Chapter 215: Public Play


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 The four of them faced each other in the cafeteria.

 At the table that had two seats across from two other seats, the Taiyou and Kohaku pair was facing the Youran and Leticia pair.

 There was also the fact that they were near the entrance, and they were gathering attention from both the students inside as well as the students that had come into the cafeteria after them.

 The harem lord.

 Loli Baba.

 Princess Teacher.

 Leaving out Youran, whose identity was unclear, of the four, three of them had become topics of interest. And even Youran was acknowledged ten times out of ten as a beauty, so with all of those powerhouses in one area, there was no way they would be overlooked.

「Okay, here’s your share」

「I am impressed that you knew I would come」

「Right; you didn’t even blink」

 Leticia and Youran were the real ones surprised as Taiyou calmly set the ramen in front of them.

 It seemed that they thought that what they had both done was worth becoming surprised over.

「It just sorta, flashed in my head. Like this」

 Taiyou made the kind of gesture that implied lightning was coming down on his head.

「So it came to you, Husband」

「Yeah, it sure did」

「Ooo, sharp as ever, Husband」

 Kohaku’s eyes glittered, looking at Taiyou like a sister worshipping her actual big brother.

 The fact that it had flashed in his head seemed to tug at her heartstrings.

「I don’t really get it, but good for you」

 Youran said that. She looked at her best friend with half joking half celebratory eyes.

「Doesn’t it mean that you felt that your bride would come so you made extra preparations?」

「That be right. My Husband be an amazing man」

「That is a good thing」

 Youran joked, Kohaku was ecstatic, and Leticia lightly evaded it.

 Taiyou felt that Kohaku was the only one speaking from the heart, so Taiyou didn’t feel like calling attention to it.

「Incidentally, can you use chopsticks?」

「Why would you ask something like that?」

「From the looks of you you appear to be like a westerner, so I was just curious」

「Come to think of it, you are right」

 Leticia broadly smiled.

「It is no problem. Phili is hardly any different from Japan not only in words, but in terms of food as well. I do not know much, but when it comes to ramen, lately it seems that the “Uchi” and “Jirou” brands are especially popular」

「They’re practically the same, yeah」

「There also appears to be the “White” brand that takes the best elements from both」

「That’s definitely a meme! And I don’t get it either!」

「Plus it be declining」

「No, that is not the issue here」

「What’re you guys even talking about?」

 Youran was puzzled.

「You don’t have to understand, don’t worry」

 She was sullen.

「What, you trying to leave me out?」

「No I’m not……Hera?」

「Ta-ta-tadaaa、what is the matter Taiyou-chan」

 The moment he called her, Hera warped in.

 Grabbing her, he put her on Kohaku’s shoulders.

「These two are great at memes. Please, you’re better off not knowing」

「……Ah, that’s what you mean」

 Taiyou said a bit wearily as he looked at the Kohaku-Hera combo.

 Youran immediately grasped what he was getting at as she saw them.

「What exactly is going on?」

「Be Husband not saying that he wants ye to be as yeself?」

「Ohhh, okay. I will be myself」

「Couldn’t you just be a little more self-observant?」

 Things calmed down a bit. The four of them picked up their chopsticks, starting to eat the ramen.

 As typical of men his age, Taiyou heartily sucked the noodles, heedless of the fact that broth was flying out. Kohaku briefly put ramen on her spoon, blowing on it, but she nevertheless slightly winced the moment she put it to her mouth, saying “Hot-”.

「Didn’t know you were bad with hot food, Kohaku-san」

「Woof, correct. ‘Tis Kohakutan’s unexpected weakness, woof」

「No, you really didn’t have to suddenly act like a dog」

「Though I be fine with hot baths」

「You are a Tokyoite through-and-through」

「If it be Husband’s hot, thick thing, then I may also be bad yet fine with it」

「Please realize how lewd you are! I will seriously call you a stinking hag!?」

「That would definitely be bad to do it outside, yeahー」

 While saying it was bad, Hera let out a happy-go-lucky voice. He lightly whacked her.

 As he looked at the other side of the table, the best friend combo was elegantly slurping their noodles.

 As for how skillfully they were slurping, they weren’t much different than Taiyou, but they weren’t letting any broth escape and were making no sounds.

 Despite the fact that they were slurping heartily, the two of them strangely seemed to stay graceful.

「That’s gotta be heresy……」

 Taiyou couldn’t help but think that.

 At length, when they had for the most part settled the noodles in their stomachs, Taiyou nonchalantly talked to the two of them.

「But wow, I totally thought you’dve come as transfer students. You are of that age, and it would make sense as an archetype」

「No way」

「It definitely won’t happen」

 Youran and Leticia quickly said, looking at each other.


「Yeah, I mean that no matter what we try we can’t possibly become transfers」

「What do you mean?」

「After all, me and this gal have never commuted to school」

「Strictly speaking, I have. I do take classes only for me by myself in a classroom」

「That is amazing! You are like a prodigy」

「Is there really such a thing……」

「Indeed there is」

「Which is why neither I nor her know about regular school」

「Then wouldn’t that have been all the more reason to transfer schools? You’re here and all, so I’m sure it would’ve been good experience」



 Not giving any particular objection, both of them easily nodded.

 If things worked out somewhere, perhaps in the future……He would be taking classes together with them, Taiyou thought.

 Planning for when everyone had finished eating, Taiyou spoke to Youran.

「By the way, what’s going to happen with the whole student council thing we discussed?」

「Ah, that’s no good anymore. I already directly took over as chairwoman, so we don’t need it」

「As I thought」

 Taiyou nodded, as he had expected as much.

「Then I’ll just go ahead and do things as I please. It’s unnecessary, but not a bad thing to have」

「Welp, that’s true」

「Not just in terms of administration. Even as a student, it would be beneficial to preserve your methods」


「After all, you’ll probably frequently show up as a student, so it’d be good to keep tabs on the student side of things」

「I indeed see! It would be a great thing to do that for Youran’s sakeー」


 Youran widened her eyes.

「That be right. Ye can after all call people upfront if ye have a student council president room. Ye can make up some sort o’ club and get a room to yeself, though all ye can do be ta bring people in」

「This academy used to have people who made the『Room Club』, but that sort of thing isn’t feasible」

「What, there were already others who tried that? Well, it’s not the most uncommon thing to have that kind of idea」

「It isn’t, but there you have it」

 Taiyou said, returning his gaze straight at her.

「So I myself will be aiming to be the next student council president」

「D-Do as you please」

「It’s not like I’m going against you. I just don’t want any hindrances. Of course I couldn’t win against you if I tried」

「H-Hmph. If you say so, then I’ll look the other way just for you」



 He suddenly felt someone’s gaze.

 Cleaning up her ramen, Leticia had stopped moving, staring at him.

 Straight into his eyes.


 He peeked at her face, wondering what was up.

 The moment their eyes met…

「Watch out!」

 After she had staggered dizzily, she fell prostrate on the table.

 Taiyou had sensed it without delay, moving the ramen container before she fell. If he had been any later, she would doubtless have plunged her face into it.

 Their surroundings grew noisy.

「Could it be……that she ran out of battery?」

「What else could it be?」

「No but why now? She was completely fine just earlier」

「Rather than be surprised, why don’t you wake her up?」

「Wake her up…here?」


 Youran said as if it were the most natural thing to do.

 He would wake up Leticia; replenish her.


 That usually was no big deal…


 There were currently too many people watching.



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