Chapter 236: Kohaku / Wait


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Editor: ryunakama

「……Are you seriously going to order that?」

 Taiyou and Kohaku were sitting in the window seats in a family restaurant next to the station.

 ”Asked” by Kohaku to tag along with her to eat out, a trial was quickly approaching.

「I be very serious about that」

 While smiling satisfactorily, Kohaku pushed the call button on the table.

 The wireless chime rang throughout the shop. After a bit, a female employee in their uniform came to take their orders.

「Have you decided?」

「Yes, please」

 The employee matched the childlike tone of Kohaku, speaking in an easy tone.

「Please get me a kid’s hamburger meal」

「Okay, a kid’s hamburger meal. And what will you have, Okyaku-sama?」

「Eh? Oh, I’ll have this meat sauce spaghetti」

「One meat sauce spaghetti. Do you have anything else you’d like?」

「No, that’s fine」

 While repeating their orders, the female employee gave a light bow, then walked off.

 After waiting for her to completely disappear into the kitchen, he talked to Kohaku.

「But why the kid’s meal again?」

「I wanna try eating it for once」

「Sorry, but could you maybe stop speaking like that?」

 He spoke all at once without pausing, as if entreating her.

 Kohaku grinned, answering in her normal tone.

「Ye really don’t know how to play along. Ye could’ve tagged along a bit longer」

「When you speak like a child……I get the shivers just hearing it」

「Heheh, it seems like Danna-sama’s training be proceeding well」

 He thought to interject and tell her to not to call it “training”, but after thinking about it, Taiyou realized doing that would be a similar thing, swallowing the quip and smiling bitterly.

「Well, I indeed wanted to try eating that once」

「I can see where you’re coming from, but why did you decide today of all days?」

「Aye? Why do you ask?」


About to speak, he slid his gaze to the side.

 Kohaku was sitting in the box seat for families.

 There was a paper bag left next to her. If there were someone with sharp eyes, they would know instantly that this was a bag from the lingerie shop.

 In there were products that were very fitting for night life.

 Various bold, erotic undergarments that far surpassed the likes of shorts with holes in them.

 Right after buying those things, she ordered a kid’s meal at a family restaurant.

「It’s far past simply calling it unbalanced」

「What might ye be talking about?」

「No, it’s nothing」

 However, there wasn’t any point in giving his two cents. If anything, it would potentially risk worsening the wound, so Taiyou decided to change the topic.

「So just what is up with this?」

「What ye mean by this?」

「……To put it in your way of speaking」

 Taiyou spoke with a slightly exasperated face.

「There is no way that my Loli Baba would do something as meaningless as this」

「Ohhh, so Danna-sama be growing senile」

 Ignoring the rejoicing Kohaku looking at him in amazement, he continued.

「When your actions aren’t like you, or when you plan things out in strange directions, that’s what I wonder」

 Sighing, he asked more.

「When I think about it, it was already strange from the time of that Kohaku-tan Bodyguard thing. What exactly are you plotting? Trying to gain subordinates, inviting me to a lingerie shop, ordering a kid’s meal here. Your actions are too mismatched」


「What in the world are you scheming?」

 Taiyou continued further.

 Kohaku stared straight back at Taiyou, answering calmly.

「Danna-sama be always only speaking politely to me, right?」

 Taiyou answered, not sure where this was going.

「I may be using polite language with you, but I’m not trying to create a wall between us specifically――」

「I understand that. Even if there be a wall within Danna-sama’s heart, all there would be on the other side be a princess. The three sisters, Aoba, Youran, and I all be on your side. I be understanding that quite well」


 Taiyou frowned.

 If she “understood” that much, then why?

