Chapter 217 – Kissing’s Easy


Translator: Ranzan


Taiyou was the one that noticed first.

Continuing the non-stop kissing, he stopped to draw in the necessary oxygen before another second would have sent him to the next world.

He put his elbows down on the bed and lifted his shoulders.

After getting the necessary oxygen, his consciousness returned.

He notice that Youran, who he had been pressing down, was limp.


He silently squeezed her chin and looked at her unconscious face gazing at him.

He kissed her again.

He breathed air into her, and moved his tongue around her responseless one.

This time he didn’t go too far, but quickly separated, then kissed her again.

Separate, kiss.

Separate, kiss.

Quick kisses, like rain alling.

He repeated it over and over.


Youran regained consciousness.

A faint groan with her eyes pittering open, her eyes focusing well in his direction.



As her consciousness returned completely, she quickly responded to him.

She took out a small pistol the size of her palm from her uniform and pointed the barrel of it at Taiyou.

Taiyou had already grabbed the barrel with the palm of his hand.

Blam, a loud, awakening sound arose.

A pulled trigger, a shot pullet.

—-ranged weapons useless.

Using a power to stop them that completely messed with the laws of physics, the bullet lost its strength and was grabbed by him.

He had seen the gun before he took her, an order-made gun that wouldn’t set off a metal detector.

「Your gun is useless against me.」


Her face slumped in disgust.

He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her again.

She forcefully shut her lips.

A moment.


Youran’s body twitched strongly.

「So, you like that?」

「N…not at all!」

It was cute to see her be stubborn, but she didn’t really refuse at the end.

Taiyou attacked her lips again, and she retreated quickly again.

Youran was confused, different than usual, at the strange, light kisses that she received.

「Which do you want?」


「Continue? STop? Which do you want?」

「W…why are you asking that? Of course I…」

He predicted that she was going to refuse, so he kissed her first.

Then he kissed her again.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

And then another kiss.


She was kissed over and over, and her heart and mind were exhausted.

He then asked her as a finishing touch.

「Why kind of kisses do you like?」

「I don’t…don’t…」

He covered her refusal again with a kiss.

「Okay, then I won’t listen to any more answers. You don’t like to play with words, after all. So speaking with your body is the fastest.」


「I won’t.」

It was the first time he had seen her weak, so he gave her no mercy and kissed her all over.

「Wait, what about Leticia…」


After hearing her close friends name, the strength returned to her eyes.

Leticia does have a special presence, Taiyou thought silently.

「I haven’t kissed her like this before.」

Smooch, a small sound.

「She’s happy with just that, that’s enough to make her lost. She loves it so much she doesn’t have time to think about what she likes.」


As she was held down, Youran looked over at her friend sleeping the next bed.

She had a strange appearance and Youran was wondering what was in her head.

Taiyou ignored this, squeezed her chin and turn it towards him.

「You have the time, Kotone, Suzune, Kazane, Kohaku, Aoba, all of them taught me what they like. Find the kiss that you like the most, and then let me make you feel good.」


She went to say something, but then held her tongue.

What does she want to say, and the fact that if she refused, he would probably cut him off and kiss her again.

She was all afluster, and she couldn’t say anything in response to her “learning.”


Taiyou said, with a straight look that made him seem superior.

「I want you to cooperate.」



Taiyou nodded, and looked over to Leticia beside them.

「I’m no match for that girl yet. Just by kissing her, just by touching lips I’m satisfied. After that, I don’t really want to go farther.」

「Well, you can’t do anything about that.」

Taiyou nodded in agreement.

「The princess of Phili, the kingdom of kissing. I know that I can’t compete with a thoroughbred like her, but I don’t want to just let it go. If she’s going to come to me, then I want to make her happy.」

「Can a kiss make someone happy?」

「Don’t you think so?」


Youran closed her mouth. She looked at Taiyou’s sharp and straight gaze, and her mouth snapped shut like a clam.

After a moment.

「…I don’t know.」

She said.

「I…the first one and the ones after…and now. I’ve only had them forced on me.」

「…I see.」

「But…knowing whether or not you want it…I don’t know.」

「Yeah, you’re right.」

Taiyou got up.

He got off Youran and lifted his feet off the bed and sat.

Youran stayed prone on the bed, made a sulking face, and turned.

「Kohaku is okay with being treated like that though.」

「Don’t equate me with a masochist like her.」

「Masochist…yeah, since you mention that it does make her happy.」

「She’s a total masochist.」

「Hah hah.」

The words disappeared between them and were replaced by something they couldn’t put into words.

After a moment, Youran sat up, and spoke to Taiyou.

The atmosphere changed.

「I am…Juunishimaaaaaagh!」

The strained air suddenly was blown away.

Taiyou yanked on the twin ponytails hanging down her back in her 『Shingetsu no Kami』mode.

「What are you doing?!」


Taiyou then put his hand on his chin, as if to gloat.


「I was thinking, maybe, I made a crucial mistake.」


「You like getting your hair pulled more.」

「Whaaaat the…?!」



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