Chapter 219 – Confession


Translator: Ranzan

Youran with her twintails ungrasped.

Shingetsu no Kami.

With her released, she took on the air that surrounded that auspicious name.

As if a switch had been thrown, with her hair released, she became like a different person.

Taiyou silently awaited what would happen.

Taiyou loved to see her 『Shingetsu no Kami』mode, and not only liked it, but almost seemed to praise it, in a way.

That’s why he waited.

Waited for it, for her mouth to open.

Just like a bit and bridle, he had let go of the hair he had felt her heart with, and waited.





No matter how long he waited, it never came.

Her hair was down, and she sat facing away from him, but there was no other sign of the 『Shingetsu no Kami.』

In addition, there was no sign of her opening her mouth either.

The air was silent.

He felt pressure like the murderous intent of Shirokiyami.

What happened, what is she doing, he thought.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Click, click, click, the sound of the clock on the wall reverberated.

The air seemed to freeze…Time seemed to stop.

Just then, Youran seemed like a doll – if she didn’t breathe she would be completely silent.

Still, he waited. All he could do was continue to wait.

As he waited, finally, the air surrounding her began to move.

Taiyou prepared himself for her to move. If he prepared himself, she’d do something, he thought as he took a deep breath.

But, he was wrong, as that 「My name is…」never started emerging from her mouth.

Actually, there were no words.

Youran silently began to retie her twintails.

She split her hair in half, and tied the first ponytail high on the right side.

She then put left side in hand.

The half twintail, with her bobbing hair.

As soon as he saw that, Taiyou thought…


He grabbed her hand as it tied up her hair and stopped it.

Her and opened, letting the left, untied side drop.

A half twintail, half long hair.

Half Youran, half Shingetsu no Kami.

Half…Youran Juunishima.

He didn’t feel any resistance to him in her hand though.


He called her name and from behind her with a clump, held her close.

Though his arms were wrapped around her strongly, she didn’t resist.

Then, Taiyou became desperate.



「A little more, just wait…」


He held on to her from behind, speaking over and over almost in a delirium.

He could slightly feel sweat begin to bead up on his back.

He didn’t know what was happening, what could happen, or what he was trying to make happen.

However, he had the feeling that she would disappear.

The second after she tied up her hair, she would decisively leave him.

Maybe they would meet one day, as long as Leticia was there, he wouldn’t totally lose contact with her.

But that was it.

Leticia’s friend, his wife’s friend.

After that, her position as being that would solidify, even more, or even less.

He didn’t know the reason, there were no words.

However, at the end of those bobbing twintails, he could feel there was a reason.

There was no time to put it into language, but he could feel it in his mind.

Clearly, at a level he knew there was no mistake.



He held her close, and still, there were no words.

He didn’t know what to say to her.

But, he was well trained.

Even if he stayed silent now, everything would end up in the same pattern as before.

That’s why he understood that this time the words had to be different.

So, he said what had to be said.

「I…think I love you.」

The most important thing, no mistakes, only the truth told.

That thing, so there would be no doubt, no extra, the bare minimum.

He could feel her tense up a bit in his arms.

She felt it…he was relieved.

It felt like almost making the wrong choice before the ending of a game.

Relief, and after a breath, he continued.

「I want to make you mine, make you mine, make you ours.」

「Make me yours?」

「Yeah, all of ours.」

She was held back, so there was time.

The words were hard to understand, so he had to explain further.

「Become ours, and we can become happy. We can all laugh together, create a family that no one else can match. We will all become yours too, become yours, and make you happy. Because of that relationship, no matter what happens, we’ll fight for you in every way.」
「I…I’m not that weak.」

「We’re all weak.」

It was almost an instant answer, when Taiyou replied.

「Kotone, Suzune, Kazane. They’re weak, thy were born as triplets, and they hate being looked at like that, they’re weak and they want to be loved individually by one man.」
「You may not know but, I, I’ve never thought of them as three. Even as a group, I’ve never called them the three girls.」

Of course, when they joined him, he burned that idea into his heart of hearts.

「Kohaku is weak. The Eternal Little, the old maid. She stopped growth in her body at age 10 , and became a mature adult within 10 years after that happening, and made herself strong. But because of that, she wants to be the one to coddle and care for the one she loves. I’ve made myself to be that person that she wants to treasure so badly, so as much as possible I’ve been a man that doesn’t have to depend on her in any way possible. She feels at peace and takes care of me as she does everything she can to support me.」


「Aoba fears her family. Her parents made a harem, but since it was so strong, they ended up treasuring all the spouses so much that the children were practically abandoned. And like I just said, that was just the rehearsal. You have to extend your love to the children of the women in your harem. As I decided that, Pochi has decided to become Kohaku’s child again, because that position is important.」


「These girls are all weak, and I seem even weaker. Everyone that I end up loving is weak.」

There was no doubt, the strength of his words said so.

「Shirokiyami, she too is weak.」

He remembered her complex.

Its because there aren’t enough colors, that complex had formed itself on her lips.

She always wore a black dress after noticing her way of looking, so she could fix the parts of herself that were lacking.

It all seemed to resemble a kinship.

「Seeing that, she had a very weak spot. She may be very physically strong, and have a mentally strong part as well, but there’s a very weak part as well.」


「That’s why, you may get angry, but I love you and think you have a weak point too. That’s why I love you and want you as my own.」

「…what about Leticia?」

A sudden question, Taiyou thought.

His 『idol』status counted Leticia as his too, so it was obvious that she would ask about what he thought of her.

「Well, she’s probably strong.」

His own words contradicted what he just said, but he said them in a tone with no confusion.


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