Chapter 209 – A New Semester


Translator: Ranzan

「What are you trying to say?」

『It’s the total truth, or maybe he did pull them?』

「No…he didn’t.」

After thinking a bit, it was true she was Taiyou several times, but not once did he pull her hair.

On the other hand, again, as she thought it over, he really didn’t, and the reason — there was no real reason he didn’t no matter what his state of mind was, she thought.

『Not that.』

The thoughts she was having inside were suddenly broken open by Leticia’s knowing words.


『Now ya just thought ya never noticed, so ya think it’s something different, right?』

「You can’t read my thoughts.」

『The opposite, ya never noticed to ya didn’t know and know yer angry and lost about it.』

「Listen to what I’m saying.」

『Ya should be listenin’ to mine.』



The two princesses both scowled at each other through their monitors.

「I see…I’ve decided.」

She stood and pointed straight at Leticia.

「At first it seemed a joke, but I really will make you end up his slave.」

『Me? Why you…』

「Prepare yourself. I’m doing this with all my might.」

She interrupted Leticia’s words, and proclaimed what she would do.

「Using all my power as『Shingetsu no Kami』, I will make you a slave.」

She said that and cut the transmission.

Even now alone in her room, her nerves were pulsing with activity.

「I’m going to make you a slave!」

With her fierce eyes, the loneliness that she had once worn on her face had suddenly disappeared.


The first day of the new semester, morning.

Taiyou emerged on his living room terrace in a school uniform, and Kohaku adjusted his necktie.

He had a magnificent look to him. As the young crone five times his age doted upon him, he watched her, and she, with no a single sign of awkwardness seemed to have a strange appearance.

She took the appearance of the leader of a harem, which she had wanted.

「There, that should take care of you.」


He gave a short thanks to Kohaku after she adjusted his necktie, and naturally kissed her after pulling her to him.

In his arms, he held her heart as well as her body.


「So, where are the rest?」

「They’re next door.」

「Next door? Oh, at Leticia’s.」

「Yeah, since it’s the first day, they all thought to go to school together.」

「I see.」

A few days previous, Leticia moved next door to Taiyou’s castle.

From when she moved, it was to a next door mediocre house, but Leticia—or rather Phili Kingdom bought it and rebuilt the whole place almost instantly.

It became a small mansion with a little Arc Du Triumph for the gate, the whole mansion themed in a glistening white.

This became Leticia’s residence in Japan, to where the three sisters and Aoba had gone, the three sisters said.

「Yes, desu.」

He called out, and Hera warped in from the air.

During the summer break, Taiyou raised his stationary recovery level by 15.

At that time he designated several skills, choosing them each time he called out Hera with a 『』.

「Could you check on everyone nextdoor? I’ll be leaving as soon as I’m ready.」


As he said that, Hera warped through the wall. She only warped only to come back to where Taiyou was.

「Husband, what are you going to do with Leticia?」


「Are you going to accept the daughter of Shingetsu’s proposal?」


Taiyou shook his head and remembered what Youran had told him the last time they had met.

Youran’s proposal, that he would enslave Leticia.

As first he had thought it a joke, but Youran Juunishima didn’t like to mess around with words, so even if it were a joke, she was the type that wouldn’t say what she wasn’t actually thinking of doing, Taiyou recognized in his mind.

In other words, he didn’t know to what degree she meant, but he knew that she honestly wanted him to do it to some degree.

On the other hand, Taiyou didn’t think it important in what way he did it.

「Honestly, I think it’s completely meaningless.」


Kohaku looked a bit surprised.

「Yes, ways and means.」

It was Taiyou’s pet saying that he loved.

「I’ve already decided the end goal for my own life. You said my destiny was a harem of seven wives, Kohaku, and now, I can feel that destiny with Kotone and the others and you. If I have that destiny with you women, my purpose is to find happiness among you all with all my might.」

As he said that, he held the small body of Kohaku close.

「It has no relation whether she’s a slave as long as she finds happiness with me, even if she must become something like a slave, I’m going to use all my might to make her one.」

「Husband, that makes you a sadist.」

「You think?」


She nodded, smiled, and looked up at Taiyou.

「Super-service Sadist.」

「You added some terms there.」

「Hee hee.」

She suddenly laughed. He pulled her close and kissed her again.

「Dah, duh-duh dah!」

Just then Hera warped back again.

Taiyou kept kissing Kohaku, ignoring her.

He kissed her deeply, making her eyes dull, as he then turned and calmly addressed Hera.

「Welcome back, what happened?」

「Oh, you look pretty calm there, Taiyou, desu.」

「I guess I couldn’t help getting you flustered, Hera.」

He said calmly to her.

「So, what’s up?」

「Um, they’re all coming here, desu.」

「Back here? To the castle?」

「Yes, desu. 」「Because Letty-chan wasn’t there.」

「She already went to school? Or did she have some work to attend to?」

As she was the princess of a country, there were times she had to appear in formal functions.

Perhaps even on the first day of the semester? Taiyou thought.

「That’s incorrect, desu. Letty-chan’s maids told me that Letty-chan has already gone to the school, desu.」

「Ah, so she already left.」

Taiyou understood. She was a transfer student, so there were things she had to get finished ahead of time.

He looked at Kohaku.

「Well, Kohaku, see you.」

「Take care, husband.」

Kohaku took on a calm composure, and her words took on the same feeling as she wished Taiyou goodbye.

She was then the only one left in Taiyou’s castle.

「See you later.」

She silently whispered to herself.



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    At that time he designated several skills, choosing them each time he called out Hera with a 『』.
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    At that time, he was presented with several skills and Taiyou chose 『』 to call Hera at any time.

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