Chapter 225: Aoba / The Bride’s Home


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 Evening at the Miyagi household, in the living room.

 Aoba’s three mothers were gathered full-force, and they were “entertaining” Taiyou, who had tagged along with her.

「Hey stupid son」

「What is it, stupid mother」

 Taiyou “matched” the outspoken Atsuko with his own response.

 Out of the three of them, she looked the most like a lady, and yet she always would interact with Taiyou in a「your friendly neighborhood lady」sort of manner.

「I just looked at Aoba earlier, but she really is a woman now isn’t she」


 Mio in her maid outfit was speechless at what Atsuko had said.

 She was one of the actual mistresses of this house, and despite being one of Aoba’s three mothers, she was serving them while standing in a servant-maid outfit.

 She glared at Taiyou, but Atsuko continued, ignoring her.

「Whaddya think?」

「You are…really asking me?」

「Should I have not?」

「Perhaps she is doing something that she cannot convey to her parents?」

 Nazuna had joined in the conversation, teacup to her lips.

 Perhaps because of once suffering from a dangerous disease, she constantly had a faraway atmosphere about her that the other two did not have.

「Well of course she cannot discuss it. And what kind of man explains that sort of thing to his mothers-in-law?」

「Well, said mothers-in-law are here to ask」

「Could you please refrain from asking!」

 Taiyou raised his voice. He had accidentall strained himself when Atsuko had egged him on.

 He cooled himself down while sighing with a「Haah」.

「Well, it is true. I have made her into a woman」


 The standing Mio let out a groan as she vexingly bit her lower lip.

 Unlike before, she didn’t flare up at him, but Taiyou found himself thinking that in itself was plenty scary.

「Really now, that girl has?」

「She is of that age after all」

Atsuko and Nazuna said softly while looking in the direction of Aoba’s room.

 Aoba was currently in her room.

 Summer vacation was over, so Aoba had returned to her family’s house to grab some winter clothing to prepare for the approaching fall and winter.

 As she was gathering her possessions, Taiyou was now the toy of the three mothers.

「So how far didja go?」


 Taiyou was perplexed at Atsuko’s question.

「How far……well, all the way through…」

「Ya really are no good, stupid son」

「What? Umm, I do not understand what you are saying」

「When you say “all the way through” you mean ya slept with her right」

「Well, yes?」

 Taiyou said as if to say (What else could it be?)

「What we’re asking is: How many times a day do ya make love, “where” ya make love, and “what” ya use to make love」

「There’s also “with whom” do you make love with」

「Right, right. Your place’s a harem too right? So we wanna know that too」

「……So what you’re saying is…?」

「Just recount your experiences like on those online bulletin boards」

「You really think I’d be able to do that?!」

 Taiyou retorted enough to bolt up.

 To sum up what Atsuko and Nazuna were saying, they wanted him to give them the whole naked story about his night life without covering it up.

 Of course, Taiyou did reject that idea…

「Atsuko-sama, Nazuna-sama, how about trying that thing」

「That? Ohhh, thaaat. Yeah, that might work」

「I have no objection」

「Then as we have the unanimity of all three, I shall prepare it」

「Wait a moment, Mio-san. What is “that”?」

 He had an extremely bad feeling about “that” thing that the maid Mio was trying to bring into the room, so Taiyou hurriedly stopped her.

「Truth serum」

「Why do you have something like that!?」

「It is something that is always prepared for Nazuna’s use」


 Atsuko answered Taiyou’s question of why.

「That’s cuz Nacchi’s a reserved one. It’s all well and good when she’s one-on-one with someone, but when Mio or I, etc, are with her, she doesn’t say what she wants. So we use it for times like these」

 Nazuna reddened her cheeks at Atsuko’s explanation, wordlessly putting the black tea to her mouth.

「Please do not use such a thing for those sorts of things!」

「It’s interestiiing. Lately we’ve only been using it one out of three times, but it works on Nacchi like the placebo effect, and ohhh! It’s just so cuuute to watch lemme tell ya」



「So it is not astonishing to hear that, Nazuna-san?」

「No, because I also do similar things to Mio-san」

「Wha-, are you serious, Nazuna-sama!?」

「Who knows what sorts of things you have been fooled with!」

「Ah, see, Mio-san thinks only to――」


 Mio cut through Atsuko’s words in a loud voice.

「It’s alright, as Mio-san’s have all been replaced with the real thing」


 Nazuna said. Mio was at a loss for words.

 Completely opposite to Nazuna, everything was all real with her.

 The person in question realizing it was also exactly the opposite.

 Taiyou began shivering.

「Scary! Who even are these scary people!」

 It was scary to see both of them deceiving each other.

 He practically thought this was a house of demigods.

「It’s alright, as everyone is only doing their best to cheer up Mr. Novice」

「Scary! My future is scary!」

 Taiyou didn’t think that was any good.

 He could totally see Aoba, having (one of their) bloodlines in her, as well as Kohaku doing that sort of thing, and it was scary imagining it.

 He did whatever he could to change the subject.

「Come to think of it, Aoba really is late――」

「Hey, stupid son」

「Ohhh what! Whaddya want, stupid mother」

「Wanna stay the night?」

「……What are you even asking all of a sudden」

 Taiyou was befuddled that the subject had suddenly shifted.

 No, not just the subject. Atsuko had also changed her tone.

 It was now an earnest manner of speaking, with a slightly lower tone.

「Well y’know, you haven’t even stayed here once since the girl’s gone to your place, right?」

「……Come to think of it, you are right」

 Taiyou thought about it, inclining his head.

 He certainly didn’t recall staying the night at Aoba’s family’s house.

「Well it is normal to think of a daughter going with her husband once she becomes his wife, but it was so sudden, and we weren’t quite emotionally ready for it」

「That makes sense, yeah」

「So Mio-san and Nacchi are lonely, see. Thinking that it’d still be a while before their beloved daughter was taken to be a bride and all. So ya know, they still really really wanna be together with her」

 Hearing what Atsuko said, he looked at Mio and Nazuna.

 Mio looked discontent, and Nazuna had her usual faraway smile.

「So we were wondering if Aoba’d also stay if you were staying」

「……I see」

 Taiyou thought briefly.

 If that were the case, then he wasn’t reluctant to cooperate――if anything, he thought it probably best for him to do so.

 Aoba had already reconciled with her mothers, so he was thinking that on the contrary, he should give her more opportunities to return to her family’s house from now on.

「Understood. If that is the case, I shall be staying here tonight」


「Nah it’s fine」

「Then Mio-san, could you prepare the sleeping medicine?」


 Atsuko said, and Mio began to hasten preparations after answering calmly.

「Wait a second, just wait a second! What are you talking about out of the blue!」

「C’mon, if you were to normally stay here, Aoba’d sleep in the same room as you. So we’re thinking to mix some medicine in with your food and make sure ya can’t tell her to sleep with you」

「We are merely using a sleeping drug this time around, so please do relax」

 Nazuna said casually.

 (Scary) thought Taiyou.

「Whaddya mean this time, whaddya mean “merely”!」

「It is just like it sounds

「And wait, if that’s your objective, there must be another way」


 Atsuko grinned.

 It was a normal smile, but it for some reason scared him.

「Which is why you need to cooperate with us, stupid son」

「Please give me a break, stupid mother……」



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