Chapter 22:  Harem Wild Goose Chase

Taiyou was alone in the rooftop, and he was trying to gather experience.

He was holding the jacket that Hera specifically told him to bring before he left the house.

He wore the jacket, took it off, dropped it on the floor and picked it up.

Additionally he put it on, took it off again, subsequently drops it and as expected he picks it up again.

To a person whom didn’t really know what the heck was going on, if they saw his actions, they would clearly think he went nuts, he repeated such a tedious action innocently and continuously.

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, it’s about to be noon desuyo〜」

「Ahh, I know」

Pasa, Syuru, Pasa. (Sound of clothes rustling)

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, your experience points have exceeded 10% desuyo〜」

「Ahh, I know」

Pasa, Syuru, Pasa. (Sound of him taking off clothes etc.)

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan The truth is I am a virgin desuyo〜」

「Ahh, I know」

Pasa, Syuru, Pasa.

「This is a serious issue desu……What should I do so he stops ignoring me desu? 」

Hera seems to be rambling on about something in the background, however none of the contents/specifics of what she said actually got into Taiyou’s head.

This is because, his head was currently filled with the conversation he just had with the three sisters.

—-It was part of their childhood dreams, to create a harem.

It was a sentence which truly blew his mind away.

The girls didn’t speak as if they were forced to say such things, more like it was as if they were honestly enjoying the conversation and speaking in high spirits. Although many would say that women have a naturally talent in acting since they were born, the three sisters were by no means performing an act, they were passionately discussing how they could achieve their dreams.

They seriously wanted to create a harem, moreover it was not a reverse harem, it was the kind of harem that was made up of only one man.

If the person saying such things were a guy, that would be fine. Or even if the person that was saying it was an ero elder-sister type character with an eye patch, he could understand it.  (Note: I think it’s referring to this eye patch onee-san)

However, because it was the three sisters who said it, it exceeded the boundaries of his comprehension.

In other words, right now Taiyou was baffled.

「Uwaa, Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, it would seem that there is someone aiming at you with a sniper from a long distance desuyo〜!」

He was able to understand a little of last night’s events.

They were identical triples. They are people whom share the same genes, another way to put it is they are like SF clones. (Note: SF = science fiction)

Therefore, if they liked the same person………There would be no other choice but to go out with that person at the same time.

He could understand their logic up to this far.

「You are being shot at! Taiyou-chan someone is shooting you desuyo! They are firing at your head in rapid succession desuyo! Eh, why are you still keeping your cool!?」

But, this was at best the most he could deduce from listening to the three sisters talk.

In Taiyou’s heart, he could not understand the reasoning behind the girls wanting to create a harem for him. When he asked them, for an explanation, all the girls did was smile at him without saying anything as they returned to the school building.

And Taiyou whom was left behind to ponder, worried endlessly whilst repeating his tedious work.

「Oh that must be it! Taiyou-chan has the long range immunity skill desu! Even if a nuclear missile was launched at him or even if an Ebola virus was thrown at him, he wouldn’t even falter, he has the ultimate skill desu〜. It can’t be helped, then I shall do this desu〜! 」

「Haa, truthfully this is what he deserves for ignoring me!」

Suddenly, the lower half of his body……specifically, intense pain ran though his crotch area.

Pain so intense it felt like his internal organs were being hit directly. Taiyou suppresses his hands between his groins and crouched to the ground.

With cold sweat dripping down his face and his eyes tearing up slightly he looked up towards Hera. There, he saw Hera’s face which was elated/proud.

「Y, you………Wha……」

「Finally you noticed me desu〜, Mouu, you can’t drift off into space whilst I am talking with you desuyo〜」

「Still…….What are you…….」?

「Taiyou-chan has long range immunity that’s why, There was no other choice but to kick you desuyo〜. Also, you aren’t allowed to do that, ignoring people whom has been talking with you for a long time〜」

「In order for me to notice………You, couldn’t you have just slapped me in the cheeks…..?」

He held his groins, whilst fighting against the intense/acute pain to make a complaint to Hera.

「Next time I shall do that then desu〜」

Hera says this without being shy.

「Please…….Don’t forget」

Suddenly, Taiyou notices something rolling in front of his eyes. To him it looked like a pile of crushed metal, Taiyou had never seen such a thing before.

Moreover when he reached out to get it…

「That’s a rifle sniper bullet desu, Taiyou-chan was being sniped desuyo〜」

「…….Ha? 」

「Like-I-Said-, you were being sniped desu. Looking at the direction it’s coming from, I think it’s probably from that building over there? 」

「I was being sniped? In that case why…….」

Taiyou was going to finish his sentence but then he became startled. He remembered that he possessed the skill 「Long Distance Immunity」.