「I be understanding that there be no wall. Be as it may, I still be wanting ye ta stop that polite talk」

「……What’s the truth?」

「It be true」

「Okay, I’ll rephrase it. What’s the real reason?」

「Heheheh. It be Danna-sama’s beloved talk of objective and method, eh?」

「If anything, you are the one who is enjoying turning the tables and talking to me about the method, making me guess as to what the objective is」

「Heheheh, so ye found me out」

「Yes, I would realize that after having you do that countless times」

「Aye. I be talking about me true objective――thought before that there be prerequisites」


「Aye. Prerequisites that must be taken into consideration before action」


 Taiyou nodded, waiting for her to finish.

「Ye see, Danna-sama. I be……」

「U-Uh huh……」

「I be……a masochist」


 His eyes opened wide. He doubted his ears.

 He stared in puzzlement, questioning what she had suddenly brought up.

「Yea, I say masochist, but spare me the physical aspect. This body definitely not be suited for too much. I be talking only about mental masochism」

「No, I fail to see what you mean. And is there really a separation between physical and mental aspects of S and M? This is the first I’ve heard」

「Basically, I be wanting to be dominated more by Danna-sama. Like: Hey, you trash, get on. Get on the ground and grovel. Lick my tailbone」

「What the heck was that last one!」

「Cause it be only slightly masochistic to lick feet. It be in a realm beyond that」

「The world of masochism is truly profound!」

 Taiyou blurted out desperately.

「And so that be all. I be a masochist, and I wish to be ruled over by Danna-sama. But no matter how long I be waiting, Danna-sama doesn’t do that for me. So I be doing this and that, trying ta induce ye ta say “I gotta manage this gal”」

「……I see, and that’s why you did various things to inconvenience me」



 Taiyou held his head, sighing.

 He wanted to hold his head out of his surprise.

 He got what Kohaku was trying to say, but he wasn’t sure at all what to do about it.

 They were in a relationship, but Taiyou respected her just as much.

 He wanted her to be the shadow by his side in the Natsuno household.

 So he wasn’t sure at all what to do about completely dominating her.

(However, if Kohaku-san wishes for it……)

 He wasn’t sure, but Taiyou still furtively thought about it.

 At his core he was a straightforward boy. Especially for people he took a liking to, he wanted to repay them with something even more. That was how he thought.

 Which was why he desperately revolved his thoughts around, but…

「I dunno……」


「No, umm……」

 As he was thinking that there still must be a way, the employee carried in the food they had ordered.

 She set down the hamburger plate with the small national flag in it in front of Kohaku, doing the same for Taiyou with his meat sauce.

「Now, let us eat. Quickly eat, then get back home and have Kotone pour us some tasty tea」

 The moment Kohaku took the kid’s chopsticks given to her with her food and put her hands together to signify the beginning of the meal…

「Hold it」

 Words came naturally out of Taiyou’s mouth to the point of startling him.

 Kohaku flinched, stopping her hands and looking at Taiyou.

「Danna-sama? What be the matter?」

「……Hold it」

 He repeated the same phrase again.

 He did this with a clear tone that didn’t allow objection.

 Puzzled, Kohaku briefly stared at Taiyou.

 At length, she realized, leaving the chopsticks atop her lap.

 Confirming that, Taiyou began wrapping the spaghetti around his fork.

 Kohaku stared at him silently.

 Right after giving her look, Taiyou ate his spaghetti without saying anything.

 ――Hold it

 It was a certain type of order, along with its actual meaning.

 It was one of the orders used to discipline a dog ahead of time.

 He thrust that at Kohaku, thinking it might work.

 Once he did, Kohaku “waited” just as he had told her to without touching her hamburger.

 Kohaku’s meal had been postponed, but her eyes were somehow flashing happily.

(Is this seriously okay)

 Taiyou thought, but at the very least, it was something he needn’t bring up.

 This was a type of roleplay, in which he acted the role of the sadistic master.

 So it would only break through this atmosphere if he were to interject needlessly.

 Taiyou managed to grasp that. He was sure that Kohaku was the same.

 That evening, with Kohaku made to “wait”, Taiyou had wanton sex with Aoba in front of her.

 Kohaku’s face had a look of ecstasy on it he had never seen before.



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