Chapter 21: What are the triplets trying to tell me?!


The classmate whom appeared out of the half broken iron door was Miyagi Aoba. There was a peculiar accessory attached to her long pony tail as it swayed about, she walked at a brisk pace towards the three sisters with a sour look on her face.

She came close enough so that the distance could be covered by extending ones hands, she stopped in place and began to speak.

「I will get right to the point, are the rumors about you guys going out with Natsuno-kun, the truth?」

Whilst pressing for details in regards to the situation, Aoba’s stern expression leaves the three sisters slightly shocked. Aoba’s expression was as if she was looking at her mortal enemies, and it made Kotone flinch when she saw such a gaze.

「So what is the verdict? Or is it that you can’t answer me? 」

Aoba continued her intense interrogation. The three sisters exchanged glances with one another and after deliberating amongst themselves, Kotone stepped forward to represent their thoughts.

「That’s right, What has it got to do with you?」

「Are you girls, sane? Isn’t it strange for three girls to be going for one man? 」

「Are you……」


「Are you,  asking this for our own『Wellbeing as a third party』or is it for you own personal reasons?」

Kotone asked a question in return to Aoba’s sharp questioning. At first the sisters were surprised, but when they detected animosity towards Taiyou, they became defensive.

The scene was like a feud existed between Aoba and the three sisters.

「What do you mean?」

「The meaning is that we want to know the reason as to why you are trying to corner/blame us」

「Do you have good intentions? Or are they filled with malice」

「If you are trying to help us, then we have had more than enough, thank you very much」

Although they were just going to let Kotone do all the talking, Suzune and Kazane couldn’t hold it any longer and joined into the conversation.

「What is the meaning of this?」

「We understand your point, you want to tell us that one man should only go out with one woman, and anything beyond that is completely inappropriate. This is your point, right? 」

「In this case, let us ask you a question in return 」

「As triplets whom possess the same personality and disposition, if all three of us meet one person whom we fell in love with, what should we do?」


Aoba flinched as she heard them keep talking, and the confidence/vigor she displayed earlier was all but gone.

「That is……Shouldn’t you think of something…….and make a decision……」

「We did, we thought it through and made a decision」

「Yeah, We decided that all three of us would go out with him」

「If by some chance we break it off, all three of us will separate with him」

Aoba was at a loss for words, she had a face which said that she didn’t expect that the three sisters would answer in such a manner.

Nevertheless that surprised expression only lasted for a fleeting moment, and her face was soon dyed with anger.

「I understand, so you think that I am just a bother right?!」

After leaving such a remark, Aoba departed from the rooftop.

「What is wrong with that person, I wonder?」

「Who knows…….She seems quite different from the person she was before」

「Yeah, I don’t think she was out here to give us friendly advice, and more like it was for her own personal benefit/reasons」

「Maybe it’s because she was cheated on by someone before?」

「Ahh……..That’s probably it」

「You think? Well if that’s the case I kind of understand. However, even so if she’s using that as an excuse to pressure us I’d rather not hear it」

「Well, still it’s better than hearing sales talk from a telemarketer」

Kotone said such things, and the other two nodded their heads saying “yeah, true”.

「Is this where you guys where?」

Soon after Aoba had just departed, Taiyou actually showed his appearance in the entrance of the rooftop.

The boy they loved slowly walked towards them.

「Taiyou-san…..Eh? 」

「That is, is there something wrong?」

「Your cheeks, your cheeks!」

At the beginning when they first saw him the three sisters let out a beaming smile, however after looking at his cheeks…….which were really red, they began to panic and ran towards him. The three people gathered to one side and gazed at his cheeks which were faintly swollen.

「Ahh, I met Miyagi-san just a moment ago , but for some reason she gave me a slap on the cheek when I met her.」

「That girl is……..」

「Wait, I will make an objection for you」

「More like she deserves to be slapped back. Twice the amount………no three times the amount」 (Note: these girls are scary (kowaidesuu)

「Guys, wait a moment」

Three sisters were trying to go out of the rooftop entrance in order to chase after Miyagi, but Taiyou calmly detained them.

「You don’t have to do something like that」


「It’s really ok, truly. When she slapped me on the face she seemed like she was crying, moreover she must have her own circumstances for doing something like that, right? 」

「「「No matter her reason for doing such a thing, we can’t accept it!」」」

The sisters all talked in the same exact moment in a loud voice.

Even if Taiyou himself was seemingly unperturbed by getting slapped, the girls could not consent to such an action taken against him and they had a displeased expression on their face.

「It’s fine」

He repeated the same words, with a calm smile whilst watching the girls with a confident gaze. When the three girls looked into his eyes they could not help but to lose their anger as it withered away into nothingness.

