Chapter 206 – Under the New Moon


Translator: Ranzan


They must have been surprised, because in his arms they asked the same question, and it sounded like surround sound to him.

「Let’s go on a date.」



「B, but…」

「It’s time for dinner, after all.」

「But everyone’s waiting for us to get back.」

It seemed just a way to delay his decision, but it was an appropriate reason.

Hearing that, Taiyou took out his cellphone and made a call.

One ring of the phone, and then the person on the other side picked up.

「Hello, is this Kohaku?」

『What is it, ruff?』

「I’m going on a date with these girls.」


「So I won’t be back right away. Sorry, but could you and Aoba make dinner together?」



『If you don’t spend all night with them, I’m going to lecture you until morning, okay?』

She returned back to her usual way of talking, and it lit a fire in his belly.

So responding to her, he gave a heart-felt,


And then hung up the phone.

「Ok, now no dinner to worry about!」

As he said that, he looked back at the three sisters.

Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane.

The three unmatched sisters, matched, looking at him with surprised faces.

The three with the same face, the same sounds inside their hearts.

Even now, all with the same moist pupils looking back at him.

「So, where do we go?」

He said and smiled at them.

If he was a bit more resourceful he wouldn’t have asked them, but might have just taken them to a place where they all could be happy, but since he didn’t know where that was, he thought he might as well.

In exchange, he had just asked them straightly.

He looked straight at the three as if to ask that they told him exactly where they wanted to go.

Kotone thought a bit, and as she was about to open her mouth, Taiyou’s phone rang.

「Who’s calling at a time like now…Aoba?」

He frowned a bit, wondered if Kohaku had told her already, and picked up the phone.


『Natsuno-kun? It’s me.』

「Sorry, Aoba, but now…」

『Yeah, Kohaku told me. I thought there was something I had to tell you.』

「To me?」

What could it be, Taiyou said with a tilted head. Aoba had a tender voice on the phone.

『Kotone-chan told me a place where she wanted to go.』

「…where’s that?」

『Um, Tsugaiyama Shrine.』

「That tiny shrine? We climbed up to it once on an elementary school field trip.」


「Why now?」

『Just ask them, ah, I’m not trying to mess up your night.』

「…yeah, thanks.」

Well, he thought, and hung up.

He put the phone back in his pocket, and looking back in the direction of his castle, suddenly laughed.

「Heh heh heh.」


「Heh heh heh hah hah hahah ha!」

He turned up to the sky laughing suddenly, as the three twins looked lost at each other below.

He had gotten others attention as well, as mothers told their curious children 「Sh! Don’t look at him!」and dragged their children away quickly.

「What is it?」

「Aoba-chan was on the phone.」

「Did she say something strange?」

「I really am a happy man.」


The three sisters said in surprise. He hadn’t explained anything to him.

The three sisters had searched so hard for what Kohaku and Aoba wanted, and now Aoba had returned the favor with her phone call to Taiyou.

Wives noticing something about the other wives, thinking of each other, working together to make the others’ dreams come true.

A relationship like this was hard to come by.

「Okay, let’s go.」

Taiyou put his arms around the three and let them out of Stars to the next location.


The huge ship of a well-known person approaches Juunishima. Youran, inside, sits in her own room, looking out the window.

Just then, one young woman knocks on her door, and enters the room.

It wasn’t Youran’s confidante up until a while ago, Michio, but a girl with a slightly unintelligent appearance.

「A report.」

They were going back to Juunishima, and the hair-down Youran turned only her face, and looked at the girl.

She silently gazed at the girl with eyes asking for the report.

「15 minutes ago, the target left Oriyakata’s Stars and proceeded towards Tsugaiyama. It seems from their conversations that they’re headed to the small shrine there.」

「The reason?」

「From the phone call at Stars, it seems they decided on that location. From the traced call, the caller is believed to be Aoba Miki.」

「…and the call itself?」

「We’re sorry, we didn’t get all that.」

「Okay, continue following him. Make sure you’re not seen.」

「Yes ma’am!」

She bowed her head again and again as she silently retreated from the room.

Once again alone, Youran’s tone changed as she whispered,

「So, going there? The reason is so clear, I almost laughed.」

She said as the ends of her mouth slowly turned up. She smiled mockingly.

「After making love to the other two, now he’s going to repay the three during this date…it’s a given.」

Outside the window, the light from the high moon glistened, as she sighed a bit.


「What is it Youran-chan?!」


She jolted at the sudden voice, and was about to scream, as she turned to the voice.

It was the shape of the fairy she knew well.

「No manners as usual, I see.」

「Really? I really have no idea what they are.」

「Why are you here?」

「Yes, desu. I have something to discuss, desu.」


「Yes, desu. I went to see Akiha as Taiyou asked me, but I didn’t know what to say to him when I saw him, so I wanted to ask you.」

「What you saw, I bet I can imagine.」


Youran laughted, and it was that same mocking laugh again.

「I’ve researched all the women that surround him, and his relationships with his wives.」

「Everyone? They’re all devoted to him, right?」

「As an example…」

Youran spoke directly.

「Kohaku Azumaya. Did you know she has a stalker?」

「A stalker?」

Hera was dumbfounded.

「Yes. A perverted, middle-aged, lolita-loving stalker. He creeps around her quite a bit lately. Well, he’s done nothing wrong, and she could take care of him if she wanted, so I left him alone.」

「I had no idea there was someone like that following her.」

「Well, I check quite a few things, I know the women in love with him won’t look at other men, but there are men that love women like them, you know.」

「I see, desu.」

Hera said, and then said, huh? While crossing her arms in thought.

「Wait, why are you watching them like that, Youran?」

「For Letty, of course.」

Youran was already laughing.

She was laughing already when Hera asked, and immediately answered as well.



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