Chapter 24: When you undress it’s amazing (I couldn’t say it was amazing)


Taiyou was staring blankly.

Until now he hadn’t asked for her name so it couldn’t be helped, however, now that he specifically asked for her name, why was it that she didn’t want to tell him?

「You aren’t going to tell me?」

「A long time ago……Girls. Only told someone their names………during the night of their wedding」

「Ahh, I suppose there was a period in time where a woman’s name wasn’t called out so frivolous/thoughtlessly. Because of that though, there were plenty of famous people whose names did not go down in history」

「Hideyoshi’s wife…….For example? 」

「That’s one of the prime examples. By the way, what do you prefer to call her? 」

「Nene…….-chan」 (TL: Here is a cute pic of Hideyoshi’s Waifu: Nene)

「You’re adding a -chan to the end of her name? Well I also prefer Nene, it has a really cute/lovely ring to it after all」

「I am a firm believer of the One name desuyo〜」(TL: Nene was also known as One, Nemoji and Kōdai-in )

Hera tried to join in the tense conversation, but as it stood, the white girl couldn’t see her and Taiyou was ignoring her.

「Well no matter the case, calling your name as “you” all the time is awkward, so if you have something else you would preferred to be called please let me know」

With that being said, the white girl thought for a little while.

「In that case………Call me by, 『Oi』」

「Oi Kora!」(TL: Hey! / Interjection meant to scold or reprove someone, or can also mean “dear”)

「Yes, my darl-ling……?」(TL: Anata can mean “you” or in this case, “dear” (what a wife calls a husband).

「That’s not the meaning I was referring to! I wasn’t calling you “dear”! So are you really fine with just being called “you”? 」

After this was said, the white girl thought for even longer.

「Yeah……It may have been too rash, of me. Well…….Call me, 『Shirokiyami』

This time she finally answered………It was the kind of name an adolescent person would come up with when they thought they heard something cool. For her whom had this peculiar way of speaking, she was actually able to pronounce this name relatively well.

At least, she seemed accustomed to saying this name, this I could tell.

「Shirokiyami–…….Well I suppose I understand」 (TL: Shirokiyami = the white dark)

Taiyou had a bittersweet smile.

Indeed, she had really pale white skin which didn’t get enough sunlight, contrasted with her jet black lace dress and lacquer black over knee socks. Even the ring garter belt that ties it all together is a black laced colored one.

Shirokiyami, regardless of the fact that she made this name up or not, the name definitely suits how she displays her figure/appearance.

「That is……..My code name. One portion…….of the name is really fam-ous, more so than my real name」

「Having a code name or part of a code name, asking the origins of such a name is quite a scary thing」

Taiyou shrugs his shoulders and lets out a wry smile.

The fact that she lives an abnormal life is something that he can no longer doubt, this he experienced firsthand.

No, from the first moment he met her, it’s safe to say he already knew this fact.

Human beings all have a general atmosphere/feeling about them, from the way they interact with the environment and their natural actions. From the first moment Taiyou had met her she was able to let out an extreme killing intent…….For an instant it could wrap around your whole body and suffocate your existence, it was the kind of thing that a normal human being could not put out.

If words like 「The Underground Community」or 「The Underworld」were to come out of her mouth, Taiyou would not be least bit surprised.

「I understand, then from now on that’s what I will refer to you by」

「It will also be fine, if you’d like to call me, Yami-chan」

「I’m afraid god will get angry if I do that so I will pass on that」

「Or you can refer to me as something that sounds similar, to, it」

As she said this, Shirokiyami’s face was blushing pink.

「I’m not going to do it! I ain’t going to call you by Cunni four times in a row」 (TL: ク○ニ I think this is referring to Cun-nil-lingus)

Whilst continuing their incoherent conversations the two people head over to Hiroshise Bridge.

When they first met they were meeting as enemies, however now, such a thing cannot be seen at all when you looked at them. She lacks emotional ups and downs, In addition, her words are usually interposed with jokes so it was really hard to get the real meaning/intent. However this didn’t really make Taiyou think less of her.

He was able to keep composed most of the time, however, sometimes the things she said was enough to get his heart throbbing really fast.

Therefore, although the conversations he had with her were usually superficial, and Taiyou would often think that it was ridiculous to the point of absurdity, deep inside/secretly, Taiyou was actually having a lot of fun.

Just like that, they conversed on their way to Hiroshise Bridge, as they set foot on the upscale residential area in Seikasono Town. They arrived at an area where Taiyou rarely visited, as Shirokiyami was continuing to guide his path.

「We are about to………arrive」

「Is that so?」

At her words, Taiyou suddenly began to feel a little tense/nervous.

「Let me confirm one last time. You really have a power level of 139 and is as strong as the Turtle Grandpa, is this right?」(TL: as previously contributed by Luan (Thanks Luan), the Turtle Grandpa is most definitely referring to Master Roshi from DBZ ahahahha~)

「Approximately……Around, there」

「I understand. Next is about me……」

Taiyou was again, analyzing the information of his own strengths within his own head. The voice of Shirokiyami interrupts him.

