Chapter 23: Tadah!


「This……Must I really do something like this? 」

Taiyou grabbed the 『Contact Details Memo』of the white girl out of his pocket whilst alternating looks between the piece of paper and Hera. Taiyou had a sour expression on his face.

「Yes〜, If you call out to her as per the instructions written on that piece of paper, no matter when or where she is, that black child will come running towards you」

「Iya, I know she said such things but……..This kind of thing is just….」

「Give up desu〜, Taiyou-chan is the one at fault for leaving his smart phone broken and not getting a new one desu〜」


Taiyou was at a loss for words, and he understood how powerless he was right now.

He looked towards what was written on the Memo and had to think for a while.

This 『Contact Details Memo』was currently, his only shot at being able to contact the white girl and depend on her much needed help」

If he wanted to accomplish his objectives this was probably the most efficient way… however there was something he needed to do to get her to come here.

「I guess it can’t be helped…..I’ve got no choice but to do it」

Taiyou steels himself, he remember the contents of the memo and put it away into his pocket.

And then he stood shoulder width apart, and took a deep breath in—-.

「Yo, Yo, Yoyo. Yo, Yo, Yoyo. Your mother has a protruding navel, your father is a pop-eyed goldfish. Heheyy ei ei, Hoho ho〜, Hehei ei, Hoho Ho〜」

As recorded exactly in the memo, Taiyou burst into a dance whilst singing out.



Hyuuuuoooooo. (Sound of the wind passing by speechlessly)

An uncharacteristically cold wind passes by the rooftop in this summer season.

「This ain’t working at all is it?!」

Without thinking he switched to talking in a Kansai Dialect.

「how strange desune〜 it didn’t seem like she was telling us a lie desu〜」

「In the first place, will someone really appear just because of saying these things? And what is wrong with this dance? Is she trying to make me summon some sort of evil god? 」

「Evil spirits………Disperse, begon-e」


「Ohh, it’s amazing desu, I didn’t even feel her approach desu〜」

Taiyou was completely caught off guard, Hera who was showing her admiration.

The voice was heard from the other side of the door. He didn’t really know when she arrived but the white girl was already standing on the rooftop high fence.

She was standing on her tiptoes in a narrow footing as the wind blew her long white hair and made it flutter.

This is indeed・・・・an extravagant way to appear。


Taiyou turned his eyes away.

The girl was standing above him on the fence. She was wearing a skirt lace dress and a ring garter belt that barely covered her hips, that area between the top of her thighs and her knees was exposed generously.

Because she was standing, Taiyou panicked and averted his eyes as it seemed that he would be able to look at her most interior parts otherwise.

「What’s, wrong?」

「N, no, it’s nothing. More importantly, I didn’t expect you to actually appear」

「Physical Limits」


「It is because, there is, distance?」

「No, I mean you made me do such a weird summoning ritual, you might as well use a teleportation/warp skill and appear instantly」

「That is, not yet, possible」

「Not yet?!」

「If I train for three hours a day…………….For a period of three years……….it’s a possibility」

「Ohh〜, It’s the Brazen Cat Formula desune〜」(Note: Hera actually says the 機械猫方式 which literally translates to Machine Cat Method. I believe this is a reference to “Doraemon” as the manga was originally conceived by Hiroshi Fujimoto following a series of “three” events feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :D)

In the other direction・・・・・Hera talked as if she could relate to what was just said and was filled with admiration。 Naturally the white girl couldn’t hear what Hera said so she didn’t actually respond back.

Because the small talk seemed to have no end he stopped it there, and Taiyou wanted to get down to business.

「The truth is, my main reason for calling you here is because I have something important to ask of you」

「Wh-at, is it?」

The white girl adorably tilts her head and Taiyou began to explain the gist of the story.

The fact that he had just been sniped a few moments ago, that he suspected it was Junishima’s group who targeted him, and in order for him to do something about it, he wanted to discover their base of operations.

He summed up such things and explained it to the white girl.

「I under-stand」

「And, I thought that you whom, once worked with them would know something?」

「You want me to, betray…..Them? 」


「Even though I may look like this………..I am a pr-o. If I betray someone after taking on a contract……………It becomes a trust is-sue」


Her way of talking was still peculiar, but her eyes were resolute.

Consequently, Taiyou falls silent. He couldn’t really understand how she was actually feeling, however he could understand the reasoning behind her words.

