Chapter 213: Guide to Another World


Translator: Reflet

「――I am Juunishima, the one newly assigned the role of being this academy’s board chairman」

 This was the voice of Youran’s『New Moon Director』mode, but he hadn’t anticipated her showing up in this fashion.

 Taiyou unconsciously became relieved.

 Taiyou unconsciously became relieved at the fact that she hadn’t introduced herself in the same fashion that she had when they had first met.

 He ended up feeling accomplished for having it all to himself.

(……Are you an idiot)

 He soon recognized that it was a stupid thought. After all, it wasn’t like he was the first to hear it, nor could he monopolize it from now on either.

 It was no mistake that she would call herself that in various places.

 So he had thought it was a stupid thought, but right after, his thoughts shifted.

 Thinking that he wanted other people to know as well.

 Youran was unbelievably amazing when she had introduced herself with that name.

 Dazzling enough to make his shoulders shiver, and she was clad in a “beautiful presence” that made him feel like his soul was stolen.

 He wanted many others to know about that.

 He wanted them to know that Juunishima Youran was that amazing of a girl.

 He wanted to hide it, but he wanted to expose it.

 Taiyou rose to such complicated thoughts.

 Indifferent to his thoughts, Youran’s speech continued.

「As to why I hath taken this position, and what I doth here……In order to explain that, first there is something I must have you all know. I think there are some who already know this, but the person in charge of a-A will be swapped with a new person as of today. She is Leticia H Kelaz」

 When Youran said that, all the gazes of the people assembled in the schoolyard focused at once where he was――where 1-A was.

 Finding the atttractive blonde-haired-blue-eyed girl, everyone was paying attention to her.

 Leticia placidly and gracefully returned a smile.

 It was as if she had already known she was going to be introduced, but the moment that Youran had appeared, only Taiyou who had swiftly turned to her knew that she had been extremely conflicted for a moment but had kept up appearances.

 He knew that Leticia as of now was merely ad-libbing.

「There is another meaning in the sense that some may already know. Princess Leticia…yes, she is the Phili Kingdom’s third princess」

 A commotion emerged among the students.

 Really? Makes sense.

 Various voices were rising here and there.

「Phili Kingdom, the greatest pro-Japanese country leader, has made the plan to invite exchange students from every region in Japan to accompany the crown prince’s commencement to high school next year so as to further deepen the friendship with Japan. That is what Princess Leticia came for」

Youran then quit talking.

 The noise had calmed down a bit. He could feel an expectant atmosphere from people holding their breath everywhere.

「Her Highness has expressly come to select the people who could become good classmates for the crown prince. Those chosen from this academy will, for one year, will be able to attend the same schoolhouse and the same classroom as the crown prince in the Phili Kingdom」

 When she said that, a moment later, cheers rose around the girls.

 Classmates for the crown prince that the princess herself would choose.

 One might say that it made perfect sense to imagine the words「Money and Status」in their heads.

 Or actually, Youran was inducing them to think that very way.

「The exact screening will happen after this, but ye shall help me much if you understand that is why I hath come. That is all」

 Saying that, still hidden behind the screen, she entered the school building.

 There were some students who found her conduct to be mysterious, but only a handful.

 Most of the people were concentrating on the bomb she had dropped, namely exchange students and the princess in front of them.

 They had begun focusing on the literal “different world” in front of their everyday life.

 In the morning of that day, the academy was filled with conversations about the exchange students.

 The students would bring their faces together discussing it, and even chat apps were arguing face to face about it.

 This was the age when information was overflowing on the internet. The fact that Leticia was a tried-and-true princess and that the crown prince was to be a high school student next year was already well-researched. The part about the exchange students wouldn’t come up no matter how much one were to search, but on the contrary, that roused the students.

 With Leticia being here herself, nearly everyone accepted that as essentially a proclamation.

 It needn’t be said that they felt superior, being that they knew before the rest of the world.

「Class is now over」

 After the fourth hour class, tactfully finishing the curriculum as an instructor, Leticia began to head out of the classroom.

「Hello, are the Hayakawa’s present?」

 The door to the back of the classroom opened, and the bright voice of a girl was heard.


 Taiyou unconsciously made a wry smile.

 Before him was someone with twintails tied, naturally wearing a student uniform- Youran.そこ

 Though she was drawing some attention for being a beauty who had suddenly showed up at the classroom from another class, it seemed that no one was thinking that she was the same person as the『Juunishima』behind the screen on the assembly stage this morning.

 Taiyou looked at Leticia.

 Even here, yet again, she was shaken only for a moment, soon gaining control of herself.

「What is it?」

 Kotone said, getting up and walking toward them along with Suzune and Kazane.

 And then they went off somewhere with Youran.

 He was curious about why she had called out the three sisters, so Taiyou thought to ask them later.

 It was the usual scenery in the classroom. It had become the typical summer day.

「That lass sure be knowing how to make a spark」

 Coming next to Taiyou all of a sudden, Kohaku spoke.

「Very true. Leticia’s been perturbed every time she shows up」

「It seems like something be occurring, kuku」

「You seem to be enjoying this」

「It be the joy of the unexpected」


 Taiyou stared at her, wondering what she meant.

「I be saying this right now, but it not be related whatsoever to those two coming to the academy」

「Eh? Really?」

 Taiyou was surprised. Judging by the timing, he had really thought that she had the same objective as them.

「Nay. I merely enrolled here to live the academy life with Husband. It not be related to the plans of those two or to contest with them」


「Be ye not happy?」

「……No, I don’t have any problem with that whatsoever」

「Now then, Husband, this be the academy life that I went to great lengths to achieve. Might ye escort me various places?」

「This is your first time?」

「I be born in a time when women didn’t need an academic background」

「Oh, now that you say that」

 He nodded, realizing that.

 The old young woman was born at the very beginning of the Shouwa era, which was completely different from what people knew as the Shouwa era.

 It was the sort of story that Taiyou somewhat had an image of when he thought of the time when women didn’t need an academic background, so it made sense.

「Let’s go then」

 Taiyou stood up from his seat as Kohaku followed behind.

「What are you doing, Kohaku-san」

「It be the model of a true wife to walk three steps behind her husband」

「That’s fine, come on」

 Taiyou said, pointing to his arm.

 Kohaku clung onto it with much joy.

 Because of the difference in height, rather than linking arms, it looked more like she was hanging on to his arm.

 They then left the classroom, walking in the hallway.

 Unlike 1-A, the other students who were not yet used to having Kohaku around looked at her, wondering what in the world was happening.

「Well they be lively」

「Is there anywhere that you would like to go?」

 Taiyou inquired for any requests.

「Let me think……」

 Kohaku lifted up her face, thinking.

「It be a staple of summer breaks, so how about the school cafeteria?」



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