Chapter 221 – A Running Youran is Always Dangerous


Translator: Ranzan


「Where is she?」

「She’s on the roof! Hurry!」

「The roof? Got it!」

After getting that information from the returning Hera, Taiyou ran up the stairs towards the roof.

Because Taiyou had kissed Youran, Hera had the ability to sense where she was.

If she used her fairy power, she could quickly understand where Youran was about to fell to.

He up from the first floor’s nurses room to the top floor, and opened the rusty door to the roof.


Half twin tail, half long hair.

The pursuing Taiyou saw Youran’s beautiful face.

Across from him, he found the reason why she fled to a roof with no other way to escape.

Her private helicopter was there, chopping loudly into the blue sky.

Youran rode the thing in for morning activities at the school. Now she was going to escape with it.

There was a bit of time before it could land, but Youran still turned and glared at Taiyou.

「Why are you following me?!」

「Because I love you!」

「I don’t want to be loved by the likes of you!」

「Then I’ll chase you until you love me!」

「I don’t have time for word games with you!」

Their feelings were clashing more than their words.

They shouted at one another, Taiyou getting closer and closer to Youran, until she was backed into a fence.

Then, he put his hands out.

In a second, the earth and sky reversed.

Fwam, he could hear the sound reverberate throughout his body.

His back was throbbing with pain, and he felt something warm around his wrist.

It was a pain he had felt before.

He quickly noticed that she had grabbed his wrist and thrown him.

Youran soon released the hand she had used to throw him with, and scampered through the roof exit like a rabbit.

Clack! Slam!

She ran in the school and locked the door behind her.

Taiyou stood up and followed.

He got to the roof’s exit door.

「Damn this thing!」

He grabbed the door and yanked with all his might.


The sound of breaking parts as the rusted lock crunched and the metal parts flew everywhere.


「Here, desu.」

Following Hera down the stairs at full speed, he saw the three sisters there blocking the path with arms stretched wall to wall.

The three unmatched triplets had stopped Youran, and didn’t let her down further.


「「「Not until Taiyou-san gets here.」」」


Youran turned around and quickly ran down the hall to the first open classroom.

Taiyou chased after her, the sisters following.

「Sorry, Taiyou-san.」

「We couldn’t」

「Stop her.」

The chorus of souls, all three of them asking for forgiveness in three different linked phrases.

Of course, he couldn’t blame them.

「Thanks! I love you all!」

As he said that to the three, he jumped into the classroom that Youran fled to.

Following Youran, Taiyou entered the room with a threatening look on his face.

With those two entering the others in the class were all abuzz.

Youran ran up to the teacher’s podium when Taiyou followed her in, and grabbing the front desks made a barricade.

IT was so sudden, all the other students were confused.


「No closer!」

「I’ll keep chasing you no matter how far you run!」


There was anger or something else between them.

At Taiyou’s words Youran’s face had blushed a deep red as she turned away.

She opened the window beside her, jumped up on it, and without hesitation, jumped out.

「Idiot! What are you…!」

Amid the surprised shouts of all the other students, Taiyou bulldozed through the desks and chairs to the window.

He leaned out of the window.

There was a tree below, and Youran had jumped to it, and was now climbing down slowly.

「Time to jump…wait…」

He thought it was a good idea for a second, but the tree was small enough that two might break it and that would be bad.

With that thought Taiyou flew out of the class and down the stairs again.

Wup-wup-wup-wup-wup, he could hear the sound of the helicopter getting louder.

It was proof it was approaching.

「If she’s trying to flee by helicopter, then to the school grounds!」

He felt like it was very possible that Hera would be be slow to follow her, so instead of using her and thinking about Youran’s thought and action patterns, he decided to cut her off.

He ran out of the school, and into the school grounds.

He could see Youran facing away from him. At the same time, he saw the helicopter descend.

He dashed as fast as he could.

Suddenly, the helicopter seemed to hesitate, then rise back in the air again.

He looked and wondered why, but then saw Aoba standing at the point the helicopter was set to land.

Aoba was moving, to where the shadow on the ground showed the helicopter would land…she moved right to that location.

No way to land where a person is shanding.

Aoba used her body to stop it.



Taiyou ran out, and in their brief conversation spoke everything.

Seeing the helicopter unable to land, Youran gave the helicopter a signal.

The helicopter gave up trying to land and flew horizontally.

It then landed at the very edge of the grounds.

Youran chased the helicopter with all her might.

Her hair was blown by the wind, the one side twintail disappearing into a cape of long hair flapping in the wind.


Taiyou chased after her at full speed.

It was easy to tell that Taiyou was faster and the gap between him and her shortened.

But the distance from when he started was huge, and he couldn’t catch her right away.

Youran got closer and closer to the helicopters ladder, and finally with a huge leap grabbed onto the ladder.

The helicopter began to rise.


Taiyou was in a bad position. He kicked the earth in effort to get there quicker, but there was just still so much space.

The helicopter rose as quick as it could as Youran got farther away.

For a second, different people floated through Taiyou’s mind.


Kotone, Suzune, Kazane.


His wives had pushed him this far, and now seeing her flee away…he was irritated.

It was hard to take, but there was nothing to be done.

He had used all his strength.

He couldn’t lose with power, but for speed he was still human.

No way to beat a helicopter, no way to chase it.

Youran, clinging to the ladder, had now ascended past the second floor.

Taiyou’s legs stumbled, he got this far, but now the thought of giving up drifted in his mind.

It drifted…then.


From the side, he heard the sound of a sword being drawn.

He could see there was a girl in his peripheral vision.

A overbearing white, an utter black.

Accompanying it, a silver shimmer.


And that special, pausing speech.

Just then, she ran far faster and past Taiyou, jumped, and cut the ladder that Youran was on down from the helicopter with her 『Gyakuten』slash.


Lost to gravity, Youran screamed as she fell.

Just in time, the following Taiyou was there to stop and catch Youran.



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