Chapter 222 – Harem Value


Translator: Ranzan

「Let me go! Let! Me! GO!」

Youran struggled and clambered to get from his chest. He put her on the ground, and stood her on her feet.

But he still held strongly on to her wrist, and wouldn’t let her flee again.

As he did that, he looked her straight in the eyes.

「Got you now.」

He declared.

Youran’s beautiful face put on a tough look.

He said it with a overbearing pose that said 「This is checkmate」and it seemed she understood.

「Once I’ve got you, you can’t run away.」

「I…I am…」

Her heart was a-flutter.

Her face downward, shaking.

Taiyou was calm, but took on a tough tone.

「If you really want to run, go ahead.」


She lifted her head in surprise to him.

「However, no matter where you run, I’ll always be there to catch up to you. Even to the ends of the earth, I’ll follow you, and capture you again.」

「A guy like you…a guy like you can never catch me!」

She said desperately.

「I caught you this time.」

「But thats!」

She stamped her foot in anger.

「I was a fool to even come to a place like this! If I can run away once, the next time I, I, I’m going to get away from you!」

「No, I’ll catch you. No matter where you run, we’ll all come to catch you.」


「Kotone, Suzune, Kazane, Kohaku, Aoba…everyone.」

「What? You have to rely on others for that?!」

「Hee hee, hah hah hah hah hah」

While still holding on to Youran’s hand, he laughed with his head turned to the sky.

「What’s so funny?」

「Well, you shouldn’t put down people like you.」

「What does that mean?」

Youran sulked at him.

「Let’s check my status again.」

「Status, why that…」

「Just do it.」

He told her forcefully, and Youran did what he told with reluctance, her eyes moving back and forth to check his values.

As she did, she quickly jolted with a gasp.

She showed a face that understood what Taiyou was trying to say.

Taiyou checked his own status in the same way.

Since Hera arrived, it was a meaningless repeated ability.

The first bug he got from leveling up.

Harem 65535 (-32767)

While he took a minus correction of four person’s worth from his『idol』stat, even so, his number was still off the chart.

It was an ability that had gathered him so many wives.

「You said that I depend on others, referring to my wives, but that was a mistake. Because I have this, the wives have become one of my powers.」


A voiceless groan seemed to exist on Youran’s lips.

If this is Kohaku…no, Sakura’s…

Since they loved to play around with words they could evade by saying anything, but since Youran didn’t like that, she couldn’t evade him by using words.

「They are my power, the harem makes my power the largest, and me the strongest.」

Taiyou said, and she couldn’t deny it.

「That’s why however you choose to flee, we’ll chase after you, and using that power to pursue you, we’ll catch you.」


「Or, do you think you can get completely away from us?」

「I…I’ll show you that I can.」

「I think that’s just wishful thinking.」

In an instant, his response stopped her from arguing against it.


After some silence, Youran felt the strength leaving in the clutch around her wrist.

「Geez…what are you doing? What is all this?」

「I told you…it’s because I love you.」

「But I…just…」

「I know, maybe I should ask differently.」

After a short sigh after his words, Youran looked up in surprised.


「I told you my goal, now I have to tell you the means to get it.」


「How can you answer? Listen to me?」


「Is Juunishima no good? Should the family be destroyed?」

「W…what are you saying?!」

Youran’s expression changed completely.

She was a strong girl, but most of her strength lay in her identity as a Juunishima.

For good or bad, that was everything to her.

In other words, it was her complete identity.

Of course she was completely surprised when Taiyou clearly asked 「Should it be destroyed?」

「There’s no way you can do that.」

「That’s not what I’m asking.」


「I won’t talk about what can and can’t be done. Since I expect to have you, I’m only asking what I have to do to accomplish that. After asking it, I’ll do it.」


「What I can and can’t do, what’s easy and hard isn’t a problem.」

「Why…are you saying that much.」

「Well, because…」

Taiyou laughed suddenly.

She could see all the women past him.

Kotone, Suzune, Kazane.



And, Shirokiyami.

They were all gathered, watching what was happening from a distance.

All of them, and their promise.

All of them together, and their bond.

Putting it all into clear words, looking back, back at Youran.

「The fact that now, I’m the one the most in love with you.」


Youran caught her breath.

The most loved in the world.

Those words struck a look of strong shock on her face.

He showed her his feelings, there were no more words.

That’s why he waited, holding on to her, waiting for her reply.

Taiyou and the wives, all tensely waiting, for Youran’s next words.

Youran hung her head and bit her lower lip.

One could tell there was hesitation and conflict in her looks.

That’s why they waited.

An almost eternal time seemed to pass, and finally Youran lifted her head.

She wore an expression they had never seen before.

She said 「Let me go.」

Taiyou let her free just as she asked.

Why did it happen?

No one really knows the reason.

Maybe she felt it.

That something would come after.

He probably felt it too.

She grabbed his collar and flipped him over from the leg.

Earth and heaven flipped, and he fell on the school grounds.

It was the same thing that happened on the roof…until now.

At that time, a new development.

Youran mounted Taiyou’s stomach like a horse and opened her mouth.

「I am….」

She was about to declare her name, but it wasn’t heard.

Before anyone could hear it, she kissed him which confused everyone even more.



  1. Is she in his idol? I thought his current level the spot is maxed R/N?hmm…

    • No it was halfway, because he can have 7 wives before it goes to 0. He has four wives but since Leticia is unconscious/out of kiss batteries at the moment she doesn’t count. And he is still halfway meanin he now has another wife.

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