!」

A bit slovenly way to react, but there was no anger in his voice.
After he yelled at her, he kissed both Kohaku and Aoba with a light peck.
Then they all became laid-back again.

「Even so…」

Kohaku suddenly said. She didn’t look at Taiyou, but instead over at Aoba.

「You really have gotten a lot cuter.」

She had returned to her old tone as she complimented Aoba. Aoba cast down her eyes in embarrassment.

「A…are you sure?」
「Yes, you’re very cute now. You were a cute one before, but now that you know love, it’s like you’ve really blossomed.」

As she was told this, her face turned red.
She looked at Kohaku, then glanced at Taiyou, and put her face down again.
That gesture of hers was terribly cute.

「Just like usual, husband…ruff.」

She changed tone again, and continued to imitate a dog.

「You really love that doggie thing.」
「Kuweeen, kweeen.」

She whimpered again and put her face against his chest.
She had kind of lost it, an elderly young girl.
It was a bit weird, but nothing bad.

「Kohaku, you too…are really cute.」
「Yeah, you are.」
「Ruff, ruff!」

She responded to the compliments in barks.

「Also, you’ve gotten a lot cooler than before, Natusno-kun. Not just with the whole status thing, but you yourself have.」

Aoba said this as she touched both of his arms.
Just as you are now, her touch seemed to say.

「Yeah, normally you just have a kind of cute face, but when you’re angry it turns into a tough man’s face. An almost imposing one.」
「I guess.」

Taiyou grimaced a bit.

「I don’t really see myself like that though. And normally being cute too seems a bit strange.」

Taiyou was one of those normal guys that thought the term 「cute」 as a compliment really shouldn’t apply.
He’d rather have been called cool than cute. Especially now since he worked to make all of the seven wives of his happy.

「You blossom the most when you have to be serious, ruff.」
「Don’t say blossom with me.」
「Well, then when you’re in heat, ruff.」
「Actually, blossom sounds better in that case.」

He slapped that comment down with the speed of light.
The two girls looked at one another.
As they looked, their thoughts were shared.

「Then that would mean…」
「I was thinking the same thing.」
「Yeah, you’re right.」

They both nodded, stuck out their arms, and intermingled fingers.
They smiled at one another.
Taiyou was struck at the mystery of what they were doing.
「That would mean…」 and 「…I was thinking…」, the intention of those ambiguous phrases were hard to understand for him.


He was going to ask them but didn’t. Instead, he looked at their faces, and without saying a thing, simply looked at them.
It really didn’t matter, he guessed, in a good way.
Looking at their two expressions, no matter what, it seemed wonderful.
Looking at both, them nodding happily, they looked even cuter together.
Today, with every little thing bugging him about the word lesbian, those thoughts never reacted his mind now.
The two with their fingers interlocked, but that previous term didn’t describe them.
Perhaps there was love between them, but it definitely fit the category of familial love over all else.
Taiyou felt it clearly, and there was no mistake.
He still didn’t understand why they were smiling with fingers interlocked. He had no idea why, but they looked so happy, and their smiles so full of satisfaction, it seemed lame to even try to investigate the cause.

The two girls simply continued calmly interlocking their arms around him.


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