For a while, Taiyou and the three sisters just looked into each other’s eyes whilst on the rooftop.

Suddenly, Taiyou opened his mouth to talk.

「Hmm, may I embrace you—」


The start of the school bell resounded and was heard from a long distance, an early summer breeze brushed gently over their bodies as they stood on the rooftop.

Around this time students were probably giving it their all to study within the classroom, or they may be a couple of those students who would drift off to sleep in the middle of class.

Taiyou was different, he was squatting on the floor with his back entrusted to the rooftop fence as three girls are embraced closely in his arms. The triplets as if they became a single being…….leapt at the same time into his arms whilst embracing him at the same time.

They were the prominent beautiful triplets, and they were skipping class going to the rooftop and cuddling Taiyou. The fence he was leaning on, as if telling them “enough is enough” was making creaking sounds as they were putting their whole weight on it.

「Hey guys, is my body temperature high?」

Taiyou opens his mouth and asked the three sisters a question.

「Taiyou-san’s body temperature?」

「I think that it is normal」

「Yeah, its normal…..Ah, but」


「The warmth is……..A little different」

「Yeah, when you are holding us like this…….It feels really warm」

「Rather its quite hot」

After finishing their sentences, the three sisters all raised their gazes and looked at Taiyou’s face.

Why are you asking us such things? That’s the kind of face they had.

「A little while ago someone said that to me. They said that my body temperature is really high」

The three sisters stared at each other after hearing what Taiyou said.

「Was it a girl who said it?」

「Ahh, how did you know?」

「That’s cause」

Kotone was speaking and the three sisters had a wry smile on their faces.

「Taiyou-san you have the same face as the time when you first met us」

「A face that was kind of troubled and the kind of face that said “what should I do”」

「However at the same time it’s a slightly happy face」


Taiyou finds himself at a loss for words. He didn’t really know what to think of it himself, and what the girls told him was quite vague.

However, he was beginning to be convinced.

Although most of the things the white girl said was mysterious, maybe he really did have a high body temperature.

「Do you like this person?」

「No, I mean that is—」

「Please don’t put us in the equation」

「Yeah, just think purely using your true feelings, whether you like this person or not」

「That is…..」

Just like the three sisters told him to do, Taiyou began to think about the white girl in his mind.

Her hair which was long enough to reach the back of her knees, looks which were like a pure Japanese girl, white transparent skin. In addition as if she was hiding her beautiful white skin, she wore a black lace dress.

He thought long and hard as to exactly what he thought of her…. however.


「What went wrong?」

「I……Haven’t got a hold of her name」

Taiyou finally realized such a thing.

After noticing this, he tried to recall in great detail the first time they met and the events which took place.

He was first overwhelmed with her killing intent, then she wanted to stab him, then he broke her sword.

Then he met her again, she demanded payment, and she touched his face.

After piling up the episodes together, he understood that she was not an ordinary person, she was  an expert in using the sword and was a little strange in her ways of speaking, when he thought about it again, she never really introduced herself and he never really asked for her name either.

「What have you done…….」

「You don’t know the other party’s name」

「And even then you were still anxious about her, right?」

「It’s the kind of situation where you ride on the same train with her to school but never get the courage to approach her, right?」

The three sisters continued to speculate the situation.

Even though they were currently being held in his arms, the three sisters were seemingly able to talk enjoyably about another woman that he was thinking about.

They were not angry or discouraged, more so than that it would seem like they were having fun whilst discussing such an issue.

It felt like, they were children discussing some sort of school trip for tomorrow.

This made Taiyou perplexed.

「Hey guys, aren’t you angry?」


「I mean……The fact that I’m thinking about another girl, aren’t you guys bothered? 」

To Taiyou’s question, the three girls smiled like they were prepared for the question.

How can they laugh in such a carefree manner, this made Taiyou perplexed/confused.

「Umm, You didn’t hear our previous exchange with each other so you probably would think like this」

「Koto-chan that’s not really correct, even if he heard our conversation, at most he would probably understand half of what we said」

「I guess, since we were mainly communicating using our thoughts」

Hearing the three girls talk amongst themselves, Taiyou became even more confused.

If he didn’t hear their conversation he would have no idea, and even if he did listen to what they were saying, he probably couldn’t catch the complete meaning. Because he wasn’t there when they conversed he was becoming more clueless.

Seeing such a Taiyou, the three sisters slipped out of his arms with a smile on their faces.

「「「It was our, childhood dream to make a harem!」」」

They all talked at the same wavelength, without faltering in the slightest as they declared their ambitions.



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  25. Thank u always for ur great work…

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  27. To think i would see or read heroines who supports their mans harem and
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