Chapter 212: There is Always Someone Higher Up


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「Yes, Natsuno-kun, what might it be」

 In contrast to Taiyou, who was asking her in a timid manner, Leticia answered with a peaceful, refined smile.

 The things he wanted to ask her were numerous, too many, and they became entangled.

「What exactly is that way you’re speaking」

 He ended up accidentally asking the question that he could care the least about.

「What might you mean by “the way I’m speaking”?」

「Well, uhh……」


「Eh? Oh, yes?」

「It is not good for a student to try and mandate their teacher’s speech, you know

 Very true.

 Leticia was speaking very logically. However, Taiyou had a mountain of things he wanted to say.

 The Leticia that he knew was the Leticia that would use “a mistaken Kansai dialect”. Although it was mistaken, once one was to realize that she was a foreigner (although her country had Japanese as its official language), it was easier to accept.

 Accepting that, and going so far as to become used to it, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy at her sudden change into refined speech.

 Most importantly, he also had the question of why a girl of his same age was now a teacher.

 This was also a very logical question.

「Perhaps Husband be wanting to say this」

 That was when Kohaku let out a helping hand.

「I always be seeing Leticia-denka’s tone of speech on the television. It be the manner of speaking when conversing with important people. Rather than that tone, it be best for the teacher to speak in a way that be easier to approach her」

 She then cut off, turning to Taiyou as if seeking agreement.

「This be what ye may be saying, Husband」

「Eh, no, well……」

 He was still a little confused, but he couldn’t just ignore Kohaku’s consideration, so he decided to nod for the time being.


「What’re you saying Natsuno. Dude, do you have the nerve to order around Princess Leticia?」

The one who raised their voice was again Katsuki.

 After denying Taiyou’s (actually Kohaku’s) proposal, he turned to Leticia, sending her a zealous glance as if worshipping an idol.

「Teacher! Don’t heed Taiyou’s nonsense. I ask that you speak in an easy-to-understand manner」

「That’s right that’s right!」

「Just speak the way you normally do!」

「Verbally abuse me in that tone!」

 Various voices rose up across the classroom, slicing through Katsuki’s words.

 Most of them were in agreement with Katsuki’s opinion, and a portion of them were really bad things for students to be saying.

「Everyone, thank you. Then, allow me to do as you say」

 She said, smiling broadly.

 It was a bewitching smile that caused three whole classmates to grip their chests, falling with a thud.

「I believe that everyone may have quite a few questions, and I will gradually answer them. After all, I will be meeting you every day at this school」

 Cheers rose from both boys and girls in response to what Leticia said.

 He felt that she had evaded the issue with all her might, but as of now when voices of unity of these imperial guards were rising through the classroom, the atmosphere didn’t feel like the kind where counterarguments would be allowed.

 Gathering in formation, they were in the middle of heading for the schoolyard for the opening ceremony. Taiyou secretively spoke to Leticia at the end of the line.

「I feel like I’ve had charisma itself shown before my very eyes」

「Is that right?」

 Taiyou replied with “It is”.

 She hadn’t done anything particularly special, and yet she made them go mad with her charm.

 In Taiyou’s library of knowledge, nothing could describe that other than “charisma”.


 Those were words of praise, so Leticia thanked him in the standard pronunciation.

 Taiyou once again felt uneasy at her speaking standardly.

「I really don’t think I’ll get used to that way of speaking」

「Were you also not ever able to adjust to『New Moon Director』?」

「……Well, no」

 ”No, but…” Taiyou repeated, slurring his words.

 It was true that Youran’s twintail mode and her New Moon Director mode were different ways of speaking of 180 degrees, but he was somehow able to accept that.

 On the other hand, Leticia in her current “Princess Mode” was something he just couldn’t get used to.

 He thought about it inclining his head, wondering what was off.

「Maybe I’ll adjust once enough time has passed」

「I would certainly like you to do so」

「By the way, do you always intend to go around with that manner of speaking?」

「While I am in this town, yes, in front of people」

 Leticia grinned, asking him “What’s wrong with that?”


「What is the matter?」

「Well, you……I just thought that your smile was something else」

「Nothing will come out of it even if you compliment me」

「So do you practice that sort of thing?」

「What might you be asking?」

「Oh, sorry if I got you into a bad mood. It’s not a bad meaning」

 Leticia’s voice had slightly lowered its tone, so Taiyou changed what he said in a slightly frantic manner.

「I was just thinking that there really are a lot of ways to laugh, you know」


 The slightest surprise froming on Leticia’s face as she walked beside him, the harshness disappeared from her voice.

「Even the sorts of expressions that can be taken as obvious smiles seem like they can differ a lot. So I was wondering if you practice that sort of thing」

「Well, I wonder about that」

「Come to think of it, I saw this earlier on the internet, but I’ve heard that apparently for voice actors, even for the basic greeting『Yeah』, they have to be able to change it up about 50 different ways or else they won’t be selected」

「That is the nature of female actors, so mine was born with me as well」

「I see」

 Taiyou nodded, satisfied.

「Incidentally, what happens in the sort of situation when you’re angry at me but can’t just stop smiling?」

「Who knows, I do wonder」

 Leticia smiled as she said that.

 It was a different smile than requested by Taiyou; something that he couldn’t feel anger from.

「I see」

 Taiyou nodded once more in affirmation.

 After that the two of them silently began walking to the schoolyard without speaking.

 Reaching the schoolyard, they rejoined all the students and lined up. Leticia was right next to them as their instructor.

 Even here, there was attention showered on her, but being before morning assembly and all, the classes being different and all, they only focused on her, not going so far as to make noise.

 Taiyou waited for the morning assembly, wondering if this was going to continue much longer.

 Suddenly, several men stood on the assembly stage.

 They were men who covered their faces with cloth, their entire bodies in black.

「Stage assistants?」

 Taiyou muttered quizzically.

 All of the sudents began making noise.

 The stage assistants put up a stand on the morning assembly stage, putting up bamboo screens.

 As he was wondering just what that was, he heard a sound from afar.

 He heard the sound coming from the sky.


 When he looked up, he saw a large helicopter flying over.

 The heli landed behind the morning assembly stage.

 Then someone disembarked, slowly walking up to the stage with clanging noises.

 Stopping behind the bamboo, she wasn’t very visible.

 One of the stage assistants put a mic there.

「My name doth be――」

 He heard a familiar voice flowing from the schoolyard speakers.

 Astonished, Taiyou swiftly turned to Leticia.

 She was staring with an even more astonished face than Taiyou as she stared at the morning assembly stage where her best friend was.


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