「Your……Power level, is unknown. You are much stronger, than you look」

Taiyou just let out a bitter smile, and became silent without answering. The strength he obtained was after all from Hera whom had given him the ability to Level Up in real life. This was a power that exceeded common sense, and most definitely was a power that couldn’t be measured just by looking at appearance.

「If purely basing it on looks……..Fighting Power, is 4」

「I’m below garbage?!!」

「……..Fine, I’ll give you 5 then」

「Oi, That barely means I am on the same level as garbage! No if you wanna say it like that, you also don’t look that strong you know」

「That……Isn’t true. If I undress/strip, I’m amazing」

「Exactly what are you referring to as “Amazing”?!」

It was Taiyou’s usual retort to her absurd statements, however this time around, unlike previously, she actually look a little depressed.

「I trained it too much……..It’s a, body, that doesn’t resemble anything woman-ly」

「………It doesn’t seem like that to me」

Taiyou said this as a passing comment. To Taiyou, her body was splendidly ・・・・・womanly.

He did not want to see her depressed expression, and he wanted to cheer her up.

However, the second part of the words did not come out of his mouth. What should he say first, in what way? Taiyou had absolutely no experience in giving compliments to girls and couldn’t understand what to do.

Without being able to say anything, they proceeded to their destination in silence. From the back Hera was saying 「Taiyou-chan you are incompetent/good-for-nothing nanodesu〜」, but Taiyou himself, also thought that he was pathetic and he couldn’t say anything in return.

「We, arrived」

「By here you mean?…….Oi oi」

Shirokiyami and Taiyou both stopped their footsteps and what Taiyou saw was……….Something which made his eye’s pop. It exists from the T junction, the residence that had been surrounded by a high wall security fence that was adjoined from the right to the left respectively that spanned over 100 meters in diameter. From the front a fortress like gate that was huge stood in place, most likely there were camera’s set up in place in order to determine whom their guest was before opening the door.

「This is Junishima’s Feudal Lord Mansion」

「That such a huge building existed so close to me…………I didn’t even know it. Since I was a child, I used to come here often to play」

「Normal people won’t be able to find this place………As they will be prevent from pass-ing」

「I see」

Well then, Taiyou thought about what he was going to do from here on out.

First of all, he wanted to determine his opponent’s location, so he got Shirokiyami to guide him. And now he has finally arrived safely to the location, but truthfully he didn’t really have a clue as to what he was going to do after.

Would it really be a good choice to do what Hera said, and just totally annihilate them?

(Well that would after all be the most effective choice, however…)

Taiyou always tries to decide his goals, and then he would go over the options that had the highest chance of making it into a success.

In this scenario he had two main goals, 1. To stop them from trying to snipe/assassinate him, and 2. To stop them from trying to kidnap the three sisters. Only these two things.

If he acted just like Hera has suggested and he tried to wipe them out, will he really be able to achieve his goals?

If he did such a thing, he didn’t really mind the fact that it was a little unreasonable, but if it didn’t really achieve his goals then it would have no meaning in just destroying their base.

「What’s, wrong?」

Shirokiyami was quietly staring at him as she asked.

「Weren’t you going to just, kill, them…….All? 」

「No no, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned anything like that?」

「If you do, it will be, easier」

「Even If I were to take such an extreme measure, I won’t be killing anyone, at the most, all I will do is defeat them」

「Leaving the root of the problem………..Is, not, good」

「No, no no」

Taiyou had a bitter smile, as expected hearing a phrase as brutal as “Kill everyone” provided too much stimulus for him.

「By the way, I’m just asking but, do you think we can capture the person named Sakura?」

「If it’s dead or alive, possibly」

「Why are you able to say such things so fluently?! —more like you can’t speak like that, we need to capture them alive! 」

「……..Only, if you, give me, a bon-us」

「I’ll pay you just like we agreed!」

Taiyou answered un-hesitantly.

The appearance of Sakura’s figure crossed his mind. Although she was his enemy, he didn’t want to think of her as being dead or alive.

Shirokiyami, pulled out her Japanese sword (the one with the plain wooden sheath) and takes it out from among her lacey skirt, she advanced ahead one step towards the door.


Taiyou talks in a whisper to the fairy whom is flying by his side.

「Yes. What is it desuka〜? 」

「From here on out, The direction I am looking at and my blind spot……..In other words please cover my rear. If you see something approaching me from behind please let me know immediately」

「Roger〜 nanodesu!」

Hera salutes and flew straight behind him.

Physical strength that cannot be imagined just from his external appearance, and the skill 『Long Range immunity』 He thought that was all the weapons he had under his arsenal, however he realized that he could make use of something else as well.

It was Hera.

Excluding the three Hayakawa sister’s whom kissed Taiyou, there was no other person capable of seeing her appearance right now, and furthermore she was an existence that couldn’t be touched/hurt by others. Taiyou realized that she was also a part of his arsenal to gather info.

If he used her well, then she may well be his wild card (AKA joker).

For now the first task he gave her was to supplement his blind spot and warn him of any dangers.

「They came, out」

Shirokiyami spoke. When he turned to face her, the huge gate opened, and a surge of black clothed men came out from the other side of the residence in quick succession.

From amongst the mass of men, there stood out a peculiar existence like a flower that bloomed in the wilderness.

Junishima Sakura, In accordance with her order’s the enemy gradually approaches.


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