Chapter 235: Kohaku / Elder of the Town


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 Taiyou, Aoba, and Hera were at the park near Taiyou Castle.

 While Aoba and Hera watched over him, Taiyou was grinding to the next level.

 There was almost no meaning in the activity itself, merely repeating.

 With this repetitious activity, experience points were accumulating within him.

 He wanted to become stronger as fast as possible.

 With Shirokiyami moving in to Taiyou Castle, it was now easier for him to challenge her. And in order to defeat her as soon as possible, Taiyou was raising his level assiduously.

 Aoba and Hera were observing this.

「I wonder if Kohaku-san is also doing the same thing as Youran-chan」

 Aoba opened her mouth, clearly intending to chat.

 While still moving his hands, Taiyou moved only his face in her direction, replying.

「The same thing as Youran?」

「Mhm. Doing various things so as to be useful to Taiyou-kun. You know, Youran-chan…Didn’t she say she’d make you the king of Juunishima?」

「……Yeah, she did」

 Taiyou remembered, nodding.

 Youran had said something like that, and was actually moving to fulfill it.

 As proof of that, he had often been going to social events with her in her “New Moon Director” mode as of late.

 The people he’d met had become more and more amazing, and as Taiyou still felt like a petty bourgeois, he was really nervous, like when he recently shook hands with the prime minister.

「I wonder if Kohaku-san isn’t trying to do the same」


「That may indeed be true」

 Hera supported Aoba’s conjecture.

「Is there something to back this up?」

「Yes indeed. Kohaku-tan heard about the whole thing with Yami-chan living here. At that time, I conveyed what Taiyou-chan had said to her」

「What I had said ?」

「Yes indeed. I conveyed you saying “Harem 65535. The brides are my power.”」


 Still moving his hands, Taiyou was deep in thought.

 He had certainly begun to think as of late that Kohaku had been doing the same things as Youran.

「So that was why she made a squad of bodyguards in the school」

「What ended up happening with that?」

「……I had her return it to the Kohaku-tan Bodyguards. If it were named Danna-sama Bodyguards, my social status and heart would die」

「Ahaha……very true」

 Aoba wryly smiled. She seemed to understand what Taiyou had said.

 Leaving out the fact that she was able to accept harems based on the environment she’d been raised in, she was the most normal girl out of Taiyou’s brides.

 Physically, politically, and definitely supernaturally.

 She was a normal girl with none of those.

 Which was why she could sympathize.

「Your existence really saves me at times like this」

「Should I……be happy about that?」

「At least……I’m really happy right now」

「……Then, I guess I am too」

 Aoba grinned, mirroring her words.

 Taiyou’s smartphone suddenly rang.

 Not the one with the apple icon, but the newest FOT model.

 When he took it out of his pocket, he saw Kohaku’s name displayed on the pretty LCD screen that was its selling point. She had called him.

「It’s Kohaku-san」

「Kohaku-san? I wonder what’s up」

 Inclining his head along with Aoba, he touched the screen, entering the call.

「Hello? What’s happening, Kohaku-san?」

『Ohhh, Danna-sama. I be happy that it connected』

「So what’s happening?」

『Indeed. Might ye come quickly? It be a bit of a troublesome situation』


 He frowned at the untimely words coming from the receiver.

 He looked at Aoba for affirmation.

 Aoba grinned.

「Go to her. It’s got to be something important for Kohaku-san to call you in such a fashion」

「That alright?」

「Mhm. I’ll be going back to the house with Hera. Contact me again when you come back」

「Alright……Hello, Kohaku-san? Where are you right now?」

『I be sending you my current position via smartphone』

 Leaving Aoba and Hera at the park, Taiyou dashed off.

 While checking his phone, Taiyou made it to the destination.

 The coordinates that Kohaku had sent via GPS into the group talk app pointed to a shop in the business street in front of Oriyakata Town Station.

 It was a place he would normally pass by and think nothing of.

 But that was only when he stayed far away from it.

 When actually trying to step in there, a lot of courage was necessary.

 The kind of courage necessary to ignore the taverns and go alone to defeat a demon king.


 Taiyou mumbled, half exasperated.

 The place was a land forbidden to males: the lingerie shop.

 It was somewhat exhibiting a pink-colored aura that repelled men.

 Kohaku was within that shop.

 She had several undergarments in her hand beyond the glass, comparing them.

 As he was wondering what she could want, Kohaku looked up and met his eyes.

「Ohhh, Danna-sama. Many thanks for coming」

「Wait, Kohaku-san-」

 Kohaku waved with a fulfilled smile from within the shop.

 It was the kind of smile that a child would give a parent coming to pick them up from nursery school while waving.

 Taiyou hurriedly made to stop that, but it was already too late.

 All the gazes from within the shop stopped on him.

 He couldn’t run away now, so Taiyou quickly went inside the shop where Kohaku was.


「What in the world is he making that child call him?」

「Report him while we still can」

 He could hear whispering voices around him.

 While taking in the needle-like gazes of the women around him, he went to where Kohaku was.

「What in the world is wrong?」

「Indeed. I sought to get some new undergarments, so since I came all the way here I want to hear Danna-sama’s opinion, methinks」

「My opinion?」

「Indeed. Danna-sama can strip――mph」

 Taiyou had covered Kohaku’s mouth without a moment’s delay.

 She was clearly about to say “can strip me”.

 It would be icky if she were to say any more than that in a public place……so it was a spur-of-the-moment reaction, but he shouldn’t have done that either.

「He’s definitely a suspicious person」

「He’s a lolicon!」

「Madam, report to 110」

「Don’t report meee」

「What is the matter?」

 A patrolman riding on a bicycle appeared.

「How’d he come so quickly!」

「Officer, it’s this boy」

「This boy’s a lolicon」

「Quickly shoot him to death and capture him please」

「Maybe it’d save me some trouble if ya did it like that!」

 As Taiyou gave a powerful interjection, the patrolman who had parked their bike entered the store.

 It was an officer that he felt he remembered from somewhere.

「You……I feel as if I’ve met you somewhere before」

 Adjusting the brim of his regulation hat, the officer frowned.

 He seemed to remember him too.

「Eh? Oh, from the park」

「Tch. You’re the boy who was digging a hole」


 They were indeed familiar with each other, but in the worst way possible.

 When he had met Hera for the first time, raising his level, he had run into this officer, who had held him up for suspicious activity, lecturing him.

 After that as well, he had been spotted when raising his level elsewhere, suspected because of him rummaging through his change.

 Since then, this officer had completely laid his eyes on him.

 He was absolutely his natural enemy. Taiyou felt like hugging his head at the arrival of this opponent, as his likeability was already plummeting.

「What might you be doing at a place like this?」

「Uhh, see, this is」

「I hear there’s a lolicon, but……is it really you」

「No no no」

 Taiyou panicked over how he should argue his case when he was already suspected.

 At that moment…

「Well if it not be the little brat of that Watanuki」

「Little brat――Who said that? That’s rude to civil service workers」

「It be me」

「It be……wait, Azumaya Obaa-chan!」


 The moment he recognized who Kohaku was, Constable Watanuki’s expression transformed.

「I-I didn’t know that Obaa-chan was there」

「Indeed. I be that loli of said lolicon」

「O-Ohhh, so he was talking to Obaa-chan」


 After they had exchanged a few words or so, Constable Watanuki said that “I cannot see this as illegal” and ran off in haste.

 Taiyou looked at the officer going off in his bike and Kohaku’s small figure in turn.



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