As he was enduring the agonizing pain between his groins, he slowly stood back up and the bullet was taken into his hands.

「Did it hit me?」

「It was a beautiful headshot desu〜」

Listening to Hera’s words, he instinctively rubbed his forehead. However, he felt no pain around his head nor was there even a trace/mark of him being shot at.

He was completely and utterly saved by his skill.

Taiyou stood at his full height. In normal circumstances a person who hide and crouch down, however he was able to confirm that no one was approaching the roof top or that any short distance attacks were coming at him, therefore he boldly stood up.

And he stared into the direction where Hera said the bullet came from.

「Is it there?」

In the direction he was looking at there was a particularly tall building. It was a 50 story building called the twin building, it stood at 200 meters tall and was one of the more famous/popular places in town.

Judging from the situation and the direction of the bullet, he deducted that the sniper was likely positioned on top of the building.

And, towards the opponent who shot at him—.

「It was probably……..Junishima Sakura’s thugs, right? 」


「Are the girls okay?」

「They are fine desu, they are attending class as per usual desuyo〜」

He couldn’t really explain the logic behind it but, right after Taiyou shared a kiss with the three sisters, the girls became able to see Hera.

Not only that, even if they were apart, Hera has become able to have a sense/feel if they were to be in any danger. And after hearing that they were safe and sound, Taiyou could calm down his heart for the time being.

「Nevertheless, I know that I’ve become a hindrance towards their objectives…….But I would have never thought they would be aiming for my life」

「Back then, they were only aiming for your hands and feet desune〜」

「Ahh…….Now then, how should we handle this」

Taiyou was thinking.

Whilst he in the middle of thinking, something seemed to hit his forehead as it dropped harmlessly to the ground.

When he gripped it using his hands, it was the same bullet which was shot at him like a little while ago.

「I understand, With my Long distance immunity, let alone feeling any pain, there isn’t even any damage. It totally bends the current laws of physics and erases it……..I wonder if it works the same way against bombs? Or what about radiation emission or flame throwers, will they also be ineffective towards me? 」

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, You should do your analysis of your abilities later desuyo〜」

「Ahh, that’s true」

Once again, he looked towards the direction of the sniper and stared at the building.

That being said, he didn’t really have any brilliant ideas up his sleeves.

The things he had was his physical strength which was able to crush concrete walls like they were tofu, and his strongest defensive skill which could make him immune to any long distance attacks.

If all he had to do was protect himself, then he could bluff his way and scare them off, however if he had to protect the three sisters, and make his opponents give up, this was something he was not yet able to do with his current abilities.

「Hey, If I continue doing this, will I be able to gain a new skill?」

He held the jumper/jacket and asked Hera.

「No you won’t desu〜, skills can only be obtained in multiples of five desuyo〜」

「Although it’s easy to understand…..But is that how it is? 」

「Taiyou-chan, Taiyou-chan, I have a good idea desu〜」

「……….For now I guess I’ll listen to it, what is it? 」

「Slip into their headquarters, Become matchless and KAIMETSU desuyo〜」(Note: KAIMETSU is annihilate/destroy, she’s telling him to destroy their base of operations)

「As if I could do that?! If I make a mistake, I could be knocked out in a single punch, and killed right on the spot you know?!」

Even now his groins was still pulsating and he was still in a lot of pain.

Living with the existence known as Hera for these past couple of days, he was able to figure out that her physical strength did not match how small her appearance was. Furthermore, receiving such a blow from her, he was able to feel such an intense amount of pain and this reinforced the belief that his short distance fighting capabilities weren’t the best. If he were to take a big risk and try to challenge their headquarters, he could already predict that he would swiftly be surrounded and defeated.

「It’s impossible to try and fight them head on, also persuading them is…..」

「The laws of persuasion is ineffective?」

「What you just said has nothing to do with battle you know?! Well, persuading those using words is useless, and I don’t really know where their base is located, neither do I have the means to search for such information」

「Eh? If you want to search for their base I have a way desuyo〜? 」

Hera looked vacant and she spoke those words as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

「What do you mean?」

「Yadanaa〜(oh dear), Taiyou-chan it’s still 10000 years to 2000 years too early for you to become senile desuyo〜?」

「Please speak in a time range where it actually applies to humans!………No besides that, you said that you have a way? What could it be? 」

「Yes 〜, we can just depend on that child. The black child」


Listening to Hera, Taiyou had a doubtful look across his face.



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  6. That was the exact eye patch wearing girl I was thinking about, too. Also, I wonder what was going through the sniper’s head as Taiyou just kept standing there. Maybe he should have flipped the sniper off. Thanks for the chapter.

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  14. Thank u always for ur great work…

    What will the sniper do when they know that their bullet only land savely in his head and what actually make his knell is a hit in the nut?

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