Chapter 224 – Youran Epilogue


Translator: Ranzan


「Is this…」

「Is a traditional Japanese restaurant?」

As soon as the entered the room, the Hasegawa sisters looked around the place with a sense of wonder.

A warm lighting with an interior design that had a traditional look using mostly wood.

From an open window they could hear a tilting bamboo fill with water and tip with a clonk, clonk along with the murmuring of a small stream.

It was a place that surely had the image of a traditional Japanese restaurant, at least as far as the kimono-wearing hostess had show them.

「I see, quite the place.」

「It’s nice that it’s so quiet.」

While the three sisters gazed around in wonder, Kohaku and Aoba who followed them were the opposite, calmly taking it in.

Those two seemed like they walked into a local, clean family restaurant instead.

The sisters were shocked.

「Nice and quiet?」

「Why are you two so relaxed about this?」

「It’s a traditional Japanese restaurant! Traditional!」

The three sisters continued with their chorus of voices. They were all very surprised at the other two’s reaction, but the other two had their own reasons for their lack of interest.

「After living for around 90 years, you don’t get as impressed that much anymore.」

「My mother always liked placed like this, so my father always took us to restaurants like this.」

「「「I see!」」」

「Well, it’s a nice place. It’s the type of place you three could get used to from now.」

Finally, the twin tail Youran entered the room.

Youran exchanged a look with the hostess and she left, closing the sliding door.

In the room was only those women…the wives of Taiyou.

「Sit down.」

Youran said as she sat at the end of the table, while the others took their individual seats.

They left the head of the table open, and each sat down.

「First, I want to say I am extremely delighted to be invited here…」

「Could you stop with the jokes?」

Youran spurted out.

「Heh heh heh, sorry about that.」

「Um, why did you bring us all here?」

Aoba asked with a searching tone.

「It’s like a meet-and-greet, we’re all going to be his girls after all, so we should be doing this together, right?」

「Are you okay with doing this?」

「What are you trying to do by having this celebration?」

「A few things…well, first is…」

Kohaku put her pointer finger up.

「…the fact that our husband now has seven wives.」

Kohaku began the statement, which Youran finished.

「You said it already, my family’s great grandmother had 49 people.
That’s the type of family I was born into. A woman with a whole bunch of women, hard to think about nowadays. Hard to even imagine.」

「I see, since she was a distinguished woman she already had that ability, right?」


Youran nodded, while Kohaku stuck out her middle finger too and also asked:

「Let me ask you this, are you going to challenge his first and most legitimate wife?!」


The three sisters looked at Kohaku with an expression of shock. What is she saying, their faces seemed to say.

As Kohaku’s rude question, Youran responded with a cool and calm face.

「There’s no reason for me to do that.」

Youran answered nonchalantly.

There’s no intention for her to do that, was Kohaku’s response of seeming trust.

「I see.」

「Yes, but if he’s going to ditch all of his other wives but one, I think the result may be different.」

「「「Taiyou-san won’t do that!」」」

The three sisters shouted in unison.

「He won’t do that, but really…」

Youran said, and looked at the others.

「He’d be happy if we all got along together.」

From that, it was the first time that Youran had a sullen look about her.

「Back then you said it, what he always said to you. That he would make you all happy, he would make everyone happy.」

「Yes, Natsuno-kun always said that.」

「If that’s so, then we should get along to make him happy, right?」

「Heh heh heh.」

Kohaku laughed deep in her throat, as Youran responded, puzzled.

「What’s with that laugh?」

「If we get along, then husband will be happy, yes, that’s true. But, do you know why that’s so?」

「Why what’s so?」

「Yeah, he was just a high schooler a few months ago, so he’s completely immersed in thinking solely about his harem, is why.」

「…so something happened to him?」

「Heh heh heh.」

Kohaku laughed the same way again, and put her hands on the three sisters’ shoulders and pushed them towards Youran.

「It’s because of these three.」


「What, what about us?」

「We didn’t do anything…」

「They’re the ones that taught him how great a harem could be. These three women with the same soul, three women loving one man all together, three friendly sisters.」


「Women in a harem should be friendly, cordial and beautiful, is what these three taught husband. Of course, unless they didn’t want to make a harem, which then it would have never happened.」

「…I think I understand.」

「So, that’s what Aoba taught Taiyou before the harem.」


She didn’t think that she would be mentioned, so Aoba unconsciously made a frightened response.

「My father was surrounded by three women, and I had three mothers, so that’s why I don’t know who my birth mother is…」

「The parents look super happy, but the child seems so distant from her parents. I nthe same harem, he wants the children to be happy together, is what husband said about his relationship with us and him.」

「Um…about that…」

Aoba clasped her hands in front of her bosom.

Almost as if she was carrying a small treasure.

「These two treated husband in that way.」

「You’re saying the same thing as them.」

「Hm? What do you mean?」

「It doesn’t matter.」

Youran said in a bored tone.

「So why are you telling me all this anyway?」

「These two have given husband so much. They did it for all of us. What do you plan on providing him?」

「Instead of me, what about you, yourself?」

Youran returned the question instantly.

Kohaku smirked mischievously.

「If I tell you it will sound prideful, so I won’t.」


「You have many years ahead, you’ll see with your own eyes.」

「Then you’ll see me with your own eyes too.」

「Heh heh heh, I guess I will.」

Kohaku and Youran’s discussion calmed a bit, and Aoba joined the conversation.

「Um, when you’re in front of Natsuno-kun, do you always look like that?」


「With your hair in twin tails.」

Aoba asked hesitantly, and Youran answered quickly.

「Oh, so he hasn’t pulled yours yet?」


「Don’t worry then, he won’t.」

「I…I see.」

「Yeah, I think so too…It’s impossible to stop him if he does though.」


Aoba seemed sad.

「I will say this…it’s not like it’s a bad thing.」


「Yeah, he does different things with different people. The easiest example is the conversation he has with me and Kohaku.」

「Yeah, he likes to play with words around me.」

「He knows I hate that, so he speaks simply.」


Aoba looked at them with that face that said, so what?

「He does different things with different people. He pulls my hair when they’re twin tails, but not when it’s in ponytails. Maybe there’s a reason he does with me that he doesn’t with you? There’s some reason he doesn’t do it with you.」


Aoba took a breath and understood what was going on.

「Hey, I’m not saying I’m jealous or anything. In the same way, I’m not going to be jealous of what he does with you. It’s meaningless.」

「Yeah, you’re right.」

The four looked at each other.

At that moment, their conversations finished in silence.

Then, they all realized it.

With these four, at least with these four, they decided to get along together well from now on.

At least, Youran thought so.

That’s why she stood, and took a step back.

Then she bowed.

「I am Youran Juunishima, also with the name Shingetsu no Kami.」

Her twintails touched the tatami mat below her, and with words of thanks, continued.

「I ask your favor from now on.」



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  3. 「…the fact that our husband now has seven wives.」

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