Chapter 210: Restoration of Youth


Translator: Reflet

 Morning, Oriyakata Academy Senior High School, School Building, Classroom 1-A.

 As soon as Taiyou put his bag down and sat in his chair, his friend Katsuki came right next to him and started talking to him.

「Have you heard Natsuno? That there’s a transfer student coming today」

「Of course you came」

 Taiyou slipped out a chuckle and exchanged glances with Kotone and the others in the distance.

 During his chat with the girls on the way to school, they had played a guessing game to see who would get information on the transfer student Leticia.

 That was when Taiyou, Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane had all answered Nakajima Katsuki. Being his classmates, they knew that Katsuki was the kind of guy who would be the first to sniff out rumors straight ahead at times like these.

 Aoba, being the only one in a different class and not knowing much about Katsuki, would have guessed the boy known as Saotome Yuuji, renowned for his being well-informed and effeminate, but said Saotome, having just heard Katsuki’s news, furtively took out his memo pad and smartphone, contacting someplace.

(He must just now be checking)

 Taiyou chuckled.

 Meanwhile, having had heard Taiyou’s reaction, Katsuki realized what was implied by that.

「You knew I would come? So Natsuno, you’re saying that you know something?」

「Yeah, a transfer student will come. And quite the attractive girl at that」

 Taiyou spoke clearly, and the whole class suddenly became noisy.

「Hey, did you hear that? A transfer student, he says」

「Not to mention an attractive girl」

「Whoaaa, I’m just gonna buy a loaf of bread and make a dash around the hallway real quick」

 While the class was making noise, Katsuki probed him further.

「What year is that transfer student? And can you tell me if she’s coming to our class?」

 The tumult stopped immediately. Everyone focused on Taiyou all at once.

「Yeah, she’s coming. Pretty sure」

 The next moment, the whole classroom exploded into liveliness.

「I’ll get some bread too」

「I’ll get me a pendant with key attached」

「I’ll get an alien――」

(Well they’re quite excited……)

Taiyou became somewhat apologetic.

 There was no mistake that a transfer student would be coming. And he was anticipating that ten out of ten people would view her as a beauty, so it wasn’t a lie.

 However, the transfer student that would be arriving was his『bride』.

 The third princess of the Filly Kingdom, Leticia H Kelaz.

 And even before that, the girl who was unmistakably out of one’s league was Taiyou’s『bride』.

 If it were before summer, he may have very well expected the very best from his partner and backed away, but that was no longer the case now.

 Taiyou no longer intended to let anyone have the humans who would become his『brides』.

 Even if Leticia, the fourth, were in a different position from the other three, it was no different.

(That’s right, I won’t lend anyone my brides)

 That kind of entitled desire to monopolize rose up within Taiyou.

「Hey Taiyou, what kind of girl is she? I bet you know」

「If you were to ask if I know, I’d say yeah」

「C’mon, tell me. Don’t you have any pictures or whatnot?」

「Pictures, huh……Kotone」

 Taiyou called out to her on the other side. The first of three girls, Kotone, stood up and walked slowly over.

「What’s up Taiyou-san?」

「Do you have a picture of her?」

「If it’s Aoba then I think I do」

「Can you have her send some?」


 Nodding, Kotone took out her smartphone, typing letters into the group chat app in a quick manner.

 In the group titled 『Taiyou’s Brides(6)』, Leticia was amongst the members.

 She was at the very least a member, but did not appear to be looking at it.

 Incidentally, Taiyou was not in it. He had thought it best not to.

「Natsuno……my guy」


「Is something…different about you?」

「You think so? Well I certainly may have powered up over summer break」

 Taiyou lifted up his desk with both hands, making a pose that could be taken as a wrestler, body-builder, or a transforming hero, playing the fool.

「No not that, hmmm……」

「Then how about this?」

 With the desk held in one hand, he used his other hand to lift Kotone up.


「No, not that either…」

「Then……what do you mean?」

「……I guess it feels like…you’ve become degenerate?」

「Umm, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t increase the weird memes any further!?」

 His head already hurt with Kohaku and Hera, so Taiyou really didn’t want it to get any worse.

 In regards to that area, he had not grown at all……nor did he want to.

「I sort of feel like you’ve gone beyond the adult that you became in the summer and have charged into some dangerous realm」

「Have not, have not」

 Taiyou thrust in a karate chop of denial.

 If all he said was that Taiyou had stepped into a different realm, he would have admitted it, but once “dangerous” came up, he had to deny that with all his might.

 This was the area that he had stepped into with determination for his brides. Phrasing it as “dangerous” was something he did not take kindly to.

「Hmmm, that right」

「Yes. I’m me」

「……Welp, guess that makes sense」

 Katsuki said, satisfied.

 He was curious about what made him satisfied. However, when he thought to ask him, Kotone called out to him.


 She said, presenting her smartphone.

 After Kotone had entered in four paragraphs that were seen, Aoba replied with a picture attached.

 It was a photo taken several days ago. Leticia was depicted with her back to a mansion established next to Taiyou Castle.

「Let me see」

「Yes, of course」

 Taking the smartphone from Kotone, he showed it to Katsuki.


 Katsuki raised his voice, leading to all of the boys in the class gathering around, as they had an interest in who this transfer student looked like.

 They all peered at the screen as if fighting amongst themselves, then raising their voices just like Katsuki.

 Nearly all the boys were in astonishment. Quite a few boys were looking at the picture, spellbound, whereas some of the other boys dashed out of the classroom holding their groins.

(These guys……)

 Taiyou became a little huffy.

 After the slight noise had subsided, the first bell rang, and it was time for homeroom.

 The students returned to their seats, still making noise, but it was clear that the restless nature was continuing, and some of the girls didn’t seem to be very comfortable.

 Occasionally he would hear things being said like “Really” and “Yeah, she really does seem to be a princess”, so he knew quite plainly that the famous Leticia’s identity was rushing about the classroom at the speed of light.

 Inside the classroom, Taiyou, Kotone, Suzune, and Kazane were probably the most calmed down. Knowing that Leticia would be the one coming, they were relaxed precisely because they knew exactly what kind of person she was.

 Which was why Taiyou quietly waited for that moment. No, saying “waited” would be a bit of an exaggeration. He was in his natural state.

 At length, the door to the classroom opened.

 The classroom became noisy. However…

 The Taiyou Family was even more surprised.


 The actual person to appear was Kohaku in a school uniform.



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