Chapter 223 – Queen and King and Princess


Translator: Ranzan

She mounted him and kissed him.

She pressed him down with her lips.

They kissed each other fiercely, crushing into each other, kissing with force.

No technique involved, just the push and pull of emotions.

That’s how Youran kissed.

And Taiyou, not resisting, at her mercy.

He wasn’t surprised or lost at what to do.

He just chose to follow along.

「This time, I’m going to kiss you.」

「Yeah, you did.」

「I wasn’t attacked by you this time, this time it was from me, because I wanted to to do it.」


After hearing Youran’s aggressive tone, Taiyou responded with a calm one.

「I wanted to do it, so I did.」

She stopped and pronounced each word purposefully.

「I know.」

「Do you really?」


「Because I’m strong!」

How many time had Taiyou heard that already?

However, this was the first time it had meant something.

「I don’t think that I’m mistaken. I go straight through the way I think correct. In the past, now, and in the future.」

「I see.」

「Because I’m a woman that imposes my will!」

「Yes, I know.」

He smiled with the meaning that he understood as he looked up at her and tucked his chin down.

「I know that you’re strong, that’s why I like you. That’s why I don’t mind you forcing your will on others.」


「Yeah, as a precedent it’s already necessary.」

「What do you mean, necessary,」

「Do I have to tell you? It’s because you’re a wicked woman.」

「I don’t like you messing with words!」

She said with a bit of passion, as she slapped him on his chest, still mounted.

Thud, thud, thud.

It didn’t hurt, in fact, it was rather pleasant.

Not for his body, but his heart.

「Then I’ll tell you straight.」

He breathed out a long breath, and then looked Youran straight in her eyes.

「I love you. Until you learn to love me, I’ll do anything.」

Youran’s eyes opened wide. But she wasn’t surprised.

Her eyes fluttered, and she seemed a mix of emotions.

He kept his gaze on her, and finally…as if it were the final thing to confirm, he asked.

「Are you okay with that?」

The answer to his question wasn’t a word, but a kiss.

A kiss that was just a touch.

Not a forceful one, but one with many meanings.

In an instant, a chorus of cheers went out.

Not one person, not two.

Not even ten or twenty.

Hearing the cheers, the whole schools full of students must have been cheering them on.

In the middle of the cheers, Youran stood up, and Taiyou got up as well.


What was next, everyone thought, as Youran shouted up in the sky.

The helicopter then landed and opened its door.

「Get in, we’re going somewhere else.」

「Where are we going?」

「Anywhere is fine.」

Youran said, as she shot a challenging look at Taiyou.

「Make me yours then! We’ll talk after that.」

「…I see.」

Youran did the best she could to not lose her air of being 「strong.」

Taiyou smirked and got into the helicopter with her.

He saw the wives off with that smile, as the two lifted off into the air.

Night at Taiyou’s Castle.

It was strange for Taiyou to arrive home alone like this.

「I’m home.」

「We were waiting.」

Wearing the same thing she did at his school that afternoon, Leticia was waiting, dressed as a teacher.

She was radiating an elegant air, waiting at the door for Taiyou to come in.

「Yes, they woke me up.」

「Who did?」

「No one you would be jealous of, and there was no way around it. Don’t worry.」

「Ah, well…」

Taiyou winced a bit.

He though since Leticia couldn’t recover from passing out without a kiss, he wanted to check what had happened.

It seems that it just wasn’t a way for her to get a kiss from him, after all.

However, since she said 「Someone you wouldn’t be jealous of」he was now a bit worried, and now was imagining bad things.

「But now, I have something to tell you.」

「Before that…where is everyone?」

As Taiyou walked past the entrance into the living room terrace, he looked at all the doors to the different rooms.

There was no one there, and there was no feeling that anyone remained inside.

「They’re at a celebration. The Hayases requested it.」

「A celebration?」

「Due to all of our work, we helped you get the fourth wife.」

「The fourth?」

As he remembered this, he responded like a parrot.

Strange for a person to think about it, but until this morning…even though Taiyou considered Leticia 「outside this number」, it made him feel weird to hear her talk about something like this in front of him.

「Youran isn’t the fifth one?」

「Have you looked at your status?」


「That idiot was the one who fell for your sweet talk.」

Even though Leticia was using her polite speech, she still used the term 「that idiot.」

It felt a bit off for a princess in 「princess mode」to be talking like that.

「I wasn’t there to see it all take place, but not only her body, but her heart became yours. Or am I wrong?」

「Well, she’s still the tomboy-type she always is.」

「If that’s so, what will happen to your status? What happened to it now?」

「…it hasn’t increased.」

As he felt the sensation of looking between his eyeball and molars, he called the status up to check it.

This morning there was four as the corrected amount.

Even now, there was only four.

There was now way that Youran wasn’t part of them after giving her body and soul over to him recently, but maybe she was just being stubborn.

There was no way it was Kotone and the rest.

That left just one possibility.

「You…aren’t one of them anymore.」

「Yes, you’re right.」


「Do I have to tell you the reason?」

「I’d at least like an explanation.」

「Just like you.」

Leticia smiled at him.

It was a smile that he’s never felt before…one with a distance to it.

Looking at her calmly, her lips seemed so soft. But the smile was still distant.

「Do you want to hear the words that the idiot told you finally?」


「That you would be the king of Juunishima. I think that idiot told you that.」


Taiyou said nothing in return.

It’s true she had said that in their bed.

In fact, Leticia had told him exactly what Youran had told him to the word.

「You know what she said?」

「Yes, in the future, when I am going to give my virginity to my husband, I will say the same thing as her. 」

「Is that how you are related?」

「Yes, at the same time, I had to be separated from her.」

「…I think I understand.」


Leticia was a bit surprised she understood.

「Well, I really don’t know anything. I don’t know the details, but it seems right at least.」

Taiyou said so, and grimaced.

「『That’s why』are the words and story that I expected right afterwards.」

「Thanks anyway.」

「It’s hard to be thanked and not answered.」

Youran never talked like that, playing with words.

Taiyou, as he said, wore a sad face.

Leticia simply smiled.

Like a princess, a complete smile fit for a public appearance.

「Well, then, I’ll be seeing you.」

She left Taiyou’s side, and then Taiyou’s Castle.

Suddenly…after using all his heart and feelings for Youran, had not strength to stop her.

She left him, and he silently watched her leave.



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