Chapter 241: Hera / Conspiracy


Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

「So you were ‘ere eh」

 As she turned to the pretty voice, this time she saw the blonde-haired-blue-eyed Leticia climbing up to the roof.

 She had on a one piece cardigan that was a fall getup. The outfit felt more like one a lady would wear than a princess.

 Despite having an unsteady foothold on the rooftop, Leticia moved very naturally to Youran’s side, silently sitting down.

「Whatcha guys talkin’ ‘bout?」

「About this gal being the stars」

「I haven’t the foggiest clue」

「And about that guy being the sun」

「……They’re both fixed stars, so it makes sense in a way」

「Very correct. Sharp as always, Leti-chan」

 Hera said, fluttering over to where the exasperated Leticia was and riding on her shoulders.

「Gonna ride on her too?」

「I will indeed ride~」

「But Leti isn’t his『bride』anymore」

 Youran seemed to have realized that was a standard.

 Hera smiled to affirm that she was not mistaken.

「It is only a matter of time. Besides, all of Taiyou-chan’s brides are his women of destiny, so if there were one exception where someone stopped being that, it would be dramatic and fateful」

「Uh-huh, sounds bothersome……but I guess that’s that」

「Whaddya mean “that’s that”!」

 Leticia interjected.

「I’ll say it as many times as ya want, but I ain’t gonna be nothin’ like that」

「She is really a bothersome girl」

「I dun want you of all people to be sayin’ that to me」

「You two really are close」

 As Hera said that, Youran and Leticia both answered immediately.

「Can’t get rid of ‘er is all」

「Can’t get rid of her is all」

「Ooo, yeah, you are definitely amazing」

「Nothin’ amazing ‘bout that」

 Leticia spat out.

 Looking at her, Hera put a hand to her cheek, making a pensive face before asking.

「Yuri-chan Yuri-chan, Yuri-chan and Leti-chan. Which of you has greater power?」

「Power? You mean authority?」

「Yes indeed」

 Hera raised a hand in high spirits as if to say “whoo-hoo”.

 It was a mannerism she was always doing, much like her.

「Wouldn’t it be Leti? Though she’s rotten, she is after all a princess of a country. Incidentally, what’s the current population of Phili?」

「Still hasn’t crossed the current threshold?」

「Not yet. At this rate it’s estimated to increase past that after three years」

「What about that Japanese visa exemption you mentioned before?」

「We’re talkin’ ‘bout testin’ that come next year. Japanese peeps can enter in without examination, and they can stay up to three years」

「Wasn’t it indefinite?」

「We intend to do that in the future, but right now it’s just a test case」

「We’d definitely like to make it ‘appen though. Once we can finally accumulate five million for the cost of livin’ in Phili, livin’ in old age’ll be easier, and plus we just love Japan in the first place. People of retirement age can immigrate to a country where Japanese is the official language with a cheap cost of livin’, and on top of the fact that our beloved Japanese people will be movin’ in for us, they’ll be droppin’ money on the middle-class level. It’s a win-win relationship」

「Any resistance?」

「Just a small portion. Nothin’ on the level of affectin’ the general situation. The most that could ‘appen with ‘em rioting would be assasinatin’ me or my sisters」

「I see, then I’d best make various preparations in my own way」

 Youran and Leticia.

 Contrary to the gorgeous appearance of the two beautiful girls with their shoulders lined side by side on the roof, the exchange they were having was dubious.

 That was still Youran and Leticia with their relationship and appearance, but right now there was someone else amidst them, far from the usual world.

「Leti-chan Leti-chan, is Phili an interesting place?」

「Interesting? In what sense of the word?」

「I mean as in if everyone can go there and have fun」

「In that case, I guarantee it. It’s a southern island where everyone speaks Japanese. Think of it that way and there ain’t be no problems」

「It’s enough of a resort land to where there’s a saying: “Hawaii to the west, Phili to the east”」

「Ooo, then we must all go on New Years」


「Yes indeed. Go as the Taiyou-chan House」

「Well I dun mind that――」

「It’s really alright?」

「Whaddya mean?」

「If you don’t realize it, I’ll tell you right now. The household this gal’s referring to includes you as well」

「What ya sayin’?」

「And hey, haven’t you been saying this and that about destiny?」

 Surprised at Youran’s words, Leticia looked at Hera.

「Yes indeed. It is September right now, so I do believe that Leti-chan will “fall in love” by about New Years. I do believe that with the growth Taiyou received from Yuri-chan, he will woo you」

「Ya say some convenient things」

「Maybe around Christmas, right? What does Yuri-chan think?」

「Not at the athletic or cultural festivals? Seems like this idiot’s gonna continue being an instructor for a bit longer, so I feel like she’d fall for him around then」

「He will woo her at the campfire of the first night」

「Yeah, maybe」

「Sayin’ whatever ya feel like……」

 Leticia’s face was exasperated.

 All Hera talked about were various situations in which Taiyou would「woo」Leticia.

 Youran would point out various things as well.

「I am suuuper excited about what will happen. I would like to quickly see the sight of all Taiyou-chan’s brides assembled together」

「The seven brides?」

「Yes indeed」

「But even with this idiot and Shirokiyami entered in, there’s only six. What about the remaining one? Do you know who it is?」

「I know not. He may have met them before, or he might bump into them around the hallway sometime」

「So you don’t know either」

 Youran thought, ignoring Hera’s feign of ignorance.

「Wonder what we should do……」

「Whaddya mean what should ya do?」

「I mean maybe we should do something about it」


「First off……Maybe we could do a beauty contest or something」

 Youran smiled broadly.



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