「Is that so, well in that case I won’t insist any longer—」

「However, my contract/request has been, cut」

「Are you serious?!」

It was like he dropped to hell and he saw a spiders thread that could help pull him out of the abyss, he immediately grabbed at it.

「That is, if I receive a new mission」

「In that case I’ll do it, Please lend me your power」

「Is that alright? I am, a really expensive woman, you know? 」

「Please restrain yourself when making such a statement! Wait, what I meant to say is, exactly how expensive……..are we talking about here? 」(Note: Taiyou is complaining to the double meaning of “Expensive Woman” and tells her to be mindful of her words )

Taiyou was really timid as he asked her this question.

「Hourly wage…………..41667………..Yen」

「That’s expensive!  Or more like what’s with that incomplete figure?!」

「Daily Wage, is one million yen, that’s why……」(Note: 41667 x 24 = 1,000,008)

「Is that how is it and is that the standard wage? Or is that actually really cheap? 」

「That is……..It depends on each situation. It’s a really, specialized……line of work. Moreover, the supply is low, so it follows the market theory」

「I understand」

「That’s why, I , overcharged, you」

「You are overcharging me?!」

「I’m exhilarated」

「I can tell!」

Taiyou keeps getting mind blown.

He didn’t really know how to react, her expression was completely blank and he did not know if she was making fun of him or if she was being serious. When speaking to her, Taiyou felt that the conversation always seemed to go in a confusing manner and that the pace was in disarray.

Normally Taiyou is a coolheaded person whom doesn’t easily get affected by others and would be able to respond calmly, however every time he talked with this girl, he would get sucked into her pace and would inevitably raise his voice.

Even now, that is exactly what happened. Taiyou recited in his own mind “calm down, calm down, me”.

「What should we do Taiyou-chan, should we ask for her help desuka?」

The white girl couldn’t see Hera, and Hera was asking for Taiyou’s decision.

Taiyou thought for a little……….However, in reality he didn’t really have any other choices.

Even though right now, the girls haven’t been captured by the “devils hands”.

However, when he thought about the special characteristics the girls had, there was no way that Sakura’s group would ever let them go and he understood that one day, things may go awry if he didn’t solve the problem at its roots.

Therefore, before his opponent’s made a plan and came at him, he thought it would be better to go to them unexpectedly and get rid of them in one fell swoop.

「I beg of you, Please lend me your strength」

The view of the city could be seen from the school rooftop, on the other side of the Meguro River there was a town. It was the town known as Ohashi.

Taiyou slipped out of school, and both he and the white girl were walking on the bridge towards Ohashi.

「And this place we are going is it their base of operations?」

「rather than base…….It’s more like a Daimyos Mansion…..」

「Daimyo’s Mansion?」

Taiyou was slightly dubious when he heard such an old-fashioned term come out.

「Yeah, It’s the Junishima, Feudal Lord Mansion」

「What is that?」

「If I explain……It will take too long. Go look it up on the, internet」

「……….I understand」

Taiyou decided that he would find out more about it once he repaired his smart phone. The fact that the white girl suggested him to do such a thing, must mean that the information is readily available on the net, right?

「So Junishima’s group is located at that place?」

「Most likely………In this city, it is their headquarters」

「I see」

「More important, by going there………..What do you plan to accomp-lish? 」

「……….How, strong are you exactly? 」

「That’s not fair, you asked a question to my question」

「I want to understand your capabilities as much as possible, for the purpose of realistically implementing my plans」

Hearing Taiyou’s words the white girl seemed to be convinced as she murmured “is that so?” she had a thoughtful look on her face.

「My battle power is……….139」

「I don’t really understand what that standard means!」

「For somebody garbage………The standard is a, 5」

「So that’s the standard?! —–doesn’t that mean you are ridiculously strong?!」

「She’s not just a lewd grandpa desune〜」(Note: Hera is referring to the fact that she always unintentionally (or is it intentionally?) makes dirty jokes)

Hera whom was floating buoyantly on the side of the two people made her own remark.

「Your words, how much of it can I trust?」

「If you believe in me………That would help me, a lot」

「So you are asking me to believe in you, well alright. We shall go with the assumption that it’s true…………Oh yeah, I have one last thing to ask」

Taiyou clapped his hands together. He was on the brink of forgetting something important, luckily he recalled it.

「Please tell me your name」

He had forgotten to ask her many times before, and he finally asked for her name. The girl was surprised for a moment and then she turned her face away.

「I’m not going……To tell